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  1. wharris

    Veritas Portlander Build...

    Interested in the Veritas Portlander guitar. I’m thinking about a custom order, and would like some feedback on reccommended build materials. The guitar needs to be a good all around instrument. I say this to indicate that it wont be a “metal” guitar or a “jazz” guitar, or a “country” guitar...
  2. wharris

    What is the Best Modeler to Play While Wearing Jeans?

    I've been playing the Line 6 Helix. Anyone else have a different setup?
  3. wharris

    Doesn't Seem Like Much of a Deal to Me....

    Not sure if this is the correct place to put my little rant, but... I just recieved an email from PGS offering 20% off, so I go to the site. I'm not really in desperate need of anything right now, but I figure a nice discount will entice me to pick something up that I've been curious about...
  4. wharris

    Seattle Guitar Shops

    Heading to Seatlle for a few days. Can anyone suggest any guitar shops to seek out?
  5. wharris

    Which Amp for Oklahoma!

    I'm going to be in the pit for a run of Oklahoma! Using a Collings I-35 LC. Any suggestions for amps? Not sure if we will be mic'd or not (but I assume so). Choices are Tweed Twin, Boogie Mk III, Carol Ann OD3. Bringing a volume pedal, Diamond Comp, and probably a Klon or some other boost. Any...