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  1. Stressfest

    Albums where all songs were awesome!!

    King's X - Gretchen
  2. Stressfest

    What's the king of Tape Delay emulation?

    Cornish TES but for the more sensible with their cash Skreddy gets my vote. I have BED and had the strymon offering and a TES. Something magical going on in the mod section of that skrecho..
  3. Stressfest

    nothing wrong here, move along

    Never used them. Always used a couple of big washers between the strap and button to stop the strap from popping off.. downside being same strap for quite a few years
  4. Stressfest

    Set-Up Experts - Going from 9s to 10s

    My string gauges are all over the shop.. 10’s on my strat, 11’s on my gretsch falcon, 10’s on my les pauls down half step,which in theory make them akin to 9’s I guess.. 13’s in my acoustic.. 16’s on the reso. Never had any issues in terms of nut slotting, just truss rod relief and intonation...
  5. Stressfest

    Has anyone elses wife...

    I’ve been a incredibly lucky. Having not been able to gig due to sustaining a workplace injury several years ago. To keep my spirits up and motivate me she has bought several instruments along the road to recover, white falcon, landau strat.. I feel very blessed in that regard.
  6. Stressfest

    Disappointing experience at Chicago Music Exchange

    I do most of my shopping online due to my topographic location, very limited choices here. My usual approach is to whittle my choices down to a few instruments and then email. Whoever gives me the best service and more importantly comes across with the right attitude, gets the sale generally...
  7. Stressfest

    Limited Edition Pedal Flippers are Dumb

    How much for the box only..
  8. Stressfest

    What is your favorite analog delay?

    Another vote for AD-900 here. Pretty much my always on delay with any amp, vintage or modern. Sits exactly where it needs to in terms of EQ.
  9. Stressfest

    This has to be a joke

    At least the next time I buy a pedal without a box, I know who to blame.
  10. Stressfest

    Landgraff Overdrive - had one for testing...

    I bought the whole slew of pedals from John when he were alive, LDO, M’OD, clean boost and fuzz bomb, wah. All incredible. To my ears, not only some of the best sounding clones of their reflective circuits, but the construction was second to none.. the wiring, component choice and all wrapped up...
  11. Stressfest

    Are you a “one guitar” or “more guitars” guy?

    Used to have a few more than I do now but currently have a R7 and R9 les paul, 68 landau strat, gretsch white falcon and my beloved wife has bought me a national o style 14 for my 50th, next wed.
  12. Stressfest

    Guitars with no personality

    Personality is in the player, not the instrument. As long as they deliver the haunting mids..
  13. Stressfest

    PRS Private Stock: why so expensive?

    All fun and games until someone knocks a mic stand into it.. Been there, it sucks.
  14. Stressfest

    What Guitar Picks do you Really Like?

    Long time Delrin 2mm player, 15 years or so I guess.. but been slipping off the wagon and really enjoying 2.5mm Chicken Picks Badazz... They don't have the plink a lot of the others I've tried seem to suffer from.
  15. Stressfest

    Way Huge / Joe Bonamassa Penny Saver

    This just really makes me want to get another SCH-1..
  16. Stressfest

    Show your pedalboard: 2021

    Great pedal. Would love to find another myself, seem rarer that klon teeth these days..
  17. Stressfest

    NGD - Gretsch White Falcon G6136T-62 LTD

    I threw 10's on mine, had it set up by my luthier.. Never used a Bigsby before i bought the instrument and was a little unsure about setting up the trem. Fantastic guitar, one of my favourites :D
  18. Stressfest

    Your favorite Legato player

    Kerry King of Slayer Or Holdsworth.. it's a toss up. :banana
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    NGD - Gretsch White Falcon G6136T-62 LTD

    Sweet!! I play a Falcon myself.. killer guitar!! :D Enjoy \o/
  20. Stressfest

    What’s your “why isn’t this pedal more popular?!!!” pedal?

    Treble Booster, pick a flavour.. I still prefer them over a straight up overdrive.
  21. Stressfest

    Comment on my tone, please!

    Clearly haven't been listening to Eric Johnson, use Duracell batteries!! Seriously though, very early Vai tone there. Very cool..
  22. Stressfest

    NPD Maxon SD-9

    That's the key, Landau and Henderson.. barely on is the sweet spot for mine.
  23. Stressfest

    NPD Maxon SD-9

    Unavailable except for the used market.. and not a cheap option. As for the modded versions, definitely a good option for a more usable tone circuit but for my needs, stock is perfect.
  24. Stressfest

    Does gigging when you're old even make sense?

    Just become a youtube sensation and forget about the heavy graft. Money for Nothing and your chicks online..