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  1. Myron Stratis

    Friedman BE 100 vs BE 50

    My old Smallbox 50 sounded great with both the Mallory and Synergy caps. Mallory had more bass and highs, a more polished sound. Synergy had less bass and highs but the mids really bite, the attack was pronounced, closer to a vintage Marshall voicing. In a live situtation my vote goes to...
  2. Myron Stratis

    My JCM is too bright

    What I've done with my plexi is changing the master volume to a push-pull pot: One side has the bright cap, the other does not. Works like a charm: One side has the Superlead kerrang and the other has the Superbass fatness. Another way is using a proper attenutator (Fryette Power Station for...
  3. Myron Stratis

    Talk to me about divided by 13 amps and pedals

    Amazing amps. Great great tone: all the sweetness and sag (pleasant compression) of vintage designs but with a big natural low end. Mics love these amps, thay sit in the mix perfectly, really balanced midrange. I have an FTR37 and a BTR23, both awesome in their game. I think that the FTR37 is a...
  4. Myron Stratis

    Another Fender 'legend' in the making?

    When buying a custom shop Strat you have the choice to order the pickups "handwound". That is what I did with my CS 69 Strat. The Fat 50's on that Strat are among the punchiest, articulate, fattest, clearest, most amazing pickups I've ever tried. They sound like a 50's pickup but bigger, clear...
  5. Myron Stratis

    Klon Centaur: ok, now I get it (+video)

    Awesome! What speakers? I use a Cream Alnico and a V30
  6. Myron Stratis

    Klon Centaur: ok, now I get it (+video)

    Never tried RYRA and KTR, I would love to. BTW, today I've recorded the BTR23 boosted with a Lazy J Cruiser Deuce and it sounded great!
  7. Myron Stratis

    Klon Centaur: ok, now I get it (+video)

    I agree, all these pedals that are in the "Klon zone" are definitely workable. I would also love to try a Centura but it's a big pedal and I don't have enough space on my small pedalboard... :(
  8. Myron Stratis

    Klon Centaur: ok, now I get it (+video)

    Hahahahaha MY SECRET IS OUT! (And actually inside the silver Klon case is a rehoused EH SOUL FOOD!!)
  9. Myron Stratis

    Klon Centaur: ok, now I get it (+video)

    Hahahaha, he is 5 years older :P (and looking like a model haha)
  10. Myron Stratis

    Klon Centaur: ok, now I get it (+video)

    Klon: Gain 9 o clock, Treble 2 o clock, Output 12 o clock BTR23 set on the edge of breakup.
  11. Myron Stratis

    Klon Centaur: ok, now I get it (+video)

    Very cool! Yeap, I can hear that sweet compression and warmth
  12. Myron Stratis

    Klon Centaur: ok, now I get it (+video)

    Agree on setting the Klon as a clean boost. Another funny thing: Klon is AMAZING with a Friedman Smallbox on the BE channel.... I know that for some I may sound crazy but it is tight, with a huge controlled bite and lower mid kick, I loved it! Wish I could try the Cusack Louder boost, it looks...
  13. Myron Stratis

    Klon Centaur: ok, now I get it (+video)

    Haha, I know and sometimes I can even understand these folks: blind a/b tests can definitely lead to surprising results, I've repeatedly amazed myself with my choices...! Also I can respect anyones opinion: all the pedals in the world are there for us, to inspire us and make us happy. For...
  14. Myron Stratis

    Klon Centaur: ok, now I get it (+video)

    Well I don't know for something like a high output humbucker but with my Les Paul (PAF style pickups sounds ace, even for higher gain rhythm. The amp needs some dialing and the Klon need less gain.
  15. Myron Stratis

    Klon Centaur: ok, now I get it (+video)

    I’ve never really understood all the fuss for the Klon and the clones but I’ve always followed the endless threads. At some point I’ve bought a Tumnus and it still sounds great to me, still have it on my pedalboard as my main pre-od solo boost. A year ago I was selling an amp and a buyer (great...
  16. Myron Stratis

    Celestion G12H 75 Creambacks are awesome.

    Great sounding speaker, detailed and balanced mids, records great, nice choice.
  17. Myron Stratis

    The El Capistan is the best delay pedal on the market. Change my view.

    El Capistan was my main delay for many years, a great pedal. Then I've tried a real Echoplex and it was really clear and bell-like, I didn't expect that, it had an amazing clear tone. Catalinbread tape delay pedals have lots of midrange, El Capistan is clearer but the only pedal that comes close...
  18. Myron Stratis

    Sold Mad Professor Deep Blue delay (Handwired)

    My Mad Professor Deep Blue delay for sale. It is the hadwired version. Sounds big and fat, perfect for clean and distorted tones. Shows a little of the classic BJF pedal wear on the finish because it's very thin but lovely.
  19. Myron Stratis

    Speaker to pair with a Celestion Alnico Cream?

    I really like the Cream combined with a V30
  20. Myron Stratis

    Another Vibe.... Am I crazy.... wait don't answer that

    After trying 5-6 vibes (Mojo, Fulltone, Megavibe etc) I really really like how Drybell v1 sits in the mix in a live and recording situation. Sounds very balanced and sweet to me.
  21. Myron Stratis

    Creamback M or Lynchback for 1x12 Marshall

    If I had a 1x12 for jamming in my living room I would probably try a Classic Lead 80 (great balanced tone and the sound of Appettite for Destruction haha) or a Cream alnico (sweet sounding, excellent clean to distorted tones). Creamback M has a weird midrange that I am not crazy about, sounds...
  22. Myron Stratis

    Divided by 13 2x12F old vs new

    I've read that at some point Divided by 13 switched it's 2x12F cabs to fixed baffle. What was the year that the switch started? Anyone compared an old to a newer cab?

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