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    Los Angeles Based Instrument/Accessories Companies

    Hello! I am hoping to pick the brains of some members here who might be able to help me out. I am considering a move from New York out to sunny Los Angeles and would like to find a job working for an instrument or musical accessories company. Think along the lines of Ernie Ball, D'Addario...
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    65 London 112 picking up radio signal

    Happy weekend TGPer's. My 65 London 112 has been picking up radio stations lately. I assumed it was a microphonic EF86 but I just did the tapping run down, and all of the tubes are fine. I've done a bunch of searches on this and it seems like it COULD be one of many things, but since the 65...
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    New York based companies?

    Good evening! I have a random question and I'm not quite sure if this is the right part of TGP to post it or not. I'm curious what gear companies are based in the NYC area. I know that Aguilar is in Manhattan, and Sadowsky is in Long Island City, but what else is based in the area? Guitars...
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    Weird Electic Current Sound in Dano Strat

    Got a quick question for everyone. I'm noticing a weird hissing/hum from my Dano Strat, and it isn't single coil hum, and it only happens when I am not touching the strings. For example, When I am in the neck position, I hear the single coil hum, but when I am in position 2, I do
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    Mogami Platinum Sale?

    Good morning! I am interested in picking up some Mogami Platinum cables to upgrade from my current set up of George L's and Lava Coil cables...I would love to find them on sale though. I know PGS has a 15% off sale, however they are all sold out of the Platinum 12 foot cables. Does anyone...
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    Help with my 65 London 212

    Good afternoon! Last night I noticed something a little troubling with my London, however I don't know nearly enough about amps to self diagnose and being in NYC and not having a car, it is very hard to take it in to have someone look at it. I play out of the "marshall" side 99% of the time...
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    Boost Pedal after Timmy? Katana?

    Howdy, My gear: Danocaster tele with Humbucker in the neck going into a 65 London 1x12 or Carr Rambler (usually the 65). I have a lot of pedals, but lately I have been using just guitar into amp for most stuff, and using my Timmy pedal for light dirt. For solos I need something that can take...
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    Pickups for SG 61 RI

    I am sure there are tons of posts on this already, however it will not let me search for the term SG since it is too short. My buddy has a 61 RI SG and is considering changing the pickups to something with a little more clarity and chime when clean, but that can still rock when cranked. What...
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    Polish for G0?

    Are there certain guitar polishes that cannot be used with the VOS finish on the G0's? Is there one that people prefer on historic LP's? Thanks!
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    Another Blackface Champ question

    I have been posting a couple questions regarding champs lately, so I apologize if this is overkill. I am about to look at a 66 Champ tonight, where everything is original except for the grill cloth. Guy wants $400 for it, and I am going to need a 3 prong cord added, and not sure about the caps...
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    Converting Champ to grounded plug...

    What is a fair price for someone to charge to change an original plug on a blackface champ to a grounded 3 prong one?
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    Help with this vibrochamp please!

    I just picked up a used vibrochamp, which they guy told me was a 71 with the original speaker...guess I should have done my homework before I played the amp... The serial number on the back of the chassis is F085898 and it has a Jensen C8R with serial number from what I can tell...
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    Help with my 65 London 1x12

    Hello! I am sure if I spend a while searching the forum I could find an answer to this, because I am guessing it is tube amp 101, but I don't really have the time and was hoping for some quick help. My 65 Amps London 112 has been making a weird noise for the last week or so. When I play, and...
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    Deep Blue Delay and Original Ibanez AD-9 - overkill?

    I have an original Ibanez AD9 that I love to add some ambiance to solos and what is wonderfully warm. I had a VM Super Delay, but just sold it because it was just too many options for me, realized I need something simpler. The Deep Blue Delay looks awesome, but is combining that with...
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    Death By Audio Interstellar Overdriver withTimmy and Fuzzhead?

    So, right now the 2 OD/fuzz pedals on my board that are not going anywhere are my Timmy and a Keeley Fuzzhead. The Timmy is amazing, and the fuzz gives me my real heavy sounds, and also boosts the Timmy for cutting solos. I am looking for one more OD that I can use as a warm OD that is heavier...
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    Warm up my ash strat

    I have a 50th anniversary standard strat...the one with the 2 tone sunburst ash body. I recently put a chunky rosewood neck on it (love it). I am playing through a 65 Amps London 112 and also a Carr Rambler 112. I love the guitar, and I love my amps, however sometimes the strat is just TOO...
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    2 tone ash sunburst - need pickguard advice!

    I have a 50th anniversary standard strat, with the 2-tone sunburst Ash body. It has a 1 ply parchment guard and parchment covers and knobs. I am about to put a rosewood neck on it, and I am thinking about changing the color of the covers, guard, etc. I am leaning either towards mint green, or...
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    Boost for 65 Amps London

    I love my 65 London 112. I play a G0 LP and a 50th anniversary Strat though it. I have a bunch of OD pedals, but I am looking for a nice boost pedal to push the amp, because I like the amps natural tones more than any of my OD pedals. For recording, it was a dream because I could crank it as...
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    Original Ibanez AD-9 - Should I TB with Keeley?

    Howdy, I have an original Ibanez AD9 from the 80s. I was considering sending it to Keeley to have his Fidelity and True Bypass Mods done on it. Has anyone done this to the originals instead of the reissues? If so, what are your thoughts?
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    What kind of nut?

    I know this is probably a very basic 101 question, but I am having my first custom neck made for me by USACG, and searching for "nut" on here doesn't really work... Im having a rosewood board strat neck made for my ash bodied 50th anniversary strat...what is the best nut to get? I am...
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    USACG Neck and sanding

    Good morning. I just ordered a neck from Tommy over at USACG. First off, he was GREAT to work with over the phone and walked me through the entire process. I am very excited to get my neck! That being said, I am trying to decide what i want to do with the headstock. As of now, I am getting...
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    Fender Pickups

    So, I am buying a (late) xmas gift for a friend of mine. We are in a band together, and he needs to upgrade his pickups. He has an older Mexican Strat that needs a lot of work, but he loves the way it plays and doesnt have the budget to buy a better quality axe. I think with new pups and...
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    base plate for bridge pup

    I tried doing a quick search but didnt find what i was looking for... What does adding a base plate to a bridge pickup do?
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    Gotoh Locking Tuners

    What are peoples opinions on the locking Gotoh strat tuners? I am a little confused to how they work...I am currently using fender locking tuners ( but I am buying a new neck...
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    9.5 vs 10 radius

    I am figuring out all of the specs I want on a USACG neck. I am pretty set on the 9.5 radius, as all strats I have every owned had this, and Ive enjoyed it. I am tempted by the 10 inch radius it a noticeable difference?