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    Marshall Origin pricing change

    Its about time they dropped price lower than the DSL due to less parts and features in the Origins.
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    Your Opinions of This Amp Packing Please

    I'm pretty sure that is the original Pro Jr box like mine came in. Difference was factory sends styrofoam corners on all 8 sides taht absorb impact. I would return it as I know for a fact that the handling from the customer service guy was the nicest drop it had while in transit.
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    Are TrainWrecks still being made?

    Agreed 100%. After all my research the only thing about Trainwreck I'm certain of is what's been said of only 100 amps being built with only Ken to put his name on them. And while I think most of Kens brilliance in Trainwreck is likely exaggerated I will never get to play a real one to see for...
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    Are TrainWrecks still being made?

    Not comparable in any fair way. Ken built all the amps himself with only 100 made in 20+ years. That's not many. From all my research over the past 8 years from Kens friends at the Ampgarage and here Ken didn't want the brand to go on with out him. A Trainwreck is Ken, not a friend building on...
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    List of Gibson Custom Shop SG changes over the years?

    I asked this question a few years back and only got one answer of no. I settled for a 2007 and switched out the 57 classics for 59 tributes. Would be intrested in the changes as well if any one has them :)
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    Are TrainWrecks still being made?

    Makes no sense to me why one would buy 6 extremely pricey reissues, clones, fakes, what ever you want to call them and own 80k worth of originals.
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    Fender will no longer supply schematics.

    "Legal reasons" meaning we don't want to supply you the information to go electrocute yourself and have you sue us! Its that simple. Take it to a authorized repair center or keep looking for the schematic ;)
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    1980 Marshall JMP 2204 - Price Check

    I got my 81 2204 JMP for a little over 1100$ all in last year. Tolex was in good pretty good shape but needed a new logo, a few broken corners and missing a pointer knob. Other wise all original and unmoded.
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    Using an attenuator with a MV amp (JVM)

    You don't need a attenuator with the JVM but it will sound better with the Mastr vol higher. How you get there is up to you (Attenuator or loud DBs)
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    JTM45 with a Trainwreck Express output transformer

    Whoops I did some digging and my memory's off. 6k6 RadioSpares from Wallace.
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    Blackstar, Supro, Bugera or ???

    At the price 600$ your going to sacrifice something on your list 12" Speaker, "All Tube" amp or multiple channels is probably non existent. Versatile - Marshall DSL20, Egnater Tweeker, AC15 (650$) would be what Id look at. The Blackstar is a SS/Tube hybrid but might work for you since you...
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    NAD Pro Jr. - Or how to screw up the world's simplest tube amp

    You must have put the 12ax7 in the el84 positions?
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    Germino Lead 35/Bass 35 switch?

    To do it correctly you would need a bunch of mini toggle switches mounted underneath the pots. Too many wires routed across the chassis, potential noise/stability issues to be had an just plain annoying. That was my main issue with the Mod Machine. You had to switch a few different switches to...
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    Gibson Historic SG Revision Info?

    Is there a compiled revisions list of the Custom Shop Historic 61 SG anywhere? Would be interested in what got updated through out the years. Thanks Also interested in the juniors and LP if there are lists of these as well.
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    Anyone have details/pics of the CAE Crunch mod or Dookie mod

    Who cares? I guess Suhr should go ask Marshall if its ok to build their SL plexi and countless guitar copy's..
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    What vintage Marshall did I just buy? ***SHES BEEN RESTORED!***

    I didn't know Rosemary was Kens wife but the rest of that statement is false. Its so easy to read something and repeat it on the internet and everything read becomes facts even if they are not! She wired the back panel on most of the early 70s amps. The back panel is the impedance selector and...
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    Marshall JVM opinions.

    I have the 205 head and its simply the best channel amp I've played for Marshall tones. It really comes close to nailing those vintage JMP tones and hot rodded 800 with a nice Marshall clean at any vol. A Blackstar HT doesn't come anywhere close to the tone or versatility of this amp.
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    Anybody like to mod Jet City amps?

    The Jet City amps are one of the easiest to mod and a perfect amp to learn PCB work. You disconnect a few wires unbolt the pots and slip out the PCB. The circuits have the classic Marshall topology so basically any Marshall Hot rod mod is possible.
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    "Marshalls don't sound good at low volumes": Incoming Marshall JVM410H

    They sound really good at low vol but I still send mine through my Rockcrusher and get a more natural Marshall "father of loud" tone. I ended up moding the amp and couldn't be more happy with the tone and versatility.
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    Is a 1986/JTM50 different enough from a Bluesbreaker RI to justify both?

    Yep, I have a very accurate NOS Express build I'm finishing up. Nothing quite like them but the Express is a very good candidate for something different than a JTM.
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    Is a 1986/JTM50 different enough from a Bluesbreaker RI to justify both?

    I had a JTM 50 and a JTM 45 clone at the same time that I built. Both were loaded with period correct nos parts and good transformers and I didn't feel that I needed both bass spec Marshalls using the same cab with Greenbacks. I preferred the 45 FWIW. The combo cab and alnicos on the BB RI...
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    Aren't all Marshall 1936 Lead 212 cabs made of solid plywood, even the most recent ones?

    I think the switch back to play was 2011 or 2013
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    Make your Greenback Reissue sound like the ORIGINAL!

    Sounded quite good id say, not perfect though for one looking for authentic Greenback tone but perhaps the best solution? Hoping Johan does a black frame Scumback comparison as there is nothing on the internet of a good comparison of what is supposed to be the most accurate replicas out there...
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    Marshall Amps: the Story of “Rosemary”: a call for your help!

    Your going to travel the US/UK to document the mystery of "Rosemary" signed amps? Wow, I really wish there was actually something for you to find. You can visit and look at the collection of Marshall photos and examine the build tags for the amps that have documented...

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