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    Red, White, and True - new song from my band 45-70 Jury
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    A new song from my band - Sinners & Saints

    We have about 10 songs written and mostly recorded. This is the latest one finished:
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    Western Skies - intrumental
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    Some stuff I came up with while getting familar with recording with a DAW

    I needed to work on my recording skills and haven't played guitar in a while. No specific theme, spent about 2-3hours putting these together each in about two weeks. This is has an easy relaxed somewhat sad feel to it with Jazz, Blues, Rock influence. I think I did better job at recording with...
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    Issue with RP1000

    I am two days into owning an used RP1000 and I seem to be experiencing a bug or defect. When I am programming and saving patches on the unit itself, and saving them, it starts acting funny...throwing patch levels way off, sometime doing weird things with the assigned effects, and not lighting...
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    So I got a VS H2O, but are there trim pots to make adjustments?

    I love the way the chorus sounds clean, but it sounds really phasery with dirt to me. Is there some way to adjust that internally? I adjusted the controls everywhich way, but it either has a cocked wah sound with no width, or it starts to get phasery where it starts to sound good with my ears...
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    Anyone recieved their Roadhouse Sale E's?

    Anyone recieved their Roadhouse Sale E's from back in June? I sent Sean an email a couple of days ago, but no reply...
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    More tube questions - troubleshooting - 6L6 GC

    Ok, so I return a set of tubes that first started popping and blew a fuse. So I replace the fuse, and it keeps popping with these Sylvania 6L6 GC's. I take these tubes out and put in the Mesa 6L6 440's that were in thereplay for hours and hours no problem .Go back to ebay and buy the cheapest...
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    Just got a peavey ultra 60, and was playing :( now it won't

    Basically I know it's not a tube, because I put a different working one in each slot to test. Anyway, when I turn it on the power light comes on and I hear a transformer humming (the one on the right), and when I switch the standy on - nothing. Any ideas? Oh yeah, I heard a couple of quick pops...
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    Has anybody tried CryoValves

    in their amps? Just wondering what the benefit would be if any for Guitar amps?