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  1. Fishin'Musician

    NVGD 1951 Martin 00-17

    NVGD 1951 Martin 00-17, In immaculate condish, an amazing score for $950. I would post more pics but google pictures doesn't work for sh*t. Anybody recommend a good pic hosting site please PM me.
  2. Fishin'Musician

    NAD Tragedy! 1969 Laney Supergroup arrived from Germany/Tubes are missing

    The individual shipped the tubes in a different package, and they are missing. I can tell from the photos the power tubes were Telefunkens. Seller claims he doesn't know what they were. Anyway I know from past experience these Partridge transformers in these Laneys can throw upwards of 550v to...
  3. Fishin'Musician

    Wiring a 2x12-1x15 cab.

    I apologize if this is a 'beating a dead horse' post, if so please link me to any previous threads that will help me. I just acquired an Emperor 2x12-1x15 cab; it has two 16 ohm 30w WGS Reapers in the top section and an Eminence Big Ben 15' (8ohm 225w) in the the bottom. The top and bottom...
  4. Fishin'Musician

    Need suggestions for spitting my signal for a two amp setup.

    So let me begin by saying that I'm currently playing in a Black Sabbath tribute band. My previous rig was an Orange Rockerverb 50 MK II that I racked up and split the signal with a TC Electronics G major 2; one side came back into the Orange, the other output went into the effects return of...
  5. Fishin'Musician

    Two Heads + One Stereo Cab = No Balls?

    I've been running a Rockerverb 50 MKII into an old Marshall 4x12 with greenbacks; I have a G Major 2 in the effects loop with the second output going into the effect loop return on a JCM 900 to utilize its power amp to push an Orange 4x12 cab. The result is huge and I'm very happy with the...
  6. Fishin'Musician

    NAD Laney TI100 Tony Iommi Signature 100w head. HUMMMMM

    Never heard an amp hum this bad. Brand new out of the box. Checked the tubes on my Orange valve tester, they all check out good. Amp sounds great but thinking about sending it back because it hums SO LOUDLY.
  7. Fishin'Musician

    Is this a matching set?

    Just bought these 6CA7's off ebay as a matched pair. I'm a little electronically challenged, I'll admit, the numbers on these yellow stickers confuse me... is this truly a matched set? Or is it just a "close" set?
  8. Fishin'Musician

    NAD '74 Marshall Super Lead 100

    Ran into a deal on a '74 Super Lead and (what was supposed to be) a '73 4x12 1960 cab loaded with Celestion Blackbacks. It was a friend who was in jail and needed attorney retainer money so he had his roommate call me and offer me the setup for $1600. He had a '90's gold top too so I brought...
  9. Fishin'Musician

    Would you buy a stolen guitar?

    Before you answer, here is the situation. There was a 1965 Gibson ES-330 that was advertised at a local Pawn shop's big tent sale this summer, and I went to look at it but it had been sold just a few minutes before I got there. Same guitar shows up on Craigslist this morning, and I call the guy...
  10. Fishin'Musician

    Treble Bleed Circuit on a Telecaster...???

    Got one of the RS Guitarworks Modern Tele wiring assembly kits that included a cap (extra, not wired in) that one could include to provide a "treble bleed" configuration. Having never tried one, but curious about this after hearing about it for years, I soldered it in and wired up the guitar...
  11. Fishin'Musician

    Need to re-tolex a '61 Tremolux head

    Can anyone suggest someone who can re-tolex my '61 Tremolux head? I would certainly rather keep it all original but some joker painted it black (after painting it red). I spent weeks scrubbing the paint off the matching cab but it still looks like shite, and I don't want to damage the tube chart.
  12. Fishin'Musician

    Warmoth vs. Musikraft: A Tale of Two Necks

    Ordered two Tele necks spec'd out the same; or as close as the options would allow. One piece maple, medium c, 6100 frets, truss adjustment at headstock, satin nitro w/ vintage tint. (Musikraft was a medium vintage tint, Warmoth only had tinted or non tinted) Here's what I got: Price...
  13. Fishin'Musician

    Dual Delay with long delay time...

