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  1. jrw32

    "Strattiest" tone out of a Suhr

    My Classic Pro with V70s is plenty “Stratty.” I’m no purist but it ticks all the Strat boxes for me.
  2. jrw32

    New Neural DSP plug...

    I’ve been demoing it for the past few days and agree, it’s pretty amazing for clean cleans, mild breakup, & bass. And much lower latency is available than my other amp sims. Forgot I was playing an amp sim last night
  3. jrw32

    FSOT Catalinbread, Boss, TC Electronic

    All prices shipped/paypal'd to CONUSA only. May consider trades but mainly interested in cash. Catalinbread Karma Suture Fuzz - $130 w/ box & velcro. Boss JB-2 JHS Angry Driver Overdrive/Distortion - SOLD. TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay - SOLD. TC Electronic Ditto Looper mini - SOLD
  4. jrw32

    What guitar plug-ins for clean and medium dirt?

    S-Gear excels at clean/mid-gain IMO.
  5. jrw32

    Guitars similar to Teles but with a slightly different flavor?

    You’ve basically described the EBMM Valentine. It scratched the Tele itch & then some for me.
  6. jrw32

    affordable amp sim plugin for recording?

    S-Gear is my favorite, especially for clean to mid gain. Sounds and FEELS great. Easy to use and highly recommended PRS Waves SuperModels is my second favorite. Doesn’t feel quite as good under the fingers as S-Gear, but great for clean and high gain. I use BiasFX for high gain, bass, &...
  7. jrw32

    Wampler plugins

  8. jrw32

    Never liked overdrive pedals but really need one right now. Help me find THE one!

    I’ve had a lot of ODs over the years. J Rockett Blue Note (with switch) is the best I’ve played (use it with a Vox AC10 typically). So diverse, amp like & woody. Much prefer it over the Timmy.
  9. jrw32

    Garage Band Amp Sounds

    I use S-Gear, Waves PRS Supermodels, and Bias FX without issue in GB. I dig them all for different uses.
  10. jrw32

    Pedal like J Rockett Audio Blue Note but with more gain?

    Sorry, mine does have a hot switch, which is great. Just looking to see if there's something with even a bit more gain on tap.
  11. jrw32

    Pedal like J Rockett Audio Blue Note but with more gain?

    Any pedals like the J Rockett Audio Blue Note but with more gain? I have a Timmy as well, which is similar and does have more gain, but find the Blue Note to be more natural sounding, amp-like, and woody. Just curious if there's something similar with a bit more gain on tap. Thanks.
  12. jrw32

    Get your Premier Guitar mystery stocking. You have like 2 mins

    I got the exact same, minus the pen. You win! ;)
  13. jrw32

    DCW Pedals - Halloween TGP Giveaway! WINNER In Post #200

    Bearclaw Fuzz and Reese's. Thanks!
  14. jrw32

    When will PRS start selling relics?

    I seem to remember them doing a very limited run of relics maybe 6-8 years ago? I can't remember what they were called but they were all white and made to look like an old surf board or something along those lines? Limited Private Stock I believe.
  15. jrw32

    Ernie Ball Quality Compared to Other USA Builders

    I own both and agree.
  16. jrw32

    Who is using a PRS Hollow Body II ?

    Gerry's one of my favorite guitarists/biggest influences. I have a P22 and it is more than capable of pulling off the kind of stuff he does live. Love it!
  17. jrw32

    90's bands that are still relevant?

    Toad the Wet Sprocket is still releasing great new music and touring, and their lead guitarist is a real gearheard & now making his own guitars (Nichols Custom Guitars; no affiliation).
  18. jrw32

    If the neck don't fit you must acquit.

    6-7 years ago I had a PRS Wide-Fat shaved down to a Wide-Thin profile. I noticed no change in tone or structural integrity. I think it cost me apx. $350 from a local luthier in PA. I sold it for a bit of a loss, but not too bad as McCarty's were never made with that profile. I wouldn't do it...
  19. jrw32

    Black Friday Steals!

    I also got GC to price match with free shipping on the Siamese Drive.
  20. jrw32

    Ray LaMontagne - Part Of The Light

    It seems like a lot of people either love his early albums and dislike the newer albums, or vice versa. I'm in the latter camp, in that it wasn't until Ouroboros that I fully came on board. That album is epic, flawless, and perfect in every way IMO. I listen to it start to finish regularly, and...
  21. jrw32

    Son Volt Last Night

    I miss the original lineup, but having seen a few shows in later years, agree that players like Chris Frame and Mark Spencer are nice additions.
  22. jrw32

    Musicman Valentine - how good is the hum canceling system?

    I agree with previous replies. SC hum drives me pretty nuts as well, and I have no complains about the Valentine.
  23. jrw32

    Moniker Guitars dead?

    Not sure, but a friend of mine has a really nice custom-ordered Moniker. It sounds great and plays well. Good craftsmanship overall.
  24. jrw32

    Music Man Valentine ??? Any Good ?

    I had been wanting to try 1 of these for a while now, and was stunned to see a used hard tail trans-buttermilk in like new condition at GC recently. Let's just say it went home with me ;), and has definitely lived up to the hype. My first EBMM, and the quality is top notch like my PRS. Really...
  25. jrw32

    How is the EBMM Valentine humbucker voiced?

    I don't find it dark, but warm yet clear/chimey, like a fatter Tele neck pickup. It's much less dark than other neck buckers I've heard, including Gibson Classic 57s, & the 5708 in my PRS P22, which are vintage-voiced. I find both pickups in the Valentine to be very well-voiced for the guitar.

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