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    JMI Buzzaround Limited 50 what's your opinion?.

    I would look at other options. I have a custom a Skinpimp Buzzaround that stopped my search. There are better Builders then JMI.For much cheaper price.
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    - what is the worst fuzz you've owned? -

    I really like fuzz,s could not bond with the fuzz factory at all.
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    Tone Bender MK1

    Skinpimp MK I. I have one and its nasty and cutting, I love it. One of my favorites.
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    Longest lasting pedal

    Boss CE 2 Chorus Japan
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    My pedals get FM radio..

    Mine get Am signals, mix are pedals together and we have an AM FM radio. :rotflmao On serious note fluorescent lights and tranformers nearby can cause this, I noticed that when I grab my guitar by the strings it get worse, you can help get rid of some the signals by shielding the pickups in your...
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    Epiphone Faded SG G400 Guitar Pickup suggestions?

    Gibson Classic '57's If you want it to be hotter in the bridge position. Get a 57 plus.
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    The Skin Pimp Tone Bender MKI is KILLER!

    I got another MK I , the one pictured in this post I had to sell when my Mom was dying of brain cancer, for a plane ticket to FLA. I swore I would get another , it has the same Graphic the Not of this Earth, and a trio of OC 84,s it, just minus the switch on top.Thanks to succor for making it...
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    The Best Rangemaster/Treble Booster Clone!

    I agree with you, with a Les Paul the Beano sounds just right, thats why I have a few different treble boosters I play Strats as well, the BSM HSM works like magic with my Strats. Amps play major a part in how a boost sounds.Different boosts for differrent setups.Life is good with more boosts :D
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    The Best Rangemaster/Treble Booster Clone!

    I have the following boosters the Pro Analogs are excellent, I also Like the BSM alot has an OC 44 , I had the Red Rooster and felt the Scott 60 covered the tones the Rooster had. Diaz has great range and lots of bite, this one does not have an OC 44,Beano with an NKT 275 is more subdued in tone...
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    revisiting the KR Gypsy Fuzz

    I have had the Gypsy Fuzz, for quite a dew years now and it never fails to amaze me. It one of the fuzz,s I just get so into my playing when I use it, it cleans up with a roll back on the volume control, every so sweetly. Used in conjunction with my Megavibe and I have Hendrix at Woodstock, Band...
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    Jetter Vibe - (univibe pedal)

    KR Mega Vibe nails the Hendrix and Trower tones. I also like the Effectrode Tube Vibe. Different flavor ,very clear and warm.
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    Metal Pedal! Metal Pedal!

    H&K Warp Factor.This pedal is made to be played through a clean amp . When I had a Fender Twin I used this pedal for some heavy metal distortion. They are fairly cheap and it,s worth the tryout. The plus side is you have the clean of a Fender twin and the distortion of a metal amp.
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    Nasty death metal pedal??

    Hughes & Kettner Warp Factor
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    Best spitty fuzz for a non fuzz guy?

    Peppermint Fuzz, will do chords with the volume control tuned is very spitty sounding.:barf
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    Where are Retro-Sonic pedals made??

    Handmade by Tim Larwell in Canada.Who stands by his work , and has outstanding customer service. Why would you believe anything On Harmony Central ? :jo
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    Absolute Best Delay Pedals PERIOD. Top 5!

    These are the one,s that float my boat. Skreddy Echo EP3 Echoplex Malekko 600 Dark DLS Echo Tap The Prisoner AD 80
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    Skin Pimp - FUZZ Pedals!

    I have an MK III with the Babydolls, Graphic bought it on the page., It, s one of the finest Fuzz,s I own bar none. It,s everthing I ever wanted in a Fuzz. It,s articulate ,nasty with lots of gain.I recently ordered a an MK II , I spoke to Ryan about it and he,s a great guy to talk to. After I...
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    What vibe are you using?

    KR MegaVibe love it with Fuzz. :aok
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    Skreddy Pig Mine: On the Eve of Production

    Xan, I found the same thing , in comparing the Pink Flesh And Mayo. could not have said it better. JHX
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    Skreddy Pig Mine: On the Eve of Production

    Marc, Is and has been a standup pedal maker, his fuzz,s are killer and the delay is nothing short of amazing.Answered al my emails.I keep them short, so not take up his important job of making us fine pedals. This he does not deserve. Hey Marc, I guess I wasn't smart enough to figure out...
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    Skreddy Echo? does it kill the DMM?

    Well asking if the Echo kill,s the DMM ?, there just very different. I have the Echo and it,s very musical. Iv,e used the DMM also and I like it.I like pedals for different flavors, but my Skreddy Echo is going to hang out with me for the duration.
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    New Skreddy pedal......

    I got the Skreddy Echo It,s incredible. Very musical, pedal.
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    any tonebender mkii pedals that clean up well??

    The D*A*M* MK II cleans up the best of any MK II I,ve used.
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    OK, got a Fuzzface, what's a good Muff-style fuzz?

    The Stress Effects clone is an excellent priced Big Muff clone. I also like the ICBM clone. I have a Ronsound modded NYC that balls to the walls. But one of my favorite,s despite of the cost, I got lucky I traded a lovepedal vibe, plus a few bucks for D*A*M Ram Head. I like all of the Skreddy...
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    Which Fuzz pedal do you like best???

    KR Gypsy Fuzz. . It has that vibe that keeps you entertained and you just forget how long youv,e been playing. .One of my favorites.