    I've been using the Analogman ARDX20 for a few years now and love it, but I'm playing in a different band now in which I've been using my Maxon AD999 so I can get longer (up to 900ms) delays. The ARDX20 will only do 600ms, and I find myself needing a longer delay. In an attempt to keep my...
  14. Fishin'Musician

    Found this in a local pawn shops "FREE" box....

    .....and thought it looked familiar.
  15. Fishin'Musician

    Which 8 channel pre should I get?

    I'm currently running 8 mics into a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 w/ Firewire to Thunderbolt adapter into a 27" Imac 3.2 GHZ. Logic Pro X Mavericks. I want to run another 8 inputs into the ADAT I/O. I was about to pull the trigger on a Focusrite Octopre MK2, but the two on front-6 on back inputs...
  16. Fishin'Musician

    Looking for an interface...

    · Computer specs of your current (or future) system: iMac 3.2 GHZ i5 Quad Core 8gb Memory 1 TB 7200rpm drive · Computer OS and version: OS X Maverick · What DAW you will use (Pro Tools, Reaper, Cubase, etc) Not sure, Studio One or Reaper probably · How many simultaneous microphones...
  17. Fishin'Musician

    Hughes & Kettner Tube Factor repair?

    I have a Tube Factor that won't turn on. Replaced what I thought was a faulty power supply, that wasn't it. Anyone know where I can get this repaired in the US?
  18. Fishin'Musician

    Another effects order thread....please help!

    Here's what I'm putting on the pedalboard: Strobostomp tuner Dime wah Mini Deja Vibe 3 Klone/Trebleboost Keeley Compressor Analogman Delay Supa-Trem Does this sound like a good order?
  19. Fishin'Musician

    Best boost pedal for a JTM 45 style amp?

    I have a Germino Classic 45 on the way. I'm going to try my Green Rhino with it first; the GR sounds great in front of every amp I have, it sounds exactly like my old Tube Screamer, but has a mid boost knob that just kills. But I'm also going to try another pedal or two, what do you guys...
  20. Fishin'Musician

    Looking for advice on attaching effects with velcro....

    Most of the pedals on my pedalboard will stay secured, but I was wondering about pedals with bulky screws on the bottom, like for instance my wah pedal. I've taken the rubber feet off and found some fairly flat headed screws to hold the bottom plate on, but it seems like it's still not holding...
  21. Fishin'Musician

    What's the best way to keep knobs from moving on a pedalboard?

    I'm struggling with the problem of my effects settings (knobs) on my pedals moving during transport to and from gigs. Most of the time we do showcase sets as direct support for high profile artists at Boise's Knitting Factory and don't get a soundcheck; I have my settings marked with tape but...
  22. Fishin'Musician

    Deluxe Reverb Extension Cabinet

    Wow, you'd think someone would make a killing if they offered an extension cab that matched the dimensions of the Deluxe Reverb, but I can't find one anywhere.
  23. Fishin'Musician

    Matching LPB Thinline/Precision Bass update:

    Got the tele body in from Mark Jenny; it was too blue, didn't match the bass body very good because of the amount of yellowing of the bass' finish over the last 40 years; the yellowed clearcoat combined with the LPB underneath turned it almost turquoise. Luckily I still had a can of tinted...
  24. Fishin'Musician

    Modern 6L6's in my '61 Tremolux...

    When I swap out the old RCA 6L6's in my '61 Tremolux for anything newer, like a set of Groove Tubes, or some Fender 6L6's out of my HRD, the tubes start glowing super bright and start sparking. The new tubes are good, put them back in the amps they came out of and they work fine, and the RCA's...
  25. Fishin'Musician

    My new project, Lake Placid Blue matching PBass/Tele

    On the left is my 1973 Fender Precision bass in Lake Placid Blue, with original tortoiseshell pickgaurd. This is a color combination that I absolutely love. I've been searching for an early '70's Telecaster to match it, at least the LPB, but after quite some time, haven't found anything. So I'm...