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  1. Rumble

    NGD and Let's See Your Gretsch...

  2. Rumble

    Did You Buy Any Guitars Amps & Kit During Lockdown

    Not, but doing some overdue maintenence & repairs on what I already have.
  3. Rumble

    What the hell is a chewy pickup

    It may have originated out of Ohio?
  4. Rumble

    Will a Telecaster fit me?

    "No Tele for YOU!"
  5. Rumble

    Who plays Swamp Ash Strat?

    Love the pickguard. More Strats/Teles should have brown pickguards, especially those with sunburst/natural finished bodies.
  6. Rumble

    Who plays Swamp Ash Strat?

    Have had this 1979 ash since the mid 1980s. It was originally sunburst. Stripped the thick poly down to bare wood, corrected the body carves (late 70s were rather shallow carves), and refinished it in lacquer. In the process I shaved over a pound of weight off, now weighs around 8lbs-3ozs. Kept...
  7. Rumble

    Cort vintage Flying V with preamp

    The original humbuckers are a little on the cheap side construction-wise. They are decent in sound and power though, enough so that I put them back in my V (after I replaced the anemic lead wires).
  8. Rumble

    Cort vintage Flying V with preamp

    I have a blue one from the same time period. Didn't care for the electronics, so I reworked everything from scratch: pots, switch, wiring. At first I had a set of DeArmond Goldtones in it, and later reinstalled the originals (w/new lead wires). Also used shielding paint in all the cavities...
  9. Rumble

    Billion Dollar Babies

    It was/is "Alice Cooper Complete", and I still have it. Bought it in '73 around the time BDB came out, and it covered most of their previous albums (except the first 2). The cover is long gone. Bought some Mel Bay chord books around the same time, which I still have (where I learned my 3 chords...
  10. Rumble

    USPS "Lost" my guitar sold on Ebay

    I was pissed a few years ago when they lost my case candy (Tele Am.Std accessory pack). I just know some Tele aficionado postal worker pilfered it en route and has it in damn case!!! Man, I'd really be inconsolably livid it they lost my guitar. BTW, that's a nice red sparkle ( I have a 70s blue).
  11. Rumble

    What was the "good wood" era?

    "If naughty tree falls in forest...then wood not good!"—Confucious
  12. Rumble

    Billion Dollar Babies

    I had all their 8-tracks at the time (c.'72/'73). Bought BDB as soon as it hit the stores. Loved the original line-up. They may have been the influence for me to take up guitar (and a friend who showed me a couple of Cooper riffs). I remember Muscle of Love seemed to be lacking the excitement of...
  13. Rumble

    Highwood saddles size help

    Those are pretty cool. I usually feed my allen screws to a bench grinder to get them the right height.
  14. Rumble

    NGD: 70th Anniversary Fender Esquire

    Very nice. I've been digging sunburst guitars lately.
  15. Rumble

    What's Your Favorite Signature Model? (post pics or else)

    John Kay Ric (381). Bought new 1989.
  16. Rumble

    Fender Customs - Why so many relics?

    Thumbs up to you for not wanting a banged up new guitar. :aok
  17. Rumble

    Reverb site problems?

    Yes, been kinda screwy in the past few days.
  18. Rumble

    Help dating a Telecaster body ?

    Here's an old thread with some info: index.php
  19. Rumble

    NGD the wife made me..

    Thanks for the chuckle. Nice Tenny.
  20. Rumble

    What are your thoughts on the Gretsch Penguin?

    I've always liked them, but feel the headstock is a bit oversized for the body.
  21. Rumble

    How much is an original Fender worth that has the serial-number scraped off?

    American Strats with serial numbers abound. Spend your money wisely.
  22. Rumble

    Eve bit the apple moment.

    1964 British invasion.
  23. Rumble

    Your favorite strat or S style guitar?

    As mentioned previously in this thread (now have pics), my favorite Strat would be this 1979 Strat hardtail that I've had since the mid-'80s. It was originally sunburst that I stripped down to bare wood and refinished in white lacquer years ago. Original p/ups and electronics. I changed the p/up...
  24. Rumble

    NGD: Cort Sunset II (Don't sleep on these!)

    Congrats. I was looking at Cort on Reverb today and saw a few of these (reds and blacks). Not many for sale in the states. Nice looking guitars.

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