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    opinions on Effector 13's Punch Love?

    I've used a number of Devi's other designs, but only the ones that make insane fuzzy noises. From what I understand, the Punch Love is the same circuit as the clean boost side of the Devi Ever 05/25.
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    Nel Cline bags on Robo Gibson

    I think what people are trying to suggest is that maybe there's a way to take objection to the tone or philosophical perspective of the 99% comment without sounding, you know, toolish.
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    Amp for a Fender Bassvi Help

    I played mine at a couple shows through a Silvertone 1484 head (25-30 watts) and a 1x12 Weber ceramic blue dog. No blown speakers, no problems. Not enough low-string thrust - a closed cab would have been better for that - but it still sounded huge and I was able to cover a huge amount of...
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    Mr. Koll is the man!

    I still need to hear this thing!
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    Flatwound strings... the final frontier?

    Answer: Yes, so much of a yes that I'm not sure why you weren't already using them. :P
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    ProCo RAT?!? Where have I been?

    Even the new RATs are pretty badass. They don't sound anything like amp distortion, really, but it's such a great, useful sound, and the thing gets clean enough to use as a straight boost.
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    How do you get feedback if the amp is under the stage?

    Alternately, you could go under the stage yourself.
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    Playing with out Theory

    He's a drummer, though. The things you need to be able to do to be a great drummer are a rather different set - he doesn't need to substitute chords ever, read me?
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    Bass Recommendation in the $400 Range?

    Why does he care about a pickguard? The obvious choice would be a standard Mexican-made P-Bass. Good sound, works for anything. That has a pickguard, though. My friend uses a Yamaha BB414, which has a P/J pickup setup, good versatility, and runs about $400 street. No pickguard, also. He...
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    2008 NAMM - Harmony Guitars

    How do they SOUND though?
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    wanna hear something crazy?

    [/B]Traditionally, the moral of a story is a statement rather than a question ;) A baritone guitar is tuned like a regular guitar, but a 4th or a 5th lower - B to B or A to A, generally. [B] What's the point of a bass?
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    Harmony is back??!

    One trick pony my butt, that sounds awesome.
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    Harmony is back??!

    I want to know if the reissues are going to cop the pickups/sound or just the cosmetics.
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    Playing with out Theory

    It's another tool. You don't necessarily need theory to be a good guitarist. You don't even need theory to write good songs, depending on the style of music you're playing. I learned chord theory because I tend towards harmonically complex songwriters and sounds in my own writing, and it...
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    Good, fun, cheap shredders.....what's out there?

    A used Carvin would do the trick.
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    Danelectro / Silvertone Love Thread

    God yes. Such an amazing sound.
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    Can we talk Jazz chord substitutions?

    Psh. That's not a new song. I'm in a pop rock band and we still don't play songs the same way twice.
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    What kind of gear did you have when you were 23?

    I'll tell you once I see what I get for my birthday :)
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    Help with aesthetics of a pedal - Should I paint it? Suggestions?

    Be careful with humorous decorations, 'cause you're not likely to think it's as funny in a month. Paint or a decal could work - what do you have better skills in?
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    Beautiful...african soukous guitar demo

    Thank you! One question: Is it picked with fingers, pick, how?
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    One from our first album! (boutique bass content)

    Thanks guys =) I honestly have no idea... I think they were pretty much in phase to begin with, because when we threw up the faders it just sounded bigger.
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    One from our first album! (boutique bass content)

    So around Christmas we, the gentlemen of Leopold & Loeb, recorded our first album in a marathon 2-and-a-half-day session. Mixing it in a few days, and then it'll be done - 12 tracks, with overdubs and whatever treatments. We're gonna call it "Life & 99." On our myspace, nestled among the live...
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    I just purchased this new Carvin...

    Let us know how it turns out.
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    Best Bass HEAD for $800 or less

    Ashdown ABM 500 EVO is a pretty damn fine amp. Bassist rented one for a gig. Not transparent, but very toneful.
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    Bass amps! what the #@*$

    Man, hell no. The SVT might be the Classic ******* Rock Tone, but that doesn't mean it's a universal. My bassist found that the SVT sound was completely inappropriate for his style of play and for our music. Not sharp enough in the high end, not enough treble.

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