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  1. mtmartin71

    Sold Manlius Broadcaster Pickup Set

    Manlius Broadcaster pickup set with white string on the bridge and chrome cover on the neck $100 for the pair to include shipping & PayPal A3 magnets 7.6k neck 11.3k bridge RWRP for hum cancelling in middle position
  2. mtmartin71

    Simple PAs for Vocal Mixes?

    I'm setting up a rehearsal room for low volume practices and jams. About 16x16 spacing. We'll use some amps (maybe modelers) at lower volumes, electric drums, and 2-3 vox. I may only need 4 inputs to the PA/Mixer. I'm thinking a simple PA head with a few decent but simple speakers. Monitors...
  3. mtmartin71

    Question for the folks doing their own Tech/Repair Bus

    How do you deal with sourcing parts/pickups to do work for someone? Do you have the client bring their own or do you source for them? If you source for them, how do you deal with that in terms of your invoice to them? Do you have a resell license? I started my LLC last year and I'm doing very...
  4. mtmartin71

    Grounding the trem claw on the Strat

    I'm doing a Strat build and noticed this Squier doesn't have a route through the body into the cavity for grounding. I realized I haven't hardly set up any trem based Strats, as I don't really use them myself. Where else do you/can you attach the other end of the trem claw grounding wire? The...
  5. mtmartin71

    Squier Pickguard to 11-hole Fender Pickguard?

    Are some of the holes the same pattern between the two or is it all misaligned and the pickguards aren't even the same size? I want to get this pickguard linked below for a project but not sure they offer the right pattern. Fender Stratocaster Blue Floral Silver Metallic Pickguard – Quick...
  6. mtmartin71

    Rehearsal Room Setup Question

    I have 16' x 16' music room that I'm going to get ready to handle some band rehearsals I have one large window to the outside (it's a basement room though so sub ground level). When it comes to noise leaking outside, would it matter where I situated my closed 2x12 amp/cab? I have two choices in...
  7. mtmartin71

    Stringjoy vs D'Addario

    I'm a LONG time D'Addario XL user. Occasionally I'll string up another set...a few Bare Knuckles pickups have come with the Rotosound yellows. I like those but they seem to fade a bit faster. The D'Addarios seem to have some zing to them. They're on the stiffer side, as I understand it, but I've...
  8. mtmartin71

    Widening a hole in a pickguard

    I'm looking to do this...take an existing 1/8" hole and make it bigger for a kill switch. However, I don't want to widen it from center because it will be too close to the other switches. This is what I'm trying to do What's the best way to go about widening the hole like this in the pickgaurd?
  9. mtmartin71

    Sold Wolfetone Mean/Meaner P90 Set w/ Black Covers

    Wolfetone Mean + Meaner Pickup Set $135 for the set...shipping & PayPal fees included 2 Conductor A2 Magnets Around 8K on the neck and 9K on the bridge I never used the covers that came with it so these still have the plastic on them Note these are 50mm spaced which is vintage spec...I think...
  10. mtmartin71

    Sold Dimarzio PAF 59 Humbucker Set w/ Raw Nickel Covers

    Dimarzio PAF 59 Neck & Bridge (DP274+DP275) $105 for the set...shipping & PayPal fees included 2 Conductor Long legs Unpotted A5 Magnets 8.2K (spec) Neck 8.5K (spec) Bridge Includes screws & springs
  11. mtmartin71

    Question for Mojotone Quiet Coil P90 Users

    Did you compare the Hot to the Regular? In reading up, it seems like the quiet coil technique knocks off a bit of the oomph. The regular bridge is around 8.6K and the hot bridge is around 11K. I'm thinking though that the Hot just has some more oomph in the bottom end/low mids. I'm trying to...
  12. mtmartin71

    Getting the position right on a ON/ON/ON mini toggle

    So I'm going to do up my Strat with two mini toggles on an HH strat. Each mini-toggle will do series/split/parallel for each humbucker. I want the switch to be in series when facing up (towards me) and then be split in the middle, and parallel when pointing down or away from me. I have ON/ON/ON...
  13. mtmartin71

    Sold Strat Wiring Harness - CTS Pots, CRL Switch, Emerson PIO Cap

    $25 Includes shipping + Paypal Fees No output jack/wiring. Includes 250K CTS pots, .047 Emersion PIO cap, and 5-Way CRL switch with black tip. It's wired for neck tone, no middle tone, and bridge tone. Includes the washers and nuts for the pots + the fastening screws for the switch.
  14. mtmartin71

    Tool to cut down a 3-48 thread humbucker height screw?

