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  1. muddy

    New Hendrix Stratocaster vs american made Strat.. Anyone?

    big mistake not putting a lefty trem (with a righty arm, tho') on the hendy, BIG mistake... ml
  2. muddy

    New Hendrix Stratocaster vs american made Strat.. Anyone?

    where does "floyd rose" make an appearance into the suggestion of a hendy or ameri std strat? ml
  3. muddy

    Floyd with locking Tuners instead of locking nut

    none of my axes (outside my old kramer elliot easton, whose stability btw, couldn't hold kandels up against my lp/sg w/kahler, removable 1st fret (to create a zero fret), steinie 40:1 gearless, & NO lacking, er, locking nut. btw, i've made minor mods/adjustments to my c-shop vos lp/sg...
  4. muddy

    Skyway Vibrato

    wobble/flutter for the most part comes from the bar, & auditioning as many as you can find (lengths & material play a big factor) that'll work with the barhole (the what?) can solve the issue if wobble is a requirement. i recently got a 2nd lp/sg, custom-shop sg with a maestro, & have set it up...
  5. muddy

    Most Versatile Pickup Set for a Les Paul?

    a harmonic design z90 in the bridge, & a tvj magnatron in the neck (i've only had the bridge maggie in the neck pos, though, & you have to deepen the rout for it). i've REALLY wanted to try tvj's t-armond in the neck, & now that he's making it in an english mount again... ml
  6. muddy

    Ronin Mirari Ordered!!

    that's why my pfeister will have 1 m-vol, a blend pot, a master tone, & a direct nekk to output jack bypass... ml
  7. muddy

    Jack Bruce R.I.P

    i had a feeling this one was close. there's a good reason why "as you said" is my favorite cream tune. this one'll be a hard pill to swallow for me, i couldn't even begin to describe his importance & influence to me as a songwriter/composer... ml
  8. muddy

    GSI Burn - Programmable Rotary Simulator

    well, i'd need to hear it in the flesh before judging the job it does. rotary peds are funny beasts, they pretty much never sound like they do in a clip. there are too many variables, depth being the trickiest to perceive without being there. it's also near to impossible to tell how much it will...
  9. muddy

    always luvved these solos...

    yeah, it's funny that (for the most part) as the quotient for technique increases, the ability to write, &/or conceptualize, takes a dive straight down into the dumper... ml
  10. muddy

    GSI Burn - Programmable Rotary Simulator

    yeah, it's fuggly, but then again, there aren't a lot of les/rotary peds to begin with, not like the choices there are gain peds, delays, choruses, & the rest... ml
  11. muddy

    always luvved these solos...

    DOH! i knew that. been a while since i posted a youtube clip. yeah, it's hard to STOP listening to this track, there's something about it (besides the hypnotic/mesmerizing effect) that makes it stick to the ribs in yer brain, kinda like the way the public image theme song does. it's urgent &...
  12. muddy

    GSI Burn - Programmable Rotary Simulator

    check THIS out! looks pretty serious, AND, it's cheaper than the ventilator (around the same price as the mini-vent)... ml
  13. muddy

    always luvved these solos...

    W5BZOF8t80k ml
  14. muddy

    Vaschenko Korina SG Plus Electronics

    mate, it's beautiful... ml
  15. muddy

    Vaschenko Korina SG Plus Electronics

    if my axe, that i already paid for, ever gets finished, you'll see what an sg COULD be... ml
  16. muddy

    Ginger Baker Is 75

    the who were an electric army/navy marching band, thanx to moonie, hence al the anthems. and he had AWFUL feel; HE, more than bonham, couldn't swing a sack o'shite. & the reason no one plays like him is because IT DOESN'T WORK with anything besides an anthem. the guy was a lovable clown, but a...
  17. muddy

    Billy Gibbons Now Plays V-Picks

    and jeff's v-slide??? ml
  18. muddy

    The New V-Pick Ghost Rim Touch-Up Tool

    ghost rim? i LOVE it, dood! SO much hipper than callin' it "unbuffed." that's why they pay you the big bucks! so mate, this tool, it'll fix up my worn smokey dim's? ml
  19. muddy

    Billy Gibbons Now Plays V-Picks

    was it a c, a bouncy c, or an e minus? ml
  20. muddy

    Official Bogner Wessex, Harlow and Burnley pedal videos

    i had this idea, using a xformer in an od, like 10 years ago, at LEAST. funny thing is, EVERY builder i mentioned it to gave me the equivalent of a "sure buddy, we'll get right on that" response. evidently, only one had the vision, albeit 10 years after the fact, to do just this... ml
  21. muddy

    hey burning yen! scribble nibble alert.

    i can vouch for bill; he's one of those guys that creates in VOLUME, like 5-10 ideas a day. & he also happens to be a really sweet guy... ml
  22. muddy

    Billy Gibbons Now Plays V-Picks

    so vinder, you get a v-slide to billy, so he can present it to jeff beck yet? ml
  23. muddy

    New Complexity Harmonic Master

    WANTZES!!! OQskmJPN234 btw... Bonobo!!! ml
  24. muddy

    Tech 21 Roto Choir

    sounds more like one of those home family/ice hockey rink entertainment wurlitzers than it does a b3... ml
  25. muddy

    KISS isolated tracks from "Deuce" on "Alive!"

    believe me, bill aucoin is something i do know about, seeing as my band on island records was managed by brendon bourke, who used to work with aucoin. his rep on the nyc scene was legend on the counts of partying & drugs, EVERYBODY knew about it. i met with him because he was interested in...

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