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    Echopark Vibramatic 13/23

    For anyone coming into the middle of this discussion... Gabbe at Echopark has a very spotty record of building guitars and amps both for fulfilling orders and for quality. If you get a good one, congratulations, but it seems to be the exception to the rule. Here's the thread...
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    best gigworthy SS practice amp (w/ hp out) ( ZT amps / DV mark / Quilter owners here?)

    I have Quilter, JC and ZT. First off, the ZT is not as loud as 200w should be, the Quilter thru a decent speaker is much louder. In fact, thru a neodymium full range speaker in a lightweight pine cab, it'd be perfect! However, gotta say that JC is my benchmark for super clean clean, and the...
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    What is louder?

    Let's assume for a minute that this is a serious question. And let's assume that the amps are equivalent in terms of their EQ spectrum. And that the speakers have the same curve at the same sensitivity level. And that we're playing both amps at clean maximum volume (which is what amp outputs are...
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    Choosing Apartment Amp: THR10 vs Iridium vs HX Stomp

    I'd look for a used Fryette GP/DI. It's a real tube amp with a lot of potential sounds AND it has a decent headphone amp that'll also let you put effects after the power amp. Why model amps when you can actually HAVE an amp?
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    NGD: Rivolta Combinata XVII

    It was on sale at Dave's for a minute, so I had to grab it. I figured it'd be an interesting contrast to the Epiphone Wildkat: P90s and a tremolo. I have to say, that the Rivolta puts the Wildkat on the trailer, even with the pickups changed out to Lollars. It plays great, stays in tune well...
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    Premier Guitar: “When Exactly Did ‘Boutique Pedals’ Become a Thing?”

    Maybe Josh should write a book. I just can't do the Youtube, hour long episode thing... My mind wanders and I start to play with my phone or my guitar. I can read the same amount of information in 20 minutes! I've really enjoyed Analogman's book and the Stompbox Cookbook, but a month on...
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    Jensen C12N or C12K for Blues deluxe?

    Well, if I'm playing VERY quiet I might have a Fender amp up to 3 on the bass :) But yeah, they all let too much thru and I end up with them all mostly off in louder situations (Fletcher Munson, you know).
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    Single ended Class A Amp hum and recording

    Yup, there's no solution except replacing the transformer by one that doesn't hum. But if it bothers you, just mount it in a head shell and you probably won't be able to hear it. Or wrap the PT in nice, thick insulation... :)
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    Jensen C12N or C12K for Blues deluxe?

    The thing about switching speakers to try and tighten up the bottom end of that amp is that the problem is NOT the speaker. The problem is that the Fender amp design has poor damping, and if the speaker can reproduce the bass frequencies they will be "wooly and out of control". So, two choices...
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    Why don't people hate Vemuram as much as other brands?

    I know the designer of the Timmy is pretty frustrated with the whole thing, at least on some days. I don't think I'd be in Vemuram's market as much because of hype and ridiculous cost structure as because of the copying. And before it starts again, yes, you can't copyright an effects pedal...
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    Pedalboard inside a pedalboard

    That's a commercially viable idea, although it'd be smoother if the second pedalboard slotted into the first one, maybe even with a patch bay. Are you a handy guy?
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    Boss DM-2 or Memory Man

    Sure, didn't mean to imply that it's only for slap back. But it is on the warm (decreased treble) side, even compared to the DMM.
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    PSA: Eastwood Blood Buzz (Lovetone Cheese Source Clone) Sale

    Normally $379, which has always seemed high to me. For today, "Buzz100" gets you $100 off which seems more reasonable. I've not owned an original, but it seems to be a nasty fuzz with the option to be VERY gated, and a mid-gain op-amp overdrive in a single box, you can vary the order and...
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    Boss DM-2 or Memory Man

    The DM2 is a warm, 300msec delay, perfect for slap back. The DMM is brighter, has more control (like the LFO) and a longer delay. OTOH, it's bigger and costs more. Both have a place!
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    Single ended Class A Amp hum and recording

    Are you getting any intermodulation distortion (ring modulation) with the 120 hz or just hum when the notes fade?
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    Earthquaker Park Fuzz is randomly super muffled??

    Ah, trouble shooting pedals... The switch is unlikely, since failure there tends to be a "can't turn on or can't turn off" situation. Power jack is also unlikely for the same reason. A poor solder joint in the signal path might do it by introducing a lot of extra capacitance, and...
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    Need recommendations for a Synth pedal

    There are 3 kinds of pedals sold as "synths". Monophonic, often analog synths, detect your pitch, reproduce it using a different wave and perhaps a different pitch depending on settings. They may have envelop generators, filters, tremolos and so on. Examples would be the Pigtronix Mothership...
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    What's wrong with this Pedal Board?

    It may depend on WHICH Boss buffers, since there's some thought the new ones are better. Here's a paper from Jack Orman (AMZ-Fx) showing the actual effect on your signal from a chain of 4 random Boss buffers. It's OK for rock and roll, but you WILL hear the difference...
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    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

    You know, I thought the same thing at first. But in just a couple of years the shenanigans have been forgotten and the P&W folks are again embracing TMG, so maybe there was some brand value there? @cholula69, I'm glad things are mechanically good, but I'm asking myself why your luthier didn't...
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    Sean Connery Speaks Pedal

    I'll take watsh in my pantsh for 300, Alex!
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    Help me change my life

    I have an old school Mosferatu from Alf Hermida that does that for me in spades. It's a bit dark, but since I mostly use Fender or Vox style amps in church, it works very well. I've stacked it with a number of low gain overdrives: Zendrive, KOT, TS, Timmy... with great success. Other pedals that...
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    Best replacement output tranny for Tweed Bandmaster?

    My brown Bandmaster 310 has 45216 OT, also a 4 ohm version. And yes, I'd heard that the slight mismatch might contribute to the Bandmaster breaking up just a little earlier than the Super.
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    Favorite lightweight non-NEO speakers?

    Yup, Jensen P12R (vintage) all the way. Love the delicacy played clean and the crunch when you hit it hard!
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    Where Are The SunDragon Amps?

    Mitch is a great guy, builds really nice amps. I guess a handwired single channel amp with a cut going to Mr. Page is going to cost $4k. Heck, Fender wasn't able to build JoeB's amps and sell them for much less than they have the mighty power of scale! But the $40k version? That's just greed...
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    Premier Guitar: “When Exactly Did ‘Boutique Pedals’ Become a Thing?”

    I thought it was a fun article in some ways, but yeah, missed a WHOLE bunch of guys that were instrumental? Jack Orman, for example, did a whole bunch of the research that underlies modern pedal builds. And Justin Philpott posted a whole bunch of schematics and built stuff in the late 90s that...

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