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    Which 5W tube amp ?

    I'd go for one of those Little devils they are about 5W around $500 or so....Hall amplifications makes them...based on the TW express.....
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    Help Me Choose: 2x12 or 4x12 for my Marshall Amp

    well one thing though, you are thinking about using a ported cab with a G12M. IIRC those don't like ported cabs. I have a pair of pre-rolas and I know I wouldn't use them on a ported or open back cab.
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    Help Me Choose: 2x12 or 4x12 for my Marshall Amp

    It depends...If you are not playing out and you are going to be a bedroom player even a 2x12 with a 50W amp still be too loud. why not get a 1x12 with a G12-65? Ona separate note...I am not playing out heck I've not played on a band since late 90's. I just got a 74' 4x12 cab for a great...
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    which dumble circuit sounds the best??

    Not a Dumble expert but tough question to answer,it depends on your needs. DO a search at the under the Dumble forum. They have great info on all the variations plus schematics and what not. That way you'll know what you like best about a Dumble and heck will answer the question...
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    G12-65 with Non-Dumbles?

    I have an EL34 amp that sounded great through a 1x12 open back. I just got another to load my 2x12 with. I have to build me another EL84 amp and try it through them. I can't say they sound like the G12Ms, but they have more top end and more upper mids....Cleans sounded great very clear and...
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    Dumbleland Special - value? Dumble Destroyer?

    try the amp garage under the dumble section
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    Wiring a Straight 412 w/ Alnicos & G12Ms...?

    Cool...I just bought a 74' Marshall 4x12 and I am loading it with my pre-rolas mixed with the 65s for the new Bipolar and the MadCow..I really liked the Madcow through my pre-rolas vs the 1x12 loaded with the Gold...I might get a pair of Rolas G12Ms with the 1777 cones if the 65s don't sit well...
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    Wiring a Straight 412 w/ Alnicos & G12Ms...?

    Nick the plexi amp forum is down now, but I found this... I am going to try the...
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    Can you get normal guitar tones out of Dumble style amps?

    It depends on which flavor......I've heard a glasswerk that does the mean and smooth OD thing great...Fuchs very silky smooth OD.....I've not heard the Bludo in person but I guess it will be able to cover a lot of ground as well... The thing is that the D sound has been projected to be a Jazz...
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    Can you compare a G12H-30 to a Heritage G12-65?

    Anyone tried a G12-65 with a G12M either in a 2x12 or 4x12?
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    Celestion Heritage G12-65 a bit dark ... should the top end open up as it breaks-in?

    I have an old 80's G12-65 and it is not dark at all....actually it has very nice highs and nice upper mids....I was thinking of getting a heritage as I've read many post that they sound great..But I just might pick up an extra old one and run them with a closed back 2x12
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    Celestion G12/65 vs Emi Tonespotter

    Like some have said it really depends on the amp and cab. I built an amp around Celestions Pre-rolas G12Ms 102 003 cones. I bought an old 80's Celestion G12-65 from a fellow forum member, and I was impressed by that speaker...there is much more clarity more highs and nice mids. I was using...
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    best person for trainwreck repair and eval

    Well I think this serves as proof that people can build a TW amp just like the original. After all some were fooled by the clip thinking that it was the real thing.....Great clip, great amp, with great story behind it....
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    EL34 guys...I have a question.

    Some EL34B-STR info scroll down
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    Reason Amps Gear Page Debut

    Welcome anthony...Very cool amps...
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    Aiken Amp Pics!

    Cool amps....
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    Mystery Amp

    No you are correct, Japan imposed that law last year...I was after a couple of Vintage analog synths when the news hit the market.
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    TONEfest '07 - Tampa Bay - Aug 17-18

    Cool..I missed the others but I am attending this one....
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    Mystery Amp

    Andy did you had to repair the same amp over and over and then send it back to them for more testing?
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    Mystery Amp

    No pun intended nor I would like to see any gut pics, but will love to see a pic of your collection I think it will be cool to see all those amps sitting one next to the other…
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    Mystery Amp

    Well, that was not my experience with one highly regarded builder. I was about to buy a second hand amp contacted the builder for more info on such particular model, I got a very nasty email back from the builder, not only that the builder even contacted the dealer and made it aware of my...
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    Mystery Amp

    Perfectly understandable, and no one has mentioned names...It is not about any X builder or if the amp sounds good or not...The thread is pointed out to workmanship, future problems that may be expensive to fix and most important hazard material used like masking tape... I got the message...
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    Express vs Concorde

    One question does the Concorde uses a choke or a resistor on the power section? I was reading about the differences the resistor gives you a looser feel more sag where the choke makes things tighter with more low end?
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    Mystery Amp

    I thought it was informative, sometimes we take things for granted and just trust on the popularity of X builder without asking more questions or even inspecting what you are getting...This is a wake up call to always inspect what you are getting even if you are buying direct so there will be no...
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    Mystery Amp

    One question though aside from the point if it does or does not sounds great....If the amp had some type of problem who is going to service this? Is it fair to pay a substantial amount of money to have someone take all that mess out to change a $1.10 cap? Masking tape? What is up with that...

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