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    Fender twin reverb re...started _part2

    Here's how the "normal channel" sounds like: Tonestack on 10, Volume on ~5, bright off, reverb. Strat with WCR SR pickups. and a softer setup: And this one is on the "vibrato channel"
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    Fender twin reverb re...started _part2

    I made a few random recordings just to show how the amp behaves, so please excuse the lame playing.:huh All clips were recorded with a sennheiser e606 on a E-MU 0202 soundcard and no post processing. I'm a newbie at amp recording, so don't expect any pro style sounds... a clean tour over...
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    Speakers for Twin Reverb? For better low end?

    Eminence Delta pro. Just check with your cab dimensions. I had to ...dig a few millimeters to make them fit in my 1982 twin. But...what a sound! I can almost ...see the lows ;) Huge headroom too, and you will hear the sound your amp makes with no coloration. The Pros are EVM12L clones, but...
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    Super Twin Restoration part 3! Thanks Alderwood

    Hey thkyle, great job! thanks for using mine as a reference! :)
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    Fender twin reverb re...started _part2

    hehe... i couldn't disagree... ;) Thanks!
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    Fender twin reverb re...started _part2

    It's so flattering to read such comments from a pro! Thank you, and my best wishes for your project(s). :)
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    Fender Twin reverb re..started _part1

    Thank you all! :)
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    Fender twin reverb re...started _part2

    Thank you all for your comments and tips! ;)
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    Fender twin reverb re...started _part2

    continuing from part 1 After repairing some of the previous owner's signs of bad use with epoxy and sawdust, the re-Tolexing progress started right away... Then it was Oxblood time... So after the cab was re-done, i had to install the Delta-Pros in the cab, only to...
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    Fender Twin reverb re..started _part1

    About 7 years ago i bought a heavily used early 80's twin. A local tech made it work, and some time later i replaced the worn speakers with Eminence Legends. ...i was never really pleased with the tone, so i built many pedals in order to make it sound good, and i succeded quite a...
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    running 2 8ohm cabs at 8ohms?

    I think halving the power would require doubling the load in order to restore full bandwidth response.
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    Who Saw Hendrix Live and His Rig?

    I saw Him once... in my dreams... :D really! He played for me the solo from All along the watchtower... it was so real! didn't wanna wake up. ..but i did :(
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    Show your Tele's ~ its a love thread ~

    here's my Home made Tele. Warmoth wood, Fender and Callaham hardware, Fralins. Body paint is water based lacquer and neck is Tung Oiled. Extremely lightweight and awesome tone.
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    Trem Block & Bridge : Callaham vs DeTemple

    I have Callaham stuff in all my Strats or Strat-likes and i am really satisfied with them. A couple were built with the Callahams, but two were upgraded and the tonal difference/improvement was quite evident. In my case, i call it IMPROVEMENT because i really dig the result. Now, regarding...
  15. A know you got 'em, show 'em

    Here's my Swamp Ash / maple Warmoth Strat: All hardware is Callaham, pickups are Lollar Tweeds and case is G&G (Callaham). Extremely lightweight and very resonant. Awesome tone!
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    alderbody goes... swamp ash

    Thanks Budda! ;)
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    alderbody goes... swamp ash

    Thanks! It's a total vintage, so it's 7.25" I'll definitely post more pics!
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    alderbody goes... swamp ash

    After a long period of gathering the pieces and finishing the wood, it's about time to start putting it together... The wood is Warmoth (1pc featherweight Swamp Ash / slight birdseye maple), which i finished in waterbased lacquer for the body and Tung Oil for the neck. It's a total...
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    My (new) 1966 Stratocaster (Pics!)

    Very well done!!! :AOK Congratulations! ...just set those bridge saddles a little more parallel to the plate... ;)
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    Non-RW/RP middle?

    Thanks for your replies, guys! I'll surely post pics of my finished project, but that will take at least couple of months. I just received the wooden parts. (Warmoth 1pc Swamp Ash body / fat maple neck / total vintage) ...the fun has just begun! :AOK
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    Non-RW/RP middle?

    That's why i rarely use the notch positions. They always sounded relatively thinner to me. This time i'll go with a non-RW/RP middle. Btw, i'll use Lollar Tweeds. I asked Jason and he will wind me a set with that spec. Can't wait to find out about it myself... Thanks buddastrat! :AOK
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    Non-RW/RP middle?

    Has anyone tried a non RW/RP middle pickup in a Strat? Some people say it makes a difference in tone, and i heard it even does on pos 1, 3 and 5... :confused: (the opposing magnetic field of the mid pu "steals off" something from the others...) Others say it only lacks the hum...
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    alderbody goes ...swamp ash

    that's what i want. this transparent airy tone of the early 50's Strats.
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    Questions about a straight 16" radius on a Strat neck...??

    I agree. I always put big frets in my Strats. The vintage wire is too thin for my taste...

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