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  1. Rod

    NCD: Fender HRD 112 ext cab

    Is it plywood or pine?.......just curious. Looking for one myself maybe
  2. Rod

    Pole piece height

    Great article! Many thanks.. gonna try this..makes a lot of sense.....
  3. Rod

    Talk me out of a Green Rino

    I recommend this! The best of a TS9 and an808 in one pedal. The COT (church of tone) boost added to the left side is just killer......the bass and treble controls are a must for fine tuning it to your amp .You can find them on Reverb...Very reasonably priced as well... .
  4. Rod

    Two Amps, One Guitar

    You need to lift the ground to one of the amps so you don’t have a ground loop.. also, the amps could be out of phase with each other.... .... the pedals? Someone else will chime in....
  5. Rod

    NGD: Dean Z Chicago Standard (Also UPS fail story)

    It’s a set, glued in you gonna swap the neck :munch
  6. Rod

    EMG's in a Flying V = metal? Not according to Michael Burkes

    Tone is in in hands.. now that’s what I call sustain! Don’t believe everything you read
  7. Rod

    I don’t get pedals. What’s the big deal?

    :munch :munch :munch Thank you @Johnny Fuzz . Well explained
  8. Rod

    Baseman vs deluxe (with a twist)

    2 different animals... my favorite tweed is the 3x10 Bandmaster.....hands down. 30 watts, cleans up better than a Tweed Deluxe and distorts nicer and at more reasonable band volumes than the Bassman.....try one. Victoria makes a great one... fwiw, the double deluxe doesn’t cut it....not a good...
  9. Rod

    Finding "the one" in-person vs "Buying a guitar online and adapating to it"

    in Kalispell Montana no less! :D
  10. Rod

    6 screw tremolo vintage spacing or modern

    The modern spacing will bring in both E strings less close to the edge. Much better controlling bending and vibrato, if you do that on guitar. More like Gibson spacing.....
  11. Rod

    Smaller bodied Semi hollows

    These Airlines and Rivoltas are all semi hollow As in there is a center block, but it’s only under the bridge/tailpiece. I like tone better with this type of construction ......and no f holes to feedback
  12. Rod

    Floor multi effects with minimal tone coloring

    FM3 Fractal.... :D or FX8
  13. Rod

    Finding "the one" in-person vs "Buying a guitar online and adapating to it"

    I’ve bought numerous guitars from Airlines, Rivoltas ect. Everyone has been a gem. They all have Gibson feeling necks with binding, block inlays, great jumbo frets, workmanship.. just love these guitars. The bodies are all mahogany and are chambered. The necks are...
  14. Rod

    FS Bogner Goldfinger 45

  15. Rod

    How important is the fidelity of effects to you?

    All the pedals I use these days have great Fidelity but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I run my guitar amps very clean with a slight break up sometimes and I use hempcone speakers like the cannabis Rex or the tone Tubby’s. I run them all through the front of the amp and...
  16. Rod

    FS Gibson Les Paul Standard faded 7.2 lbs!

    They are one of a kind. Thin finish and chambering definitely added to their great tones......
  17. Rod

    FS Gries

    Fantastic amps! Good luck with the sale.. sorry it has come to this....
  18. Rod

    Celestion G12-65 Love?

    I loved the old ones. Bought some reissue versions when they first came out.. weren’t the same, but that was 15 years ago.. maybe the newer ones sound like the old ones..... holy moly. 21000 posts....Hope I’ve been helpful to some of you.. I’ve certainly learned a lot along the way.. thank...
  19. Rod

    'Things': HELP! My Guitar Volume Pot Just Seized

    You’re a dink! :banana :hide2 Just kidding.... I haven’t heard that used in a while.. good word!:D i guess that was part of our generation.....
  20. Rod

    'Things': HELP! My Guitar Volume Pot Just Seized

    RS Guitarworks ... they make the finest, imho, wiring harnesses for guitars using the best parts.They are not cheap, but if your guitar is a keeper foe life, spend the $$$. They had CTS make for them these special pots that have a Smooth audio taper and they are using better materials then your...
  21. Rod

    Jensen C12N or C12K for Blues deluxe?

    The Jensen Tornado neo works great for the Bassbreaker 15’s as well.. amazing speaker
  22. Rod

    Blues Deluxe RI issues

    I wonder if it has to do with the speaker heating up and getting mushy sounding.. Ive had this issue using older Marshall 4-12 cabs... 1st set, great..2nd set kinda muddy. 3rd set, muddy.... .Fender imho doesn’t splurge on using good speakers with their amps, trying to keep the price down.. try...
  23. Rod

    Allparts, Warmoth, Musikraft Necks???

  24. Rod

    Mesa Boogie experts: power tubes red plating

    Remember to put the blues on the inside and reds in the outside. Or visa versa

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