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    Carol Ann Amps - Thread XVII

    When you get your Kinsley it will be al smiles.Best amp I have ever owned.
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    Those who have several amps: what's your fav?

    I also have a Adams Amp 1959 plexi .Just amazing.
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    Those who have several amps: what's your fav?

    Kingsley Deluxe 30 finest amp I own.Is at the same level as a Two Rock in build quality and sounds.
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    Those who have several amps: what's your fav?

    Kinsley Deluxe 30 finest amp I have.
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    The Amp you Kept?

    I went through a lot amps kept the Kingsley and a Adams Amp Marshall clone.i,m happy with both.
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    Best EL-84 Clean Pedal Platform Amp?

    I would go with a Kingsley Deluxe 30. If you can find one used you,ll save a couple bucks. Take a look at all of it,s features.I had Bruno Underground and the Kingsley Deluxe 30 replaced it. Found the Bruno too dark.The Kingsley Deluxe 30 takes pedals well and has a beautiful clean channel. I...
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    If you could only have one simple combo..

    :love: My Kingsley DC 30 covers alot of territory. From beautifull cleans to a smoking overdrive.The sweetness of it,s reverb has me Jazzed. Replaced my Bruno UG 30, never thought that would happen.
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    Dumble up for sale

    Gee it looks alot like my Ceriatone.ODS Except mine has a nice tan cabinet. :hide. I,ll let mine go for only ten percent of the asking price of the Dumble, plus i,ll throw in a Bill Bloozy T Shirt. :munch
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    The I scored a great tube amp under $500 thread

    A Fender Dual Showman Red Knob, mint!!!. With a cover. $400.00 Shipped off ebay a few years back. Recently a Marshall JCM 800 found in the garbage.Free!! :love: Needs a tune up but still works!
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    Ceriatone Overdrive Special Question

    Thanks thats just what I,ll do. JHX
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    Ceriatone Overdrive Special Question

    I have a newer Ceriatone Overdrive Special and the LED for the power and standby switch went out. Anyone have the same experiance? What could be the cause of it and is it an easy fix? I can solder and have no problem doing it myself providing it,s not a lead up to a bigger problem. Any help...
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    Whats closest to a real Dumble?

    I have a CeriaTone OTS.:hide I don,t know if it can nail a Dumble exactly, nor have I played a Dumble. In the end it makes no difference to me , I love my OTS. We all have different needs and ears. Im sure that the other amps mentioned have unbelivable tones. But I,m satisfed with what I have...
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    The Amp You'll Never Sell

    Iv,e been tempted,I love a nice Blackface Pro Reverb. But iv,e been good.:love:. Still have the love for my Bruno Underground 30 with reverb.It still knock,s my socks off.!!!!!
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    Amps that far exceeded expectation and those that failed dismally ?

    Exceeded:Bruno Underground 30 With Reverb,Splawn Competition Failed:Maven Peal RG88 Head,Tuskadaro Head,Hughes & Kettner Triamp
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    Reasonably priced, kick-ass channel switchers... vote!

    Bruno Super 100.Best Amp I,ve played through.Of coure not the brand New One,s. Way over the $ 2000.00 dollar range.
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    Which is the best 2x12 cabinet and why?

    A THD loaded wtih Celestion Blue and a GH 30 70th aniversary.Has the presence of a much bigger cab huge sound for it,s size..I use this cab with my Bruno Underground 30 this combo of amp and cabinet sounds just right for me.
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    The Amp You'll Never Sell

    My Bruno Undergound 30 with reverb.Just fits me like a glove.:phones
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    Coolest *looking* amp?

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    Glaswerks Incoming!!!!

    I,m on the list for a Glasswerks Amp .I,d love to hear some clips. Of both amps, from what the buzz is they are to be pretty, sweet sounding. Clips will help tell. I bought a Bruno Undergound 30 with reverb !!!!!!! . It,s :RoCkIn:BEER This one I,ll give to the Tagster.He has good taste. Only...
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    Best EL-84 for Blues JR.?

    I second that.JJ,s.Great tubes at great price.
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    Juke 1210 Vs. JCA Golden Ratio 1.6

    I have a Juke 1210 had rebiased for EL 34,s had KT.s it,s the only amp my friend at Highway music, here in NJ , ever made a comment on. He said the tremolo and vibrato were the best he ever heard.I agree. In my taste of the two. with the right pedals you can get it to snarl, but it,s not like a...
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    biggest clean tone ever.

    Fender Bassman Head,AMAZING! Nothing like the clean sound you will get from this amp.Mine is a 1964 with the rare AA864 circuit.And fairly cheap.The cab choice speakers, up to you. Also my Magnatone 440 is nothing to sneeze at for it,s wattage.Thanks Rob.
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    EL84 amps, your favorites...

    Try a Revenge Amp.Class A (like a VOX), 2 x EL84 power tubes (like a MARSHALL), Lo-Mid-Treble tone stack (like a FENDER) Brite AND Warm Presence (like no one else, almost?). This amp really sings with a very wide range of distortion and tone signatures. We really like it through EV12Ls...