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    batteries vs. 1-spot

    It seems to me that it depends on how I power the pedals w/ the 1 spot. If I divide the power supplies between pedals that are almost allways on (delays,OD,) and the ones that aren't (wah,trem,ect.) the pedals act different as well. The power seems to obviously be more consistent.
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    Pedalboard complete *warning* Digitech Hardwire sex inside

    Just got a sc-2. I think it is the best I've heard in a long time. I Have a Echo Park thats warn out. What do you think of the Hardwire Delay?
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    The truth about tuners????

    Ernie Ball vol pedal.As mentioned before it has separate outs,I split the tuner out of my chain as well that way.I second the motion that your guitar will sound best going from guitar to amp and no pedals.I think there is a noticeable difference for sure.Lately I've been using vol-pedal,OD,Delay...
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    Which of these delays will both trail and self oscillate?

    Echo Park.I use it and for $89 it does it all IMO.
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    Favorite OD with a Tele and a clean amp?

    I use a Keeley Blues driver with my tele,into the Fender Blues Deluxe.I think it cleans up really nice with the volume pot,and has TON'S of tele bite at full volume.I've never heard of half the stuff a lot of people have mentioned.Doesn't mean it isn't good stuff though,might be better than what...
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    Keeley Blues Driver

    I got a Keeley modded Blues Driver today.It's pretty sweet.Works well with my rig.The phatt switch is equal to how I would use a polyphonic octave to 'fatten' up the tone.The pedal is really dynamic.Does exactly what it says it will do. You can get a sweet Hendrix-octa/fuzz tone from it.It has a...
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    Diaz Texas Ranger Treble Booster

    I just started using a Blackstar tube pedal that is a boost. I really like it. It was only $150.I think it sounds great with my Ac30.