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    First gig with the Amp1 tonight!

    Which Amp1 version did you use for that gig?
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    I have recently acquired both the Amp1 Iridium and the Mercury boards. Questions?

    Agreed. I have been happy with the Stomp/PS170 rig I've been using, but these seem to get rave reviews. I would need to combine it with the Stomp for effects etc. Thats why I'm waiting for more news on the Amp X.
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    I have recently acquired both the Amp1 Iridium and the Mercury boards. Questions?

    I really want to try one of these, probably the Iridium. Don't need the heaps of gain, but I like the low end tightness. Seems like you can lower the maximum gain range with some programming. Useful, so as not to always be in the "bright cap" zone with lower gain settings. The Amp X looks like...
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    Jimi’s old Marshall head: Comes w/ 3 letters of Authenticity- $250K

    Doesn't matter who buys it. UPS will still drop the damn thing.
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    Official Quad Cortex Owners Discussions

    Can someone chime in about the Univibe in the QC? How does it compare with the Helix or Fractal univibe? What parameters are adjustable? Thanks!
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    what speaker to mix with a g12h-75 creamback in an open back 2x12

    Ive tried a mix with the Creamback 65, and also Redbacks. I liked both pairings, but gave the slight edge to the Redback.
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    TC Electronics BAM200 class D bass head = Duncan Powerstage Killer?

    Does the BAM stay "clean" at high volumes? Or does it impart its own type of breakup?
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    Are you still using your MS3?

    Before I started using the HX stomp, I used the MS-3 as a multi effects with my tube amps in 4cm. It's great!
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    Are you still using your MS3?

    Yes. Ergonomically its perfect. And it has that 2nd press or "current number" functionality, which for me is indispensable with the HX stomp. has fantastic effects, should I need. But for right now, no signal passes thru the MS-3.
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    Are you still using your MS3?

    I am...but only as a midi controller for my HX stomp. ;)
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    My Bogner Bunch! Come on in, Bogner Lovers!

    You can get lower gain tones in Hot mode and keep the gain really low. It's not quite the same as the Plex input on the standard Helios. The Eclipse is definitely geared towards higher gain.
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    My Bogner Bunch! Come on in, Bogner Lovers!

    GF 90...interesting amp with a lot of very cool features, making it super versatile. Great classic rock overdrive. Fantastic cleans. Shiva 20th...closer to where I wanted to be. Tighter gain, and more gain. Signature Bogner low mids. Still fantastic cleans. Ecstasy 20th...for me, way better...
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    My Bogner Bunch! Come on in, Bogner Lovers!

    Had...Goldfinger 90, Shiva 20th Anniv, Ecstasy 20th Anniv, Helios 100. My current rig...Eclipse 100 with Custom Shop cabs. Love Bogner amps!!
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    Helix 3.1?

    My stomp does this too...every time I boot it up.
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    Celestion G12H Redback

    This is the mix I'm currently using too.
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    Helix 3.1?

    Don't know if this has been discussed already...will 3.1 provide 4 snapshots to the Stomp?
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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Thanks! Do you think you're leaning towards the ASC's because of the stereo effect? If you were running only 1 ASC, would the 2x12 win out?
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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Which setup do you like better? The ASC's or the 2x12 cab?
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    HX Stomp Owners- Is the lack of DSP limiting?

    I havent yet run out of DSP. And all my patches include the following: Wah>Univibe>Overdrive>Litigator (cleans)>Placater (dirty)>EQ>Chorus/Flanger>Delay. I dont use IR's, as I go out to a PS170 and guitar cab. However, my recording patches use the same chain but substitute a block for an IR...
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    Line 6 PowerCab 212 Plus

    Sounds great!
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    HX Stomp XL?

    Personally, the looks dont bother me at all...probably because I'm already a huge fan of the MS3. The only real reason I'm using my MS3 as a midi controller, is that one awesome function..."Current Number". Its crucial for me to have that 2nd press functionality. I can do any number of things...
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    ICEpower module under Temple board - will this work?

    Temple has a tiny amp module.
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    2021 HX Stomp rig challenge

    Here is my Stomp rig. MS-3 is only used as a midi controller for the Stomp. PS 170 usually powers a 4x12 or 2x12. Love it!