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  1. Mark C

    Sold Ceriatone Centura Gold w/horsie Brand New

    Consider it sold - I'll send you a pm.
  2. Mark C

    Sold Swart Space Tone Reverb STR

    PM sent, I'll take it. :)
  3. Mark C

    THD Hot Plate experts - want to double check something

    Awesome - thank you
  4. Mark C

    Fuchs advice ... my next "big toy" purchase.

    I have a Fuchs ODS Mod built into a Traynor YBA 1. Running through either a Pair of Celestions or a EV12L, this amp is perfect for blues, fusion, country, jazz and early rock tones. It's not my current gigging amp, as it's more than I need for my band, but I would only sell it if times got...
  5. Mark C

    THD Hot Plate experts - want to double check something

    I have an 8ohm hotplate, and most of my amps/cabs are at that rating. However, I have one amp running 16ohms into a single 12. From what I've seen, I'm safe running the 8ohm output of the amp into the hotplate and then using the 16ohm speaker. Have I got this right? Thanks!
  6. Mark C

    "Pete's New LP Guitar" tone for less than $3500

    I played a real 57 goldtop over 20 years ago at a Dallas show. Until I saw Pete's video, I'd never heard a newer LP that had that "hollow" tone. It's full, but bites, and very responsive to picking dynamics like a good strat or tele. I can't afford a Yaron, Bartlett, Gustavsson, or even a...
  7. Mark C

    Tell me about yer Teles with LP necks and scale lengths.

    I feel like the shorter scale changes the tone. 25.5 has more twang and tighter lows to my ear.
  8. Mark C

    So, tell me about Cajun music, or Cajun rock...

    Thanks again! Lots to peruse, and I appreciate the education in genres. I'll definitely be buying some cds:)
  9. Mark C

    So, tell me about Cajun music, or Cajun rock...

    Awesome - I'm digging many of these suggestions. I guess I'm not really worried about "authentic". If it sounds good, it is good:)
  10. Mark C

    So, tell me about Cajun music, or Cajun rock...

    Cool! thanks for the info - I shall check some of these out.
  11. Mark C

    So, tell me about Cajun music, or Cajun rock...

    I'm listening to Little Feat while I get lessons ready to go back to school, and realized, "I really love this band!" Which led to me realizing, I really dig that Cajun kind of groove, Sonny Landreth also floors me. But I really don't know much about the genre - are there some other good bands...
  12. Mark C

    Gov't Mule on Conan last night: My observations...

    I hated it. Then I listened to the Elvis Costello studio version, and it all made sense. It's not a Gov't Mule song - but it works for me as an Elvis Costello tune, atonal guitar solo and all. Props to Warren Haynes. I haven't loved everything he's done, but at least he has the guts to keep...
  13. Mark C

    Rant about Old Time Blues compaired to moderen Rock Blues

    Possibly one of the most intelligent posts I've ever seen on any forum. There really is no "wrong" in music, but if you're hired to play in a band, then they have expectations of what is "right". If it's your band, play how you feel. And if you play jazz, expect to gig infrequently:)
  14. Mark C

    I've Come To The Conclusion That Most Great Sounding Guitars....

    I play it acoustically first. If it has a certain ring and feel to it, I know it will be good even if I have to change the pickups.
  15. Mark C

    Establishing yourself as Jazz Fusion musician. How??

    I checked out some of your samples, and I really like your playing, but I also like obscure jazz and fusion:) I do think you are on to something with consolidating your material and having a product that can be released, however, without some weight behind it, it may just languish on the...
  16. Mark C

    Establishing yourself as Jazz Fusion musician. How??

    I say go for it - you've obviously put in serious study at this point. Just be aware that it's a small market, and you may have to play music that you don't love to pay the bills. IMO, success depends more on marketing than pure ability, so you've got to have product, and you need to be on the...
  17. Mark C

    Troubled guitarist seeks advice

    I don't have time to read all the posts, however, as a guy with a music degree I'll chime in. If you're into rock and metal, and just started playing a year ago - I'd say stick with the engineering degree. If you want to play popular music and perform in bands, you do not need a music degree...
  18. Mark C

    Which parts of the guitar impact tone from most to least?

    Based on what I've felt/seen/heard: 1. Pickups 2. Scale length/Construction style (Fender vs Gibson, Solid vs Hollow, Set vs Bolt on) 3. Bridge type - stop, strings through body, tremolo, bigsby trem 4. Wood Like others have said the amp is crucial. A crappy guitar through a fantastic amp...
  19. Mark C

    Anyone gig with a tweed deluxe/clone?

    I have a Tweed Pro Clone that was built by Todd Shock of Wakarusa amps. He put in a great master volume circuit, and it really feels like playing a tweed deluxe, but with plenty of headroom for live use if needed. It also has a tighter low end, which is great with humbuckers and p90s.
  20. Mark C

    PRS pickup opinions

    Love the DGT pickups for a classic PAFish tone. I also like the HFS/Vintage bass combo for playing hard rock - although I find these pickups work well with some amps and sound terrible through others.
  21. Mark C

    Tele sounds from Strat

    It seems to me that the bridge expands the magnetic field of the pickup, which gives it a thicker tone. Kind of like a P90. So, maybe hiding a steel plate under the pickguard of a strat might have a similar effect?
  22. Mark C

    Someone explain EF86 and AC30 sounds (trainwreck and Z amps too)

    On my Valvetech Hayseed, the EF86 is darker, smoother, and distorts a little quicker than the 12ax7 channel. It actually makes the amp sound almost like a mix of an AC30 and a tweed bassman.
  23. Mark C

    Post your korinas

  24. Mark C

    Review of Chuck D'aiola's Blues With Brains

    Note to self: Post links on reviews. :o

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