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  1. Tramp

    Bought a Blue Chip TD40 - damnit.

    Welcome to the club! I’ve used the TD40 for going on 5 years, I’d bet, and have yet to lose or wear out a single one.
  2. Tramp

    NGD. Gil Yaron Lyra

    Look what you all made me do. All I can say is.... ... thanks!
  3. Tramp

    NGD. Gil Yaron Lyra

    Thanks all around!
  4. Tramp

    NGD. Gil Yaron Lyra

    A couple of questions for those of you who’ve played Lyras. In Pete T’s great video, it looks as though the smaller front horn might make compromise the seated balance. Is this an issue? (Like most of you, I’m not playing out these days.). Also, can anyone speak to the sonic differences...
  5. Tramp

    Say you have 5K to spend on a killer 335 , what do you buy?

    I’ve owned a vintage 335 with PAFs, an early Collings I-35 Deluxe, and a Thorn Grantura. The Collings felt a bit stiff and sounded a but sterile to my ears. (Would love to try an LC.) The 62 335 was much better, but I couldn’t bond with the neck. And, frankly, the Thorn sounded and played...
  6. Tramp

    Recommend a budget bass to buy online, sight unseen

    I just bought a new G&L Tribute LB-100 on Reverb for under $400. Cheapest guitar I’ve bought in decades. Setup needed a bit of TLC, but it’s now playing great!
  7. Tramp

    What guitar would you get if you had $1700 for a used one?

    Used PRS DGT goldtop with moons.
  8. Tramp

    Do you still wear your wedding ring when playing the guitar?

    I took it off for years. Then lost it one time after putting it in the crease of a book I had been teaching. Only found it again two years later when it taught the book again. Now I just play with it and never notice it. YMMV
  9. Tramp

    Remote Rehearsal Tools

    Bump for more input. Really feel the need to play with the band!
  10. Tramp

    NGD DGT x 2 make 1 Private Stock(DG Video)

    Magnificent guitar! I too took a long look, actually several, at that one. An artist grade DGT has been my #1 for several years now. Really, the perfect guitar for what I do! I don’t much use the trem but have suspected that it adds an airiness to the tone that puts the guitar over the top...
  11. Tramp

    You get one OD pedal for the rest of your life

    Kingsley Harlot. I have a RevivalDrive Compact inbound. Thankfully I have space to keep both the Harlot and the KoT on my board.
  12. Tramp

    Subtle Compressor Recommendation

    I had an RAF Mirage on my board for years that did this beautifully. I only kicked it off in favor of the Cali 76 Compact, which does this and so much more. That said, there are other classes of pedals to help thicken tone, especially with single coils. My favorite is the Secret Preamp, but...
  13. Tramp

    Show us your Naturals!

    With a hint of burst...
  14. Tramp

    Sold 2010 PRS 53/10 Limited Edition, Fire Red Burst, Stunning!

    SALE PENDING. THANKS, JD! Up for grabs is a killer 2010 PRS 53/10 Limited in Fire Red Burst--the best of the 4 colors, IMO, in this limited run of only 100 pieces. PRS's 53/10 pickups are some of the best on the planet, made with a NOS wire that is no longer available. This guitar plays...
  15. Tramp

    Sold Brondel and Thornton Nowcaster Strat, Ellis Pickups, Superb, Second Price Drop!

    Now on Reverb:
  16. Tramp

    Sold Carr Slant 6v. Found. Thanks, Mike!

    I’m looking to pick up a later version Carr Slant 6v, preferably with the 2-button footswitch, in excellent condition. 1x12 combo preferred but open to a head. Let me know if you’ve got one you’d be willing to part with. Thanks!
  17. Tramp

    Sold Brondel and Thornton Nowcaster Strat, Ellis Pickups, Superb, Second Price Drop!

    Here’s a nice demo of this guitar through a Two Rock CRS, courtesy of AGH: Enjoy!
  18. Tramp

    Sold Brondel and Thornton Nowcaster Strat, Ellis Pickups, Superb, Second Price Drop!

    In answer to an interested buyer, here are the full specs on this wonderful instrument, Nowcaster #17, courtesy of Austin Guitar House, which sold it to me: Model: Nowcaster Serial Number: #17 Body Wood: 2-Piece Swamp Ash Neck Wood: One-Piece Torrefied Figured Maple with Skunk Stripe &...
  19. Tramp

    Sold Brondel and Thornton Nowcaster Strat, Ellis Pickups, Superb, Second Price Drop!

    SOLD. THANKS, TOM! Up for grabs is this sonically and cosmetically stunning guitar. The Nowcaster is an S-style guitar produced through a collaboration between master luthiers Laurent Brondel and Chuck Thornton. It features Ron Ellis Strat pickups, which are every bit as stunning and hard to...
  20. Tramp

    Sold Helix Floor and Bag, Excellent, $1150 Shipped!

    SOLD. THANKS, BRUCE! Up for grabs is this great Helix Floor unit, with the Helix bag, both in excellent cosmetic and perfect operating condition. One minor paint chip above stomp #5 on the Floor. Updated to 2.8 when it first came out and loaded with some great presets, IMHO. Includes Floor...
  21. Tramp

    Poll: What's your favourite, #1 cover band guitar?

    PRS DGT or a Tele. Chose the DGT ‘cuz that’s what I’m using now with mine.
  22. Tramp

    Should I trade my Kemper

    I started my modeling journey with a Kemper and remote. Picked up a Helix Floor, then a Stomp. The Stomp is amazing for its form factor but the workflow never worked for me. The Floor's workflow is flexible and enjoyable, but I still prefer the Kemper for its core tones. IME, there's still...
  23. Tramp

    Do tube amps need to be played regularly?

    &$#* spellcheck, I hope!
  24. Tramp

    Kemper exclusively through headphones - a waste?

    Owing to an out-of-town stint, I spent 5 mos. last year pretty much only playing the Kemper with headphones. It’s a big step up from the Helix, IMHO! So, no, not a waste if you have the coin. (Since getting back to my amps and Helix, I still play the Kemper out and, more often than not, at...

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