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    What is this backing track?

    It was a demo track that came with one of Scott Lerner's toys years ago.
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    Brown Note Blue Monkey 88 - EJ tones

    Moss noodling on his latest build. With the gain turned up, he was getting a pretty cool EJ vibe. Blue Monkey 88 Reverb, stock Mexican Tele, 1x12 Celestion G1265, Maxon 999 Analog Delay, Tube buffered FX loop, 40ft+ cable in the loop.
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    Dumble - Thanks

    What I find creepy is the TGP tradition of sinking all Dumble threads. Is there some rule of conduct that states, "trolling is not allowed, unless it's a Dumble-related thread?" If I understood NFB's was "own up to where you got your inspiration." Hell, if you build Dumble voiced...
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    BT King - new BT every week!

    Hi Mats! I know I've been a stranger lately, but I dropped by your BT site and now have a new favorite...20 More Years!!! Very refreshing change of pace. I just love it!
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    Dumble - Thanks

    Thanks to Howard Alexander Dumble, I: 1. Met Scott Lerner, who has taught me more about amps and tone than I thought there was to know. 2. Met Moss Hudson, who is one of my closest friends and has been gracious enough to adopt me into the Brown Note family. 3. Met Chuck D'Aloia, who taught me a...
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    Sprague Atoms The Surprise is inside

    As I said, it measured at 100uF so who knows what the story was. What was really wierd was the radial cap ground lead was routed down the side of the "inside" cap and out through the back of the outside can on the axial. Long story short...I never used them. BTW, funny video!
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    Sprague Atoms The Surprise is inside

    The mighty Rubicon is no better. I peeled open a 100uF 450V axial cap only to find a 220uF 200V radial inside. Checked with a capacitance meter and it had indeed been reformed to 100uF, but sheesh...
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    Dumble ODS No124 degunked.

    Not quite, but lots of kit builders have converted their D'Lite builds to #124 preamp specs. The D'Lite kit uses early Dumble topology, but most of the values were based on the old "Hybrid A" schematic that has been floating around for years. There were also a few value changes to match the...
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    My "new" '83 Flame

    Right you are! The serial number begins with 403 so I guess that implies it was made in March of '84. After doing a little research, it looks like coil splitting was stock on the Elite, but not the Standard. (The previous owner did supply the original pots if I want to return it to stock.) The...
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    My "new" '83 Flame

    Oh, BTW. The guy I bought it from is a luthier who builds stuff like this...
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    My "new" '83 Flame

    Picked this up Saturday. Pretty nice guitar and the price was right. The previous owner installed push-pull pots for coil splitting (which is very cool with this guitar). Overall, I'm very pleased with the playability and the tone isn't nearly as bad as some people have said. At first I...
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    Say hello to the Nolatone Junebug Amp

    Great sounding amp!!! I think I'm in lust. :)
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    Video - Brown Note D'Lite 22

    Very cool demo! I have a soft spot for the early d'lites. The originals had a cool harmonic thing going on that you captured pretty well here. :)
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    Bluesy BT

    Interesting variety of styles and tones on this backing track. Phil, that Strat tone had me drooling! No time for a full take, but here's the head (as I see it). ;)
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    Brownnote Bluesmaster 44 Reverb w/Strat

    Thanks again! Chuck, I sure wish it was you playing this rig instead of me. ;)
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    Brownnote Bluesmaster 44 Reverb w/Strat

    I thought I'd post this since so many folks are convinced that a Dumble style amp doesn't work with a Strat...especially in pos. 2 & 4. "Standard" Brownnote Bluesmaster 44 Reverb, '91 American Standard Strat. (JB Jr bridge pickup, series/parallel switching.) Rhythm track is the clean...
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    The Amp Guts Appreciation Thread ! !

    Apples and oranges. That Matchless is point-to-point using tag strips. Very old school construction, but actually pretty decent execution. The Hiwatt is turret board construction, but definately the most sanitary example of mil-spec wiring I've ever seen.
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    Blues with Brains - DVD by Chuck D'Aloia

    Damn, Chuck. You're one helluva teacher!!! I've been struggling with these concepts for many years (and been to lazy to bone up on theory). I think it's finally about to sink in. :) I can't thank you enough for delivering these insights in a way that even I can understand and put to use...
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    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    Bump in the spirit of Christmas
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    In My Life - acoustic

    REALLY nice, Nick! Man, your playing just keeps getting better and better! :)
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    I Wanna Ta Ta You...(RedAnt backer)

    Hottub, that was superb!!! I haven't been around much and haven't commented on any clips in a long time, but this deserves comment. I've always enjoyed your playing in the past, but never really thought of you as a pro player. (Just a bedroom player like me.) However, your hard work has paid off...
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    Reason Amps Gear Page Debut

    Yep, Anthony's booth was 2 aisles down from us (BrownNote) and when that thing was cranked it gave me goosebumps. Of all the amps at NAMM, the Reason was the only one I was gassin' for.
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    Let's hear your guitar & amp....

    I've been in a slump lately but couldn't resist recording a little something for this thread. :) My usual setup; Ibanez AS83 -> Brownnote BM44 -> 1-12 cab w/Guitar Warehouse G1265 clone speaker -> SM57 It's a little buzzy on the bottom, but I...
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    Check out Mitch Farber

    Not to derail the thread, but here's the backing track... Chuck told me many moons ago that the turnaround was different in Footprints, but that's what I play over it. :)

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