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    Ibanez AD-80 Delay Users - Help

    hi! i got this vintage ad 80 delay the other day, and its sounds fantastic so far. but when you engage the pedal there is a really short but noticeable sound "drop out", maybe half a second. its long enough to make unusable for live work. is this "normal" or a defect? cheers
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    Psychedelic/Kraut/Stoner Rock

    we are a 3-piece from germany and this is our first demo. let us know what you think! thanks!
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    1962 Stratocaster neck with only 2 Patent numbers?

    hi, i have a (what seem to be a) Strat neck with a 62 Stamp on the neck but it has only 2 serial number instead of 3 on the headstock. were there such? i read that since 62' there have to be 3 patent numbers? cheers.
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    AMT - New Solid State "Tubes"

    check this out, interesting new concept:
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    Help me identify this guitar please...

    here is one for you: has been badly refinished two times. if i am right, the original finish was orange (!?)... thanks for some hints! [/list]
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    Help me identify this guitar "Allison" (Japan/Usa?)

    hi! i bought this for a few bucks yesterday. first i thought it was some 70/80ies japan branded guitar, but as i looked closer i wasn't so sure anymore. the tuners are groover USA, the pots don look like the japan ones from that era. the pickups have a patent applied for sticker, and look...
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    Tech 21 Character Pedals - V1 - V2 difference?

    short question: is the any difference in the main sound, besides that you can turn off the speaker sim?
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    Kemper - Rig pack 1 has been released discuss.
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    Two Notes Torpedo CAB (Amp & Cabsim Stompbox)

    just found this, i am surprised no one mentioned it here. seems like a unit a lot of you have been waiting for.
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    Kemper Metal - downtuned highgain riffs or whatever...

    i am not really a metal player, but i took out my baritone a long time since, let superiour drummer play a very simple beat and came up with three riffs. no big deal, just a few quick ideas. the profile is called "both worlds - steve". i modified it a bit. plus i added a ocatver from my line 6...
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    Kemper Forum online but i cant register so far...
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    Kemper Release delayed again...

    one of the german beta tester, who is in touch with kemper has been told, that the KPA will not ship like it is now. "the sofware is not acceptable and rather contraproductive." i may have consider the axe II again, since my unit arrives in 3 weeks at g66.
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    New Vox Modeling Amps
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    Zoom G3 + Redwirez mixIR = Awesome!

    got my G3 today, sold my axe ultra a few weeks ago and now waiting for the kemper. needed something quick to set up to play. paid 140 euros. this thing is so great! first of all the effects smoke the ones in my m9. the amp models are great and with the cabs turned off, using redwirez...
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    Scuffham S-Gear demo version question

    hi, a few weeks back i downloaded the demo version of scuffham amps. i tried it for about 5 minutes, just to see if it works properly. then went on vacation and forgot about it. now i am reading all the threads, how great this software is and i really want to give it an in depth try, but the...
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    Shortquestion: POD HD 2 Guitars Possible?

    hi, to the HD users: is it possible to run 2 guitars (2xAmps,2xCabs) at the same time, and pan one left one right? thanks!
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    Help me identify my (Fender?) Jazzbass

    hi ! i recently bought a jazz bass for a few bucks. the seller had no clue about guitars and he claimed he got it from a friend years ago. the neckplate is original for sure, from the 70ies. i have no idea about all the other parts. maybe its a mix from different brands? the body wear could...
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    Headphones for Axe fx or guitar modeling in general

    hi, