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  1. cuz/karl

    Static Effectors hand made effect pedals

    Hi I am a long time member here but a recent one man operation out of Michigan making custom, made to order fuzz and overdrive pedals. They are hand wired by me on a verity of different platforms using either reclaimed/NOS or current market components. New market pots,switches and jacks are used...
  2. cuz/karl


    I just can't :(
  3. cuz/karl

    How do I finish ebony to get that dark rich color like a Gibson fretboard?

    Bought a headstock veneer and I want that Les Paul Custom fretboard color. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. cuz/karl

    Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box

    Anyone see these yet? Seems like a cool visual and sound clone of the Foxx at a good price. $149
  5. cuz/karl

    Sub $1000 Strat 50's and/or 60's

    Already have a maple board Large headstock Greco I love. Looking for a 50's and/or 60's small headstock strat. I'm not apposed to the Classic Vibe stuff but would like some options sub $1000 of something with a beefier neck profile. I say and/or because if its in the $500-600 range I may do both.
  6. cuz/karl

    Finishing my 1st complete guitar.(updated)

    Finishing my first complete guitar. Done a couple novelty EVH paint jobs on Squier mini's but this my fist serious go at it. The body is a $89 GFS pre-set neck and body. I used Keda die and Rustolium. The body had some issues around the edges that wouldn't take stain(glued in chip and glue...
  7. cuz/karl

    Park Little Head 18

    Anyone have experience with this amp? Very intrigued with the low watt/big iron plexi platform. Already have a el84 18watt and a single ended 20 watt plexi. Thia seems a much more robust build than my others. Love to here some first hand opinions. Very little in the search.
  8. cuz/karl

    "The Judge" Amp top Treble Booster

    20200710_220719 by cuz/karl posted Jul 11, 2020 at 11:41 PM20200710_220726 by cuz/karl posted Jul 11, 2020 at 11:41 PM20200710_220744 by cuz/karl posted Jul 11, 2020 at 11:41 PM"The Judge" by cuz/karl posted Jul 11, 2020 at 11:43 PM
  9. cuz/karl

    Low watt AC30

    Is there s lower watt more club friendly amp that sounds like an AC30? Please don't say an AC15 cuz they sound way diffrent
  10. cuz/karl

    Marshall 35th Aniv. Blues Breaker

    Any thoughts on these? I know they aren't hand wired but I'm not a stickler for that. How do these compare to the other re-issues? I have a lead on one in prestine condition for $1699. I have a great white 73 Superbass that I love.(also PCB) Thought this would be a nice addition...
  11. cuz/karl

    EHX 9 series with a Rhodes????

    So if a fender Rhodes electric piano essentially works like a guitar due to its series of pickups, does that mean that the electro-harmonix B9 and the like, could be used to turn my Rhoads into other keyboards? Anyone try this?
  12. cuz/karl

    Greco se500

    Picked a Greco se500 up for a Rainbow gig. For some reason I can't post a pic. Here's a similar one Original by cuz/karl posted Apr 22, 2018 at 8:46 PM I'll add some of my own when it arrives. I did some searches but only found older threads. What are the mass opinion of these today ?
  13. cuz/karl

    Mooer ElecLady users

    What settings are you guys using for Police and Rush. I have the Dooner version. Synchronicity 2 and distant early warning, specifically are the tunes ,but just wanna get close in general.
  14. cuz/karl

    Best speaker for a marshall TV cabinet

    I picked up a good deal on a used Marshall TV cabinet. The original Chinese greenbacks we replaced with Marshall branded vintage 30's. These are UK made. I am of course going I don't see how I like the cabinet as is but I was wondering what's thoughts were for speaker choice if I don't care for...
  15. cuz/karl

    What's a good inexpensive Strat for Ritchie Blackmore material

    $600 and under, And go.....
  16. cuz/karl

    Quincy guitars

    Anyone seen these? Really tempted to get one to set up in C#. $330 plus shipping S-l400 by cuz/karl posted Dec 24, 2017 at 11:23 PM...
  17. cuz/karl

    Black Country Custom TI Boost

  18. cuz/karl

    Chandler Limited pedals

    I picked up both of these today, the germanium Drive and the little devil. 600-1 by cuz/karl posted Oct 20, 2017 at 9:11 PM Man these things are really cool. The germanium Drive seems to be like a really full-featured range master (my favorite Drive pedal) Lots of classic 70 style crunch through...
  19. cuz/karl

    Lets see your G.S.Wyllie pedals.

    Never should have sold these. Moonrock and Fuzzstone. So awesome,so unique. Seems there are no clones and used pedals are rarer then hens teeth. Picture176 by cuz/karl posted Aug 12, 2017 at 12:37 PM Yeah I know the pic sucks but its all I had
  20. cuz/karl

    Eh key series with a Rhodes???

    Since these pedals are designed to work with guitars and the rhoads work with a bunch of little pick ups like a guitar,could one use these to transform an electric piano into other keyboards? Anyone done this?
  21. cuz/karl

    First attempt at a guitar finish(text body)

    This was a $35 body I got on line. Neck pocket was cocked so they sent another. Nothing better to practice on. 0529171332-1 by cuz/karl posted May 29, 2017 at 4:00 PM
  22. cuz/karl

    Epi Bonamassa Firebird 1 noise issue

    Every time I try to gain up the Firebird I get really bad high pitched squealing. Now we're talking rock gain ,not metal. Anyone having this problem? My guess is a microphone pickup. What do you all think?
  23. cuz/karl

    Little Bear pedals

    Not sure if this is old news or how legit they are but after a good experience with the $33 Russian Muff ,ill leave this right here...
  24. cuz/karl

    Ditto x2 users ????

    If you hit the stop button,then hit it again. Do the loop reset or continue from were you stop it? Thanks
  25. cuz/karl

    NGD (kinda) Firebird 1

    Well my local shop finally got the Bonamassa Firebird 1's in. They got 2 Gold and 4 Burst. I was the one that let them know about them,so they gave me first pick of the litter. Well,actually one of the employees had one picked out before I got there,but he choose a Gold.I was only interested in...