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    How much of the REH Hotline series have you got?

    First one I got was Robben Ford, then Steve Freeman, Don Mock and Pat Martino.
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    What exactly does it mean to play over the changes?

    That's why I said it's a good start. Playing changes isn't 'just' about guide tones.
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    How does Carl Verhayen get these jazzy licks in this song?

    I don't have Premium either, but when you click the link the free version should automatically start up.
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    What exactly does it mean to play over the changes?

    Hitting chord tones is a good start. Traditionally the 3rd and 7th of a chord gets emphasized when playing over changes in a blues/jazz kind of style.
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    How does Carl Verhayen get these jazzy licks in this song?

    Yes, sort of. Resolving properly is the key. Try using it over the I chord in bar 4 of a regular 3chord/12 bar blues. Also try it over the V chord in bar 12. Use the half-whole diminished scale for these purposes.
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    How does Carl Verhayen get these jazzy licks in this song?

    He uses the diminished scale there. Check out guys like Robben Ford, John Scofield and Scott Henderson for more examples of the usage of this scale on blues-type progressions.
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    Which booster/low-gain OD to warm up my Hotrod Deville ML?

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to warm up my Hotrod Deville 212 ML. Whether I'm playing pubs or theaters or even large concert halls, my volume never gets past 2 1/2. I'm looking for more compression from the amp at these volumes without using compressor pedals. I'm looking for the sort of...
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    Mark III sucks as a pedal platform. Advice needed!

    Haha, of course! Got you there! The Mark III is the best pedal platform ever! LOL
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    Mark III sucks as a pedal platform. Advice needed!

    Thx for your replies, folks. Let me make it clear that I don't think the Mark III is a bad amp, just not as good as a pedal platform. I plugged my pedalboard into a hiwatt combo last week and the pedals sounded like they are supposed to sound. Before getting a new amp I will continue...
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    Mark III sucks as a pedal platform. Advice needed!

    I'm currently touring in a Pink Floyd tributeshow with a Mesa Mark III combo while using drive pedals. These pedals are a Rat, Boss BD2 and a BYOC muff clone. The amp totally doesn;t do justice to these pedals. Besides, the amp is just way too loud ( in class a mode) for the rooms that we play (...
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    Do you really know the pentatonic scale? My new YT lesson

    Great lesson again, Jens! This is going to be one of my favorites, along with the quartal harmony in solos one. But what about the bread? There's so many types to choose from. And if those don't work either for you, you have one of the best Indonesian restaurants of the city just a block away.
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    What sounds like a Gilmour delay but does not cost an arm and a leg?

    I use a TC Nova Delay for exactly that. Gilmour delays. But that's not to say another cheaper delay can't give you the same results. I can come pretty close with a DL4.
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    Low-mid gain OD for Mesa Mark III?

    At the moment I'm using a Boss BD2 for my low to mid gain OD tones in front of my Mesa Mark III, which is used as a pedal platform and while it sounds mildy ok for rhythm, it completely sucks for leads. I guess the Mark III and BD2 are no match. Too much fizziness. I'm having better results in...
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    Fingerstyle books/tunes........

    This and the Solo Guitar book of Mark Hanson are method books, not books full of tunes per se. On his site he does offer tunes collections though. Also check out and for both method books and tune collections. The ones by Pete Huttlinger seen especially nice...
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    Fast & Furious Altered lick for Jazzing the Blues

    Great line! I like your youtube channel as well. Great stuff there! Thx!
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    One point lesson - Vibrato Technique

    What a glorious tone, Tomo! Damn! Is that the Pro Reverb? And thanks for the great lesson!
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    Thanks for sharing! Downloaded it and practicing with it now!
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    Amp that made you discard your dirt pedals?

    But you do use the OCD in your sig, right?
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    Players who play behind, on, and ahead of the beat: list them!

    Behind: Scofield On: Robben Ford Ahead: Mike Stern
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    Does anybody know good guitar builders in Europe?

    In the Netherlands:
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    Alternate Picking Exercise Book

    I'll 2nd the Steve Kaufman Parking Lot series. Haven't found anything better yet. It's definitely acoustic/bluegrass oriented but your alt picking WILL improve! That said, I'm surprised nobody mentioned Frank Gambale's Monster Chops video. That's more rock/fusion oriented and it's like a Navy...
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    acoustic blues for non-beginners

    Well the product descriptions should provide you with enough info. Make an assesment of your current fingerstyle chops and see what level fits you.
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    Good Country Solos to Learn by Ear

    I agree Steve Kaufman's stuff is great, but has nothing to do with chicken/hybrid picking. Better listen to some Albert Lee or Ray Flacke stuff. Johnny Hiland has some instructional dvd's out which adress the subjects.
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    acoustic blues for non-beginners

    Stefan Grossman's site sells all you could ever need in the acoustic blues department.

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