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  1. Slick51

    FS Positive Grid Spark - $235

    FWIW, I LOVE mine...GLWTS. It's the best practice amp I've owned.
  2. Slick51

    Sold Fractal Fm-3 W/hp Jack Price Lowered X2!

    Item sold. Thanks for looking...
  3. Slick51

    FSOT Warmoth Ziricote Strat Neck w/ all the extras! Click on PICS *Price Drop #2*

    Warmoth Strat Neck. Solid Ziricote, fatback profile, 1 11/16" at nut, 16" radius, stainless steel frets, has the additional side truss rod adjustment, with Sperzel locking tuners installed and the Earvana compensated nut for more accurate intonation. Warmoth doesn't make these out of solid...
  4. Slick51

    Sold Fractal Fm-3 W/hp Jack Price Lowered X2!

    Still has screen plastic on. Will ship in original boxes. $1350 $1300 shipped/PP in CONUS. It is "as new". Thanks for looking.
  5. Slick51

    Best bang for your buck guitar with P90s

    I have a mint Epiphone P93 that I grabbed for $350 in a nice OEM case. It's a fine guitar, plays well, sounds fine, looks great (wine red 335 clone with the center block, three P90s, gold hardware, Bigsby). Money easily spent.
  6. Slick51

    Let’s see your #1

    NewSC594Pic by Slick51 posted May 3, 2020 at 5:33 PM My latest Number 1...a December 2019 PRS McCarty SC594 in faded Whale Blue. This one has the 58/15 LT TCI pickups, and I have to say, I'm impressed all around. I've played for 56 years, have owned (and still own) tons of guitars, and this is...
  7. 1982Gibson335DOTRI_c


  8. Slick51

    Band Mate’s wife won’t let him come to practice!

    Amen to the last paragraph. That's a burden I don't wish to carry, regardless of the victim's age.
  9. Slick51

    Band Mate’s wife won’t let him come to practice!

    I already canceled one practice this week, and will adhere to social distancing guidelines until further notice. It's a fine time to try to pick up some new songs from YouTube. I'm with Henry VIII on this one. He stayed in his room and didn't let anyone near until the Black Plague ended. I...
  10. Slick51

    $500 Gigging Amp Challenge:

    I just bought an X100B head (tolex-covered) with footswitch for $200. The same store has another one (covered in 'rat fur' though) with a matching 4-12 for $300... An all-tube head, with EQ, for a pedal price? I'm a sucker for that deal, every time.
  11. Slick51

    $500 Gigging Amp Challenge:

    Peavey Ultra 120+ . Plenty of power, three channels, clean to 5150-ish grind, under $500 easily. There's a video on YouTube comparing one to a Mesa (Mark II C++, IIRC), and the Peavey held it's own. YMMV, etc.
  12. Slick51

    I declined a New Year's gig. Am I unreasonable or hard to work with?

    As if you needed another opinion, but nutz to the gig, and not only the moolah. The drummer wants you on call as though you were on retainer, and desperate. By the song selection, you obviously are talented. Play with YouTube if you need to keep your chops up, or find a solid band, or... Solid...
  13. Slick51

    Craziest thing you've seen at a concert?

    My first concert, 1969, was Iron Butterfly at Wait Chapel on the campus of Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC. I wore a tank top and jeans, and a floppy hat, with my hair to my shoulders. The two guys with me were similarly attired. We found our seats, and looked around, and at least 95%...
  14. Slick51

    Sold Prs Metal Pickups \m/ SOLD

    I've ended up with a pair of PRS Metal pickups, nickel covered, with coil tap. I'll trade them for some Thornbuckers, Antiquities, or other humbuckers of that sonic space, or interesting Strat or Tele pickups of equal value, +/- cash. Alternatively, I'll sell them for $225 $210 $150, shipped...
  15. Slick51

    Sold Suhr Thornbucker bridge - raw nickel cover

    Box it up! I just paid you....thanks for the quick reply as well!
  16. Slick51

    I'm 28. Tell me why Duane's Fillmore tone and Clapton's Cream sounds are so revered?

    Preferential Rayleigh forward scattering of the blue component of white light. FWIW, the most energy in sunlight is in the green component....crazy.
  17. Slick51

    I'm 28. Tell me why Duane's Fillmore tone and Clapton's Cream sounds are so revered?

    This album was the one that started my LP jones....
  18. Slick51

    Sold Eventide Time Factor Nearly NIB $225 price drop

    Is that $225 shipped to NC (zip 28659)?
  19. Slick51

    Rivera Owners club

    I have these and a Sedona 55, and a Princeton Reverb II. Looking for pics.... R55/12 and Los Lobottom Rake Reverb Head in a Jake combo cab Knucklehead Reverb 55 head
  20. Slick51

    Sold **SOLD** Gibson MHS Memphis Historic Spec VOS Humbucker set

    Can you relate these to something in the Seymour Duncan line? Are they like Seth Lovers, PAF-like? Trying to upgrade a Chinese Les Paul at a good price...thanks.
  21. Slick51

    Sold Mesa/Celestion Black Shadow MC90

    Ok...I see the 8 ohm stamp now. Looking for an 8, too?
  22. Slick51

    Sold Mesa/Celestion Black Shadow MC90

    Is the MC90 8 or 16 ohm impedance? Are you looking for a specific impedance as well?

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