    I have wire strippers that go down to 4-40. I've been looking online and can't seem to find any wire strippers that will go down to 3-48. And, Stewmac stopped selling shorter humbucker height screws it seems. Thoughts on other ways to make a clean cut to a screw like that?
  15. mtmartin71

    Sold Bare Knuckle VH II Bridge Pickup - 53mm Spaced - Black

    $90 Shipped and PayPal Includes the original packaging This pickup is in excellent to mint condition. With current exchange rate, these pickups run around $165 new.
  16. mtmartin71

    Looking for some HH Strat Pickup Guidance

    I have a custom, hardtail Strat that is pretty full and resonant, and not overly bright. Right now it just has a BKP VH II pickup in the bridge and it's wired on a 3 way switch to go series, coil split, parallel. I find I'm missing the in between and neck pickup tones. I want to go back to an HH...
  17. mtmartin71

    Sold Suhr V60LP Pickup Set w/ RWRP Middle Aged White Fender Covers (Black or Suhr Parchment options too)

    $140 for the whole set Includes shipping + PayPal These were in a lightly used Strat for 3 or 4 months. I decided to go with noise free/higher output. I'm a humbucker guy I took pictures with the Fender aged white plastics I bought but I have the original Suhr Parchment (whiter than the...
  18. mtmartin71

    For those using the Injector/67/Injector set on their Strat...

    Where did you land on the pots you used? I'm going to keep the tones at 250K and change the cap from .047 to .022. My goal is not to have Strat levels of brightness per se. I'd actually like it to fit closer to more of the treble content of my PAF-style humbuckers on my Les Pauls. So to me, the...
  19. mtmartin71

    Other than Dimarzio, who else has cream that matches closer to Gibson cream?

    Seymour Duncan and Suhr definitely do not match nicely with Gibson cream bobbins. Their cream matches closer to the pickup rings and is what Dimarzio calls Aged White. Gibson's cream has more orange in it and is closer to the color you see on the binding...kind of an aged look. Again, Dimarzio...
  20. mtmartin71

    Sold Dimarzio DP100BK Super Distortion F-Spaced

    $60 shipped and Paypal'd In Excellent to Mint condition and includes the full, original packaging
  21. mtmartin71

    Sold Multiple Pedals for Sale - KHDK Scuzz Box, TC Elec Flashback Mini, Korg Pitchblack

    KHDK Scuzz Box - $110 SOLD TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay - $65 TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster -$35 SOLD Korg Pitchblack Advance Tuner - $50 MXR Phase 95 - $70 SOLD J. Rockett Archer - $115 SOLD MXR Iso-Brick Power Supply - $90 SOLD All but the Mini Delay and Korg tuner include the...
  22. mtmartin71

    Marshall Origin 20H as a pedal platform?

    I'm leaning towards picking up the Origin 20H for a clean pedal platform of the Marshall variety. The drive/gain staging set up on my board will look like this: Crunch Channel = Tech 21 British Crunch + = Timmy into Tech 21 Lead Boost (front) = Archer (Klone) into the Timmy or Tech 21 High Gain...
  23. mtmartin71

    The old analog "modeling" gear still sounds good

    Someone sent me this and I had forgotten about Steve Hackett. He's doing this on a SansAmp GT2, recorded in Jan of 2021. Not sure of the full signal chain, but that's his "amp" here based on what Vintage Guitar magazine is saying in the vid caption. He gets into a distorted lead line at the 3min...
  24. mtmartin71

    How does the UAD Apollo Solo stack up as a sound card (without the UAD plugins)?

    If I'm not investing in the UAT plug in universe, is the Apollo Solo better, worse, or the same as other USB Audio interfaces? I have the Apollo Solo now. While it was expensive for my use case and I don't know that I want to spend on the plug in universe it has, I'm OK with that if the pres...
  25. mtmartin71

    Sold Yamaha THR10II Wireless Desktop Amp

    I barely used this device. It was purchased new from a local music store in Fall of 2020 and I'd consider it in near mint condition. Includes the power adapter plus the original box/packaging (which it will ship in) It's a cool device and directly supports the Line 6 G10 transmitter. It also...