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    YAMAHA THR10 series shelving trick

    Hi. Got a few message about thus trick so I did a quick video blog on it. One sound using different guitars. Recorded tracks n anbAndroid mobile, nothing fancy. Guitars freshly restrung and a little out here and there, was in a rush, appologies. If this video doesn't explain everything...
  2. J

    YAMAHA THR10 series shelving trick

    Cheers. Have you tried using the filters yet? Any issues anyone? As I mentioned earlier, there can be a significant jump in the USB output (causing some DAWs to distort, above 0dB). Try playing with the delay feedback to get some crazy Brian May type VOX sounds. At around 10-11 o'clock is the...
  3. J

    YAMAHA THR10 series shelving trick

    Thanks, got it sorted a while back.
  4. J

    YAMAHA THR10 series shelving trick

    That's one of the first units with the dodgy cable placement, it causes whistles when used in conjunction with other equipment. Comes out in the USB signal too. Fixed now.
  5. J

    YAMAHA THR10 series shelving trick

    Yep. Watch your USB out levels though with the filter tweak turned on. There's a huge frequently boost that may overload your DAW. I've since created some similar principles to allow the use of pedals better than ever before. I sat down to film it a few days ago but haven't finished it yet...
  6. J

    YAMAHA THR10 series shelving trick

    Sure, ASAP. I've also redone the factory presets using the filter, I'll put them there too. I'm working on some more fuzz type sounds, but it's a slow process, too many gigs at the moment....
  7. J

    YAMAHA THR10 series shelving trick

    Me too, but I use the THR for recording a lot, I don't usually record the delays (unless it's essential). Yesterday I recorded 3 whole songs at a pro session using the filter, I didn't even bother unpacking my 'real' amps. Just used the THR with mics on it. The sound engineer stood scratching...
  8. J

    YAMAHA THR10 series shelving trick

    Yep. Works wonders.
  9. J

    YAMAHA THR10 series shelving trick

    Having been an avid Yamaha user for donkey's years, I picked up a THR10, put it through it's paces, and then traditionally (like I did with the Magicstomp) set about making it do things it wasn't designed for. I used the THR10 with and without the editors, read all the threads, watched all the...
  10. J

    New Yamaha THR?

    yeah, I was looking more at the core concept behind the branding - the 'THIRD', rather than the blurb :-)
  11. J

    New Yamaha THR?

    The solid setting is a setting that was included on the Magicstomp (but not the DG before it) whereby a pure clean sound could be achieved without harmonic saturation or breakup, thus allowing crystal clear cleans. The clean setting breaks up a little when pushed (also from the DG and...
  12. J

    New Yamaha THR?

    I'd say it's designed to replace your existing amp.... Think about it.... whatever you are using now can be replaced by this - in terms of tube amps - so you keep your existing pedalboard setup, and just switch your amp for the THR100. That's maybe why the footswitch seems fo pedalboard...
  13. J

    looping in time with pedal ques

    I've played with numerous musicians from top Berkley drummers to concert violinists, not one of them has been able to play in time with my looper. The key is to get the other musician to sit down and practice with you - something they are not always willing to do. Monitoring is key, and also...
  14. J

    Fuzz into OD - controlling noise/placement of gates etc

    With one NS2 you can gate all your drives, tame at least some of the noise from the fuzz and gate your amp drive too (if you have a series FX loop). As follows: Fuzz into NS2 in, NS2 loop send to drives, drive out to amp input, amp FX loop out to NS2 loop return, NS2 out to mod and delay etc...
  15. J

    Squier John 5 Telecaster Quicky demo of mine, straight out of the box, factory strings (eeek! tuning!) The microphonic feedback came into play when I goosed my drive with a TS9. and the wiring issues are more apparent when turned up loud. other than that I love it. Laney VC30 plus a few...
  16. J

    Squier John 5 Telecaster

    Nope, aside from the usual volume control kill-switch bluff. The guitar has two volume controls instead of the usual vol-tone combi. The controls are reversed, front volume for bridge, rear for neck. A source of much confusion in the shop the guitar came from. One thing I like about this...
  17. J

    Squier John 5 Telecaster

    Just got the John 5 Frost Gold for xmas from the girlf... Pleasantly surprised, it's got a great neck, almost unfinished; the pickups are quite powerfull but it cleans up really well and gets a very authentic single coil sound when backed off. This is my first venture into HB teles, and I'm...
  18. J

    Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine

    Going to get both the B9 and the C9 to replace my dying GR20, and thus eradicate the need for my GK3 pickups on 7 bloody guitars.... however - no hold function means no deal probably.... what a pity. BTW - I wouldn't dream of running either of those pedals into my amp, definitely would run them...
  19. J

    EHX B9 Organ Machine

    Kudos to ehx, I can see this replacing gr20. I'm not a fan of bombing new products with 'why no...?' Questions, but I can clearly see the next gen version featuring a freeze or hold function that would kill all the guitar synths on the market. I'd like to know if the output frequency range...
  20. J

    Any one else still using Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz

    yep. Vol mod plus a few tweaks for the biasing. Used in this vid. Got great clean up out of it now as you can hear.
  21. J

    Adding Boss CS-3 and NS-2 to pedal chain. Where?

    If you use your amp's drive channel, you can also gate it along with your pedals if you have a series FX loop. Simply follow this system: NS2 loop out - comp, dirt etc - amp input FX loop out - NS2 return NS2 out - delay, mod etc - back to amp through FX return. simple. Dual gating, no noise...
  22. J

    behringer US600 ultra shifter - suprisingly good

    Yep, I know, shitstorm coming - but look: I wrecked my PS6 and this seems to be fine. For 30 euros can't go wrong. I grabbed a second hand ZOOM expression-vol pedal (which doubles on the vol side for my...
  23. J

    Huge pedalboards?

    I actually have 4 pedalboards in 1. electric, acoustic, midi and vocals. Seperable if required. I use everything in most of the bands I gig with. It's not huge, but daunting to the uninitiated. As most people will admit - rock and metal don't exactly require tedious amounts of effects most of...
  24. J

    Live Looping with band?

    I run a separate combo for looping (just clean and dirty, no effects) and run the FX loop out to an extension cab next to the drummer's monitor with an EHX Caliber 22 on it, so he can adjust the volume of the 'loop only' cab to taste. Nothing huge, just a simple 1 x 12 cab.
  25. J

    BOSS PSB (or rather P.O.S.) 230 EU power supply - is this a joke??? Well done boss. Bought 2 from 2 different shops - they both do the same thing. Unbelievable, especially coming from BOSS. I've just had to travel 200 KM to find a power supply on a Sunday to be able to finish a tour because of this Chinese rubbish...

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