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    If you want a heavier Strat, how heavy should the body be?

    If you want a heavier strat the body should weigh more than the one you have surely? ;-)
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    Stickers on guitars: cool... or lame?

    [/URL] I like mine I may not like yours
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    PRS. Price value and model ?

    Anyone know what a set of original dragon I pickups are worth?
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    So once again Gibson is offering a mahogany 59 V

    Well not to be too anal about this as yes it's a lot of money for a guitar but in the op's opening comment he states too much money for a working professional musician. I suppose that needs definition as in any other fields a working professional can and does pay more for tools/instruments/...
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    Do you use tone knobs on guitar?

    Yeah I tend to use them more on split coils sounds on my PRS or more often with clean or low gain rhythm.
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    Do you prefer 22 or 24 fret guitars and why?

    I prefer 24 never use them all but it works better for my brain, I can visualise the notes easier. Plus I like the neck tone of 24 better,not quite as muddy and slightly more articulate.
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    Anyone ever bought the same guitar three or more times?

    Apart from having bought and sold 23 different strats over the years I've been playing I keep buying then selling a PRS CE 22, first was a stoptail but sold coz I wanted a trem, then sold coz I realised I hate trems so bought another stoptail. I like CE's a lot I guess.
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    9.5" vs 12" Radius - Big difference ??

    10" is as flat as I like to go, I like more curve in my board but that's coz I usually play rhythm. A flat board to me quickly makes my hand and wrist hurt. I also find width plays a large part on how comfortable a neck is to play and I'm pretty much only playing my PRS guitars these days.
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    You get ONE guitar in this thread! to play for ever more. What's it going to be?

    PRS P22, got everything covered right there
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    I need a reliable, light, roadworthy guitar.

    Another vote here for any of the PRS SE models,hugely playable guitars for not much money on the used market.
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    English guitarists and nylon plectrums...

    UK here and have always used Dunlop derlin picks 0.78 although I'm loving my new set of ebe alien picks
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    I just bought my first imported guitar: PRS SE 245

    I have a 2013 Navarro SE, and I love it. I messed up the nut a little so bought a PRS replacement and it made a huge difference to the tone. I swapped the SE pickups for actual PRS HFS &VB's and it became a monster of a guitar. I play it daily and don't even think about picking up another...
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    Upgrading a PRS SE Singlecut

    I have a SE Navarro model, not because im a fan but i love white guitars. Picked it up Cheap brand new wich left money in the budget for mods. I replaced the stock nut with a USA PRS nut and that alone made a huge difference, the stock wasnt solid one you removed it you could see slots in the...
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    PRS Sweestock

    Hardly exclusive, there everywhere in the UK.
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    Signature Gear You Would Actually Buy?

    Well I bought the cobain jaguar and got given the cobain mustang so yeah I guess I like signature guitars. I prefer 24" scale necks though so guitar options for me are limited.
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    Are you a picky guitar player?

    Due to a right shoulder injury I have to be picky about body size and thickness,weight doesn't matter.
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    Paul Reed Smith Standard 24? Thoughts?

    Great guitars, most standards are all mahogany IIrc neck size on the 24 will likely be wide thin.
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    NGD can anybody guess what it is?

    Ding ding winner it is indeed a Cutlass but a custom. UK made by status and designed by the late Sid Poole. Fantastic quality and for some reason can be had for very little money, think of it as a poor man's prs ce as the neck is identical.
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    NGD can anybody guess what it is?

    So I've got my hands finally on another one of these fine guitars I'll tell you what it is in a bit but thought I'd see if you guys knew what it is? [/IMG]
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    Consistently Slick Fretboard and Strings

    You could try coated strings
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    That's my point though, the jazzmaster in one form or another has been in production for a long time but at best it's had a cult following never has it had the success of its two more popular siblings. So fast forward to now and it suddenly has interest and popularity so it makes sense to...
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    They did,they didn't sell well. These will appeal to a wider audience and sell more units which is want fender wants being a business and all.
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    MIM Fenders as main gigging instruments?

    All the time. Mine hold their tuning and sound and play great,plus I don't have to worry about them.
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    Electric guitars, unplugged tone's impact on plugged-in tone?

    See the weird thing is we're actually saying the same thing here. My point was unplugged will tell you if the guitar has natural sustain or if it's a bright sounding one but it's not the be all and end all of the guitars tonal characters, otherwise why the need for countless different pickups...

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