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    An amplifier that hasn't been used in 6+ months?

    Hey guys, Anyone know what to look out for when turning on an amp that hasn't been touched in 6+ months? I know I should switch in some new capacitors, but anything else? Thanks
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    Strymon El Capistan Review post em here

    Thanks for the clarification. It still sounds awesome through my JTM45 even in mono, I haven't fooled around enough with all of the settings yet. The spring reverb is surprisingly good too, as long as you don't mix it TOO high, but that's a given with even real spring reverbs. I'm no Echoplex...
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    Strymon El Capistan Review post em here

    What are the advantages to running it in stereo? How do you run it in stereo, do you use a y cable, or run it into two amps? I'm not as familiar with fancy delays.
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    Clapton tone?

    If you're just going for his general sound from the sixties when he still played Gibsons, I would go in the direction with a marshall bass influenced circuit. JTM45, Superbass, 50w with bass circuit, will all get you in the general area. They're all still different amps, so look into which one...
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    Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo is available

    They can send the shipping companies the information for the item being shipped before they actually drop it off. If you've ever had anything sent via UPS(hopefully nothing too fragile or that you value much. Pedals are ok, I'm talking speakers/amps/guitars), it will indicate that the info for...
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    Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo is available

    Placed my order, I have really high hopes for this. I'm not really a delay whore, I only own one other, but I have to admit I'm excited for this one.
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    hendrix really was a late starter wasn't he?

    Jimi wasn't about licks, he was about music. He could be playing the Sousaphone for all I care: it's his musical and songwriting ability that is impressive. I'd give him more credit than perfecting something he'd already heard.
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    JEFF BECK Emotion and Commotion out today!

    Great album. I bought for his playing of course, but his tone sounds really good on this record particularly.
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    Thoughts on Lovepedals

    I agree. His pedals are great sounding, but some of his decisions frustrate me, just my opinion. I bought an awesome sounding BBB07 'handwired' version, it is a great pedal. It's just aggravating it to see SMD components on the inside. If I'm gonna pay over 240$ dollars, he could put Alpha pots...
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    8 ohms or 16 ohms? sound different?

    This. I've never listened to music and gone - "Ugh, what horrible 8 ohm tone!"
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    Jimmy Page

    Completely agree.
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    Just received some Sozo Blues

    I think he's just in it for the sake of getting off of arguing. This is TGP, where we're so miserable and ornery we can't even masturbate. :aok
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    The best instrument and speaker cables?

    I did notice a big difference as well, they sound excellent. I only bought a speaker cable though.
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    Just received some Sozo Blues

    As it has been stated, there is plenty of ******** and hyperbole when it comes to snobbery in ANY part of guitar tone, components/pickups/etc. But I don't see how you guys enjoy getting off to arguing whether someone heard something or not; it's not even a 'boutique thang' it's simply stating...
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    2 words about Jeff Beck

    Fixed for ya :aok
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    Ethereal Greg V. song

    Well, I got a surprise christmas gift today, really didn't think it'd make it until afterwards! Greg, you are awesome, this is simply beautiful music. Awesome playing doesn't hurt either, you use cool phrases I haven't heard before. Most importantly, as others have been saying, it's the songs...
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    Ethereal Greg V. song

    Ordered it through, Amazon, should be coming a little after Xmas! Haven't been excited about buying an album in awhile. Carl Verheyen is another current player who interests me.
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    Resistors differences?

    I'm a novice at this stuff, but from what I understand: It depends on the application. I definitely noticed a difference when I switched out my carbon film resistors with carbon comp. in my JTM45's pre amp, it rounded out the top end which could get a little harsh when pushed or using single...
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    Ethereal Greg V. song

    No hyperbole here... Greg is just awesome. I have to get off my ass and pick up his CD already, his playing even in just his clips was always inspiring and fresh, but this is so restrained and musical. Very cool! <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie"...
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    No one ever discuss this - Best Strat Bridge Pickup

    To make my bridge pickup work, I had to do three things: Wire the middle tone pot to the bridge, raise the bridge pickup(raise extra on the high E side), and get my amp working. It's hard to make it work without some compression, so you've gotta push your amp some or use a pedal to smooth...
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    How many of the "TGP holy grail overdrives" have you tried?

    Own a Tim, KoT should be ready in a few months.
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    Wow!!! John Suhr "Riot" Pedal is amazing!!

    Wow. That sounds really fu**ing good. I don't even like high gain sounds, but damn.
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    Closest Fuzz To Resemble The Sound Of Farts?

    Most higher gain fuzzes would be fine. You'd just have to crank the bass on your amp to make the low end overwhelming and flabby(like a fart).

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