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  1. jazzandmetal?

    COVID cancellation: was I being unreasonable

    Are there a lot of gigs out there in Greenland?
  2. jazzandmetal?

    Lifting weights and playing

    Rick Graham is also someone you may want to look into as he is a monster technician and also was doing some serious lifting for a bit. That said, I noticed some tension as well when I used to work out regularly with weights....over working of the muscles and tendons in my forearms were likely...
  3. jazzandmetal?

    Gibson Lacquer smell

    Every fresh from the factory Gibson acoustic I opened when I worked at GC always smelled like bananas to me.
  4. jazzandmetal?

    Kurt Cobain - pretentious?

    "Metal" was actually very big at this time...there are quite a few bands that released iconic albums. I think it gets confusing when one calls bands like Warrant, Winger and Ratt "Metal".
  5. jazzandmetal?

    Egos and Alcoholism aside, would Metallica have been a better band with Mustaine?

    No. And it is a blessing for a lot of people that he got kicked out or else Rust in Peace would have never been created and some people, myself included wouldn't have picked up the guitar.
  6. jazzandmetal?


    I have an older....way older K-Line that I believe has an All Parts neck and Guitar Mill body. I still like it more than most of the Nash guitars I have played, but I have a good friend that swears by Nash. I also agree that Chris has TOP NOTCH customer service and deserves all the success he...
  7. jazzandmetal?

    How good was Cult of Personality: Living Colour

    My favorite guitar solo of all time. Different strokes...
  8. jazzandmetal?

    Which metal rhythm guitarists are your favorites?

    Mike Amott plays a lot of lead guitar....great at both. I almost somehow forgot Max Cavalera in this post.
  9. jazzandmetal?

    Which metal rhythm guitarists are your favorites?

    Roman is a beast. Love Jinjer. Was about to see them in May until....Covid. I like Joe Haley from Psycroptic a lot. Dino from Fear Factory gets a huge nod from me as well in respects to the nature of this post.
  10. jazzandmetal?

    POLL: Favorite song by Alice in Chains?

    None of those. God Am or Sludge Factory.
  11. jazzandmetal?

    Changes coming for

    At the moment it depends on where you live.
  12. jazzandmetal?

    Nuno's "Nele"

    Looks like an N4 and a Kotzen tele had a baby.
  13. jazzandmetal?

    2020 Charvels

    Where is this one?
  14. jazzandmetal?

    $40 pick

    Contact them. They have some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. They will take care of you.
  15. jazzandmetal?

    EDM artists make a LOT of money

    I LOVE electronic music. Go to an Excision show. Guaranteed good time. That said, I love metal, jazz and anything good. Those shows though, are no comparison in terms of energy and me anyway. I am 40 btw..
  16. jazzandmetal?

    Rob Chapman guitar Verson 2. New factory and American parts.

    But do they weigh less than a LP Custom?
  17. jazzandmetal?

    Neal Schon plays TOO fast

    That was my first thought.
  18. jazzandmetal?

    Is Surfing with the Alien the best guitar album with the worst tone ever?

    If only there was a dislike
  19. jazzandmetal?

    Need a switch for a Red Witch Titan Delay...Help?

    Does anyone know where I can get a switch for a Red Witch Titan Delay? Thanks in advance.
  20. jazzandmetal?

    Drummers: Is Lars Ulrich considered one of the greats?

    I am sure Paul Bostaph could replace Lars as well. Most people just don't realize how much arranging Lars does. That is what he is best at.
  21. jazzandmetal?

    Drummers: Is Lars Ulrich considered one of the greats?

    Gar along with Chris Poland of the same Megadeth era were fusion players that needed a gig....not a fair comparison.

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