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    Hendrix Voodoo child strings by Fender (D'addario)... discontinued?

    Those were the Dean Markley Jimi Hendrix strings. The Pure Nickel ones were awesome, they had pure nickel winds and round cores, inexpensive and great sounding. When they discontinued them I tried emailing them to ask "Why?", they never answered. I also used their other round core strings...
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    Peavey Rhythm Master 400

    I'm thinkin' it's a keyboard amp. Al
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    1994 Made in USA Mexican Fender Guitars???

    That is interesting. One thing I noticed in the early couple of years of the Mexican factory, one thing they weren't quite getting right was the finishes. The Standard Strats at one point came in Candy Apple Red and Lake Placid Blue, and both of them had a sort of "grayish" tint that made them...
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    p90 installed angle adjust

    It will keep your strings from hitting the cover, as the front is lower. I don't think it matters if the P90 is flat to the body, as the screws that sense the strings are in the middle of the pickup in one row. If you need the pickup closer to the strings you could use regular shims on the...
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    NGD Epiphone 1955 Les Paul Custom

    I was looking at those '55 LP Customs a while back, one of the few Epis with a big rounded neck profile. Another one was I think the '56 LP Goldtop, which has P90's and the big neck. It also came in red or something. I believe they both are discontinued now that they have come out with the...
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    p90 installed angle adjust

    There are angled P90 covers, my old Epi Coronet has one. I tried to include a link to a listing for slanted P90 covers from Amazon, and for some reason it won't work. If you're interested, go to Amazon and search for this listing title: Musiclily Pro 49.2mm P90 Dog Ear Short/Low Neck Position...
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    Fender Amp Head Reissues

    Fender did put out limited edition PR and Deluxe Reverb heads in the last few years. They weren't heavily advertised, and as I said were limited editions. Al
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    Vintage epiphone a Crestwood, Wilshire, Coronet, Olympic

    I have the same year Coronet, except the trem piece is missing. Batwing headstock. The P90 on mine only measured 5.9k, and finally died. I replaced it with a new Gibson one that doesn't sound the same. I still have the original P90, I need to get it rewound, I'm going to go for a low wind...
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    What pedal(s) for Jimi's Into & Solos on "House Burning Down?"

    I don't believe this is true. Electric Lady was not actually fully completed during his lifetime, only one or two of the rooms were functional. However, it did fulfill his need, in that it was a studio he could show up to, at any hour of the day or night, when he felt like recording. I also...
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    Earthquaker Park Fuzz is randomly super muffled??

    Check to see if it has an internal bias trimmer pot. If so, try tweaking it to see if you can get your previous sound. Many modern germanium fuzzes have bias pots to dial in the germ transistors. Al
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    20 watt Greenback in a Deluxe Reverb

    I am talking about the 20 watt Heritage, the Celestion spokesman who posts on here once in a while said it actually has 25 watts power handling, despite being labeled 20 watts. Al
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    20 watt Greenback in a Deluxe Reverb

    The "20" watt reissue GB's actually are rated at 25 watts, according to the Celestion guy who posts on here. Al
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    Marshall VintageModern 2466

    Should be a white sticker on the side of the speaker magnet that says where it was made. If it doesn't say, and has a "50" on the sticker, it is Chinese. Al
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    Heritage Series G12H(55) discontinued?

    Just because they are still available at stores doesn't mean they haven't been discontinued. I've read several reports that the 20 watt GB has been discontinued, I don't know about any of the other Heritage Celestions. I hope they are not getting rid of the whole line, that would be bothersome...
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    Original abr-1 saddles... who's got 'em?

    A few years ago there were reports of the Gibson tunematic saddles having a problem of the screw holes not always being centered in the saddles, causing problems fitting properly in the bridge case. I have bought the Allparts saddles twice, I believe they are made in Germany and I had no...
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    Magnets can be re-magnetized, no need to buy new ones as far as I know. Didn't the tech tell you that?. Al
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    50s Vintera Strat

    Only if you want the Road Worn relic'd finish, to my knowledge. Al
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    Neil Young Tone

    If you want the "saggy" Neil distorted tones, try one of the OD's into a fuzz pedal, or one of your other pedals that can get into fuzz territory. Al
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    Question: nut lubricant?

    That's the stuff I was talking about, but mine just said GHS on it, not Rene Martinez. Al
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    FS FS/FA Russian PIO Capacitors For Guitar/Bass

    I have for sale NOS Russian Military stock Paper-in-Oil capacitors in values for guitar tone controls, etc. The prices range from $9.99 to $15.99 per pair. U.S. shipping is $2.95 for the first pair, and $.50 for each additional cap or pair. For Canadian customers, shipping has gone up greatly...
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    Question: nut lubricant?

    After years of using graphite in various forms, I found a little bottle of nut lube made by GHS that is white, so doesn't leave the awful black smudges all over the nut. Don't remember the name of it, but it's made by GHS, comes in a little bottle that lasts a long time because you use so...
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    Gretsch Players Edition

    Sometimes here it's hard to tell!. Al
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    Wah inductor questions

    You should talk to Joe Gagan, he makes great repro inductors and pots for wahs in several vintage styles, including Icar taper wah pots in 100k and 200k that wiil probably be great in your Teese. I take it Teese no longer supplies his pots for his wahs?. Joe has great wah knowledge and is a...
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    Maple neck darkening with age?

    I prefer the Fenders with the lightly tinted necks, the plain maple just looks off, to me. Especially on vintage-inspired models that previously had the neck tint. Al
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    Gretsch Players Edition

    Certain Gretsch models have had the painted F-holes for many years. It's to cut down on Feedback for one thing. Al

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