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    Zappa was a master of playing with effects - what's he using here?

    I was at two shows during that tour. However, I have no memory of what he was using in the floor. Sounds like a wah and out of phase guitar to me.
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    Vox AC15: which versions are good?

    I have a mid 90s AC15TBX with Celestion Blue speaker. Totally rocks.
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    replacing the expression system in my 514CE... Any thoughts?

    The ES system is a fraud. I own a 914CE with the old system and it is the worst sounding pickup system I've ever heard. Getting an expensive guitar from the factory that requires a Post-it note to be wrapped around the battery to stop it from rattling is an insult.
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    Best tuner for non pickup acoustic

    This. TYhey're pricey, but if you want dead accurate tuning and don't have "the ear" to do it with harmonics, you'll find no better. The cheap non strobe tuners are only good to +/- 4 cents, so you need to do a lot of sweetening. The peterson actually has a sweetened guitar tuning option.
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    Martin 000-28EC (mixed opinions)...

    Not for nothing, but a 000-28 and OM-28 are TOTALLY different guitars from the Clapton. The standard 000-28 has low oval neck, 1 11/16" nut width, standard X non scalloped bracing. It's a nice box, but will take years to get close to where the Clapton starts. The OM-28 is similar to the...
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    Repairman needed for my 80 year old 000

    Make sure you get someone who uses hide glue for the repair. Other than that it is a simple enough repair. TJ Thompson, Concord, Ma, is one of (if not the) most highly regarded Martin restoration guys in the world. It may take him some time to get to it, but it would be done perfectly and...
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    Bought a great Martin yesterday,,,really happy

    Congrats. Martin is building some really fine guitars at all price points these days.
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    How to break in an acoustic

    I have 5 relatively high end acoustics. I use the Tonerite on them all. Initial treatments when the guitars were fairly new, yielded impressive results, particularly on two adirondack topped dreadnoughts. Older guitars still benefit, but not as noticably.
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    Playing a vintage Martin 00-42 from 1927

    I "found" a 1925 00-28 in a friend's attic a few years ago. It was a total basket case. The back was off, lyre tailpiece, needed new bar frets, neck reset, new bridge/saddle/nut. I took it to TJ Thompson in Concord, MA. TJ is one of the most highly regarded luthiers in the US and the top...
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    Martin Guitars...some thoughts on these:

    What's your budget? What kind of music do you play? Do you play with a pick or fingerstyle? Do you have any wood preferences?
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    Knee Meets Vintage Wood.

    Ouch, but you're right after proper repair it will not impact the guitar at all.
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    who is the suhr/melancon builder of acoustics?

    What's wrong with a Martin? They are building some of the best guitars in their history right now. I urge you to compare a D18 Authentic against any mahogany dread on the market. For that matter the D18GE is a fantastic guitar for ~$2000 used. The madagascar models they are building today will...
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    "Must Know" Acoustic Songs

    She Belongs to Me - Dylan Behind Blue Eyes - Townshend Duncan - Paul Simon Dead Flowers - Townes Van Zandt Hide Your Love Away - Beatles Can't Find My Way Home - Blind Faith Bluebird - Buffalo Springfield Moonshadow - Cat Stevens Who'll Stop the Rain - Creedence 4 & 20 - CSNY Delia - David...
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    One Electric Guitar For Life, Which One Are You Going To Choose?

    My red PRS Hollowbody Spruce. Awesome sounding, looking and playing guitar. (And I was always a Les Paul/Strat guy)
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    What's your choice in floor based modeling/multi effects units?

    Vox Tonelab? Line 6? Boss GT-10? Digitech? This is mostly for fooling around at home and recording uses, though I would consider plugging it into a PA or clean tube amp/.
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    RAT Question

    The original Rat is a much better pedal imho. The distortion is more organic sounding. Old Rats are very underrated pedals in this boutique world.
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    Acoustic Guitars: Large vs. Small

    Oh man. LOL!:rotflmao:rotflmao:rotflmao:rotflmao:rotflmao
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    Recommendations needed on nice acoustic

    I agree. I was only speaking about action, not neck preference.
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    Rainsong vs. Composite Acoustics

    Up in Camden Maine a couple of years ago I fell in love with a Taylor 712. Damn, it was sweet and I almost pulled the trigger. Next to it was a CA (I don't remember which model, but it had a red thorn (barbed wire?) soundhole rosette.) I'd never heard of them before but picked it up anyway and...
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    Recommendations For An Outdoor Dread

    If you can afford one, the CAs mentioned above are really quite good for a composite guitar.
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    Acoustic Guitars: Large vs. Small

    Great, now you're playing the role of the misunderstood victim. I posted an informed opinion. Your response "I disagree. Nowhere near respectfully." No facts, no substance to back up your opinion just a condescending slap. That my friend is taking the gloves off, whether online or face to...
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    Acoustic Guitars: Large vs. Small

    I'm not sure why you have such an attitude, but that's your problem, not mine. What exactly have you presented that contradicts the point of this discussion, which remains about "versatility"? Mr Musician in 'real carbon based time'? We're not talking about being in a recording studio...
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    Acoustic Guitars: Large vs. Small

    I'm not sure what you mean by that comment, but if you'd like to engage in discussion bring it on. My point is this. I own a D18A, D18GE, D28MM, 000-28EC, 914CE and have unlimited access to a 1925 00-28 that I found in a friend's attic and had restored by TJ Thompson. That pretty much covers...
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    Martin fans, need help choosing a model - choices listed with pictures

    I'm sorry, but that wasn't one of the options.
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    Acoustic Guitars: Large vs. Small

    That's cool. In what way do you disagree?

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