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    Adrenalinn 3 + POD HD 500 ?

    Hi, I just bought an ADIII and tried to hook it up to my POD HD500. Not as easy I thought. I had no good results trying to separate drums and effects from the ADIII, with heavily processed drums in the return loop or the Aux in of the POD. I've also been unable to set the POD as the midi clock...
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    Adrenalinn IV : any news ?

    Well, the ADIII is now 5 years old, with is really... old. Does someone have news about the future model ? Release date, specs, improvements... Thx
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    Bruno CT22 bias question

    Hi, I just retubed my wonderful CT/UG22 with a pair of matched Tung-Sol power tubes (6V6). I noticed a really major improvement in sound, but I was unable to find any bias pot. Is it really necessary to adjust the bias on this amp, and how ? Pics welcome. Thanks. PS I really dig this amp...
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    Little Wing on an UG30

    My humble take on this classic here Gear used is listed in my signature. Only the KR and TC were on.