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    Low humidity- am I overreacting?

    If it wasn't clear, I did mean the indoor humidity. I have a digital display in the room with all my guitars so I watch it change in real time over the course of the day. And I have one in my storage unit where I keep other instruments, as well. All has been well up until this point, but a few...
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    Low humidity- am I overreacting?

    The humidity has fluctuated widely as of late, which isn't generally the case. But the change is over minutes and hours, not like the shock of opening a warm case in the winter, for example. I do tend to leave my favorites out, which I've stopped doing out of concern. There were a few days of...
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    NBD! Fender MIJ Hybrid Jazz Bass

    The very best of colors. Were I to spec something out, that might be my choice. I'm a big couch guy, too :) seems like a great deal, andI do like the reverse image search trick. Ordering from Japan seems so dicey these days. Glad it worked out. I'll know to only deal with reputable shops and...
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    Low humidity- am I overreacting?

    It's been extra dry out here, with the heat and the fires and the air conditioning. I know that 45-55% humidity is ideal for happy guitars, but it's been below that here, often changing suddenly and starting that way for sustained periods of time. It's generally in the low 40s, but dips into the...
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    Archtop for Americana + Folk that can cover up to blues and light rock

    I thought that's what you meant, but I've never seen anyone specify those specs before. Those are acoustic numbers. Hope you find something suitable. Never heard a bad thing about godin for what that's worth.
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    Archtop for Americana + Folk that can cover up to blues and light rock

    Not following with your specs. But if you can deal with its quirks, the first thing that comes to mind for this kind of thing is a casino.
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    Who would you choose as a builder for your custom guitar?

    Gretsch custom shop or collings, most likely. I occasionally am curious about something fenderesque, in which case, maybe xotic? But a plain old mjt seems much more likely. Almost went with yairi for a custom acoustic but just bought a regular one, instead.
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    Do not use Buyee Mercari for guitars or lose all money & guitar

    Buying from Japan used to be safer and faster than buying from someone in the states. what happened? When did it go wrong?
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    Real Amps Crowd vs Amp Modeler Crowd

    I'm new to the digital side of things but now that I'm on board I couldn't be more pleased. Much easier to record, and I can play with several different sounds I wouldn't have otherwise. I've expanded my tastes and found a keeper or two to add to what was my signature sound. And having all these...
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    Can the Vox ac15 equal the ac30 crunch sound?

    I have the ac4hw and ac15hw and have run them both into a load box and recorded them with the same ir, and yeah, they are pretty much the same thing. at least as far as the circuit goes. But they sound very different in the room because they have wildly different speakers. So I've always...
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    Discuss: Your favourite Marshall is actually...

    :hide Before that it was a modded Peavey rockmaster or an sl drive, so... progress?
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    What's your favorite wiring setup on one of your guitars?

    I'm fine with the standard two vol, two tone setup, but I do have two guitars that are a little clever. Gretsch g6118t: master volume w/ treble bleed, vol for each pickup, pickup selector and tone switch w/ custom values. Flip the tone switch to shave a little high end and use the individual...
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    Upgrade parts or get something new? Yamaha content.

    I have a bbp34 and I don't regret it for a second. Covers doom, covers acoustic folk and all points in between. I figure the 700 is similar, save that it's an active bass. I didn't need all that, but it's theoretically even more tones right at your fingers.
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    The brave new world of speaker cab Impulse Responses (IRs) - Information overload for the amateur guitarist?

    You need some room reverb. I didn't like regular old ir's because they were too flat and direct sounding. Even if you're using one with room mics, a splash of room reverb will really make the thing a lot more pleasant and believable for you. I use softube tsar 1r, but anything should be fine.
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    Taylor Grand Pacific--I haven't been this interested in a new guitar in a while

    Next to a Taylor it sounds like a gibson, next a gibson it sounds like a Taylor. Whether that's a good thing or a bad one is up to you, but those were my impressions.
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    Acoustic pickups. What's the go to, the latest and greatest.

    Depends on how loud you need to be, what you play and play though. K&k are fine for most situations. they sound alright, can be fluffed up with eq or modeling and are cheap and easy enough, but soundboard transducers can have noise and feedback issues at higher volumes. Dual sources are the...
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    Best modeler for Vox AC30 sound

    If you don't need a physical one, I'm pleased enough with amplitube 4. I have the max version, which offers several variations on the theme, including two Dr Z amps and a Mesa transatlantic. The original one is trash, but the vox copper top ac is the one I reach for the most. It offers the...
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    Looking for A4 or A5 PAFs

    I'm a mojotone guy. A4s in a few guitars, they sound just like the fancy ones. I'll bring up demos and see if I can match the tones and I'm never left wanting. I got mine back when you could specify exactly which wind and magnet you wanted. not sure if that's still the case.
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    Suggestions for Non-Metal Guitar Plugins ???

    Amplitube should be fine. Aim for the newest versions ( the more they resemble the amp, the better), bring up the room mics and become an absolute ninja with the cab and channel strip section. swap mics, speakers and cabs as needed, mess with the mic placement and balance to taste. I think a...
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    Guitar Pedals that you can use for Bass

    Recent analog favorites include the ep booster and an old tube overdrive/ preamp thing I have. In the digital realm, a modeled mudhoney has been an absolute delight (on guitar, too). That appears to be a rat variant, so maybe thats something to look into. If you want a cheap laser box, one of...
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    Is the honeymoon over for the Fender Acoustasonic?

    you can sound that bad for a lot less
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    Your thoughts on Carvin

    The guitars were extremely not for me. Though they had really nice woods, something was always off to my eye: the pickguard, the headstock, the inlays/binding/lack thereof, or the general gaudiness of the finishes or figuring. Just not my thing. Hated that they pushed their pickups on you, too...
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    JAPANESE GUITARS: I Am Curious As To the TGP Connunity's Experience With Japanese Guitars

    From epiphone to gretsch to Yamaha to yairi, mij are the vast majority of what I own. That's not coincidental. The only American made guitars I own are guild.
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    Which Make And Model Pick Do You Use?

    clayton 1mm rounded triangle clayton .88mm black raven rounded triangle dunlop jd jazztone 207 dunlop nylon, .80mm & 1mm that covers acoustic, electric and bass. the black ravens are the standard, the 207s (and very occasionally, the nylons) are generally used for certain types of acoustic...
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    the random knick knacks thread

    this is utterly heartwarming. i'm so grateful to have made a meaningful difference in exactly one person's life. now my heart is full. :) i still use mine, too. in addition to all the uses listed, it's great to clean off my amps, interfaces, 500 rack and so on. nothing else comes close...

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