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    What's your favorite Oasis song??

    Indeed. I would hope anyone, Oasis fan or not, could take some enjoyment from that video. Skip to 2:00 if you’re short of time. That must feel pretty special to get a reaction like that to words & music you wrote.
  2. J

    Suhr Badger question

    With my current pedalboard I set the gain at 4 which gives a slightly-hairy clean tone, then use pedals for the rest. With a previous band and a simpler rig, I set the gain at 7 and used the volume on my guitar for cleans. At full tilt, that was one of the best AC/DC-style tones I've had. So...
  3. J

    NGD: A Keeper

    Fantastic looking guitar. Looks like one of the Humbucker Music limited run models?...they had a bunch of stunners in there over the past year or so.
  4. J

    Witch-hat knobs on '66 Gibson?

    Hoping to pick your collective brains regarding this guitar, a '66 ES-355. The pot codes are 22nd week of '66, and the serial looks to start 801xxx which confusingly various websites show as ‘66 or ‘69. I've read in a couple of places that witch-hat knobs didn't come in until the very end of...
  5. J

    Little Tommy Bukovac - Homeskoolin’ = best thing on YouTube, sharing Guitar Wisdom

    Unreal. I’m a big fan of the show, and his playing, and have listened to a lot of his interviews / tracked down some of the big records he’s played on. But seriously, if you really read through that’s nothing short of astonishing. He must have forgotten more hit records he’s played on...
  6. J

    Now that Danocaster is done, who do you choose?

    Just to clarify, I wasn't bashing at all, either. I was on the list when it closed :) Just nice to see a business doing well these days, and on his own terms - I hope he's enjoying what he's doing.
  7. J

    Now that Danocaster is done, who do you choose?

    With the exception of 1 or 2 (eg. a blackguard for Tom Bukovac this week) they are “for sale” guitars. Earlier this week he posted a blonde ash offset and it took 15 minutes to sell. After 5 minutes people were posting “how is this not sold yet?”. Seems to be a very clever business model if you...
  8. J

    In praise of the Suhr Koko Boost Reloaded

    That determines whether the pedal powers up on or off, I believe, or whether it’s controlled by a remote switching unit.
  9. J

    Tom Bukovac's Home Schoolin' blog on YT...who's following?

    He made a comment in today’s episode that I’m going to try and keep with me: “Even when the music is terrible, it’s somebody’s dream”. What a great thing to remember the next time you’re struggling to think of a part, or feeling uninspired by a song. For me they’re the best videos on YouTube at...
  10. J

    NAD - Badger 18... but a problem

    I was going to suggest the same. My Badger 30 was cutting in and out and Suhr’s CS (which is always great) advised putting a patch cable in the FX loop send and return to test for a dirty jack socket. I did that and it started worked fine. The crazy thing is that same patch cable has remained...
  11. J

    Source Audio - EQ2 Programmable Equalizer

    Following this with interest, have been looking for an EQ pedal for a couple of months but holding off since I saw this announced. What is the accuracy of the tuner?
  12. J

    Homeskoolin' with Tom Bukovac

    Agreed, I look forward to them each day. So much wisdom being shared, and every note he plays is so musical. I’d love to hear him talk about more session stories, what his favourite hooks are that he’s added, etc. I actually dig the lo-fi production (and his response to the question about...
  13. J

    fender tonemaster mini

    That looks more like his guitar tech’s station than his pedalboard...
  14. J

    How to learn a song fast (according to Nashville pro)

    I thought the video linked in the article was great. It’s good to remember that for the article/video author this isn’t “learn a song to play to your friends or at a bar gig”. It’s “learn a song to play for one of the biggest country stars (Maren Morris) on stage, without a chart, in an arena...
  15. J

    Tom Bukovac rig rundown

    The first 2:30 mins of that video is some of the best playing I've ever heard. What a great rig rundown, and cool to see so many off-the-shelf pedals on his board (that have never once broken, by his own admission...). Great stuff!
  16. J

    So annoyed at the price hike on Danocasters

    Can anyone clarify the current position with Danocaster builds? I got on the list in Jan '19, a few months before he announced he was stepping back from building guitars. I assumed that meant I'd never see my order come through (the list was around 16 months at the time), and was absolutely fine...
  17. J

    Suhr Riot vs Eclipse?

    I was going to say similar to the poster above - although I’d listen to him over me, I think he knows a little bit about the Suhr range ;-) (But fwiw, I’ve owned both...Riot is a great pedal, but the Eclipse is just unreal - so amp like and versatile. I use it with a Badger 30 for a 3-channel...
  18. J

    Tim Pierce and Rob Cavallo on Recording "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls

    Great video. One of my favourite players, on one of my favourite songs. I could listen to him tell sessions stories all day long - he gives a fascinating insight into the very top of the game.
  19. J

    Y’all GOTTA check this song out! Blow - Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton, Bruno mars

    Interesting to look at the recording credits for this on Wikipedia...Bruno Mars produced the track and played guitar, Moog and drums. The only instrument not played by him is the bass part. Nice work, Mr. Mars.
  20. J

    Nili Brosh: Certified Fresh Guitar Instrumental

    That was great, thanks for sharing. Excellent video too!
  21. J

    Your favorite Tom Petty song.

    Really glad to see this mentioned here, great song. If I had to pick one, I think it’d be this. ....but this is the actual truth. Free Falling, American Girl, Even The Losers, You Got Lucky, Learning to Fly, Great Wide Open, Don’t Come Around Here....I grew up on these songs. So glad I got...
  22. J

    New Pete Thorn Guitar Color

    Pete’s own FB page:
  23. J

    Songs that Started with the Chorus

    For reasons I can’t explain, that’s the first one that popped into my head as well :) Second was Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, and (instrumentally) third was Born in the USA.
  24. J

    Ed Sheeran's new song featuring Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton!

    I think I recall hearing an Ed Sheeran interview recently where he said Bruno Mars is playing guitar, bass and drums on this track. Edit: Wikipedia has Mars down as guitar, drums, moog and producer of the track - and credits bass to one of the other writers...
  25. J

    Rattlesnake cables?

    My main guitar -> board cable has been a Rattlesnake 12ft with the 'snakehead' option. Really impressed, sounds great, feels very durable - would definitely buy from them again.

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