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  1. macmax77

    FS Gries

    I think This was my amp and I only sold because I was moving b4 this C19 thing started. Great amp, that sounds awesome! OP, I am really sorry and I hope things get better.
  2. macmax77

    Calling all Blue Guitars!!!

  3. macmax77

    Anybody see colors when they play?

    yeap, I thought it was common.
  4. macmax77

    D'Addario XT, has anyone tried them?

    After all of this time I finally got some XT to try out. Took out my Optiweb strings from my strat and threw in the XT strings. Played for only 15 minutes before the missus and the 3 year old storm got back.... I will play them all afternoon on Monday, but so far I like what I heard and felt. I...
  5. macmax77

    TGP approved??

    What does TGP approved mean?
  6. macmax77

    Analog Delay Recommendations

    jam pedals D Llama
  7. macmax77

    Your Prettiest Guitar

  8. macmax77

    JHS AT + vs Angry Driver

    I have heard the Angry D fixed a small thing that the AC did not do properly. The AC would not cut live.
  9. macmax77

    What is your go to low gain OD to push an amp and Eq a bit?

    I have a few and all work great. Cornish SS-3, Red Snapper (I love the Red Snapper) Centura, Tim and a very inexpensive and GREAT Caline Blue Sky Which is better? None, they all work as intended and each has it's place. It all depends on what I need at some point.
  10. macmax77

    Chase Bliss Blooper

    Like your post, LOL!
  11. macmax77

    Chase Bliss Blooper

    I am on a "I buy thing for 15 dollars o less phase, lol"
  12. macmax77

    Boss SD-1 has changed a lot recently...

    You guys don't understand it? A great move by Boss so you have a place to store your expensive picks.
  13. macmax77

    Please evaluate my OD pedals

    Best Dumble in a box and the only pedal that sounds exactly like a Dumbe by TGP ears and standards. Just So you know how much a Dumble is worth.
  14. macmax77

    Boss SD-1 has changed a lot recently...

    People who play live will always understand what Boss brings to the table. When well used, they rock. I got myself a SD1, lovely pedal and at 39 dollars, lol!!!!!
  15. macmax77

    Chase Bliss Blooper

    call Nux! They have a great looper for pennies.
  16. macmax77

    Well sold my Mark V and now hunting for another MAY-SUH

    Did you say Mossad?
  17. macmax77

    Living in an apartment and guitar playing

    I just moved back to Redneckland since I brought my kid and wife (finally after not been able to see them for months due to the pandemic) and got a 3 bedroom apt that fits in my kitchen back in the Caribbean. I am considering opening a small practice room in town just to be able to play. It is...
  18. macmax77

    Very good silicon fuzzes (that are affordable)

    Dunlop JH F1. Produced in Alderan, hope it is good enough for you.
  19. macmax77

    Which Power Supply Zuma vs Cioks?

    I went Ojai. I have 3 and a gigirig isolator on the big (POS Boutique no one can hear you) board. I think I will have one in the gigging (boss and cheap yes we can hear you) board. Only Strymon Product I like.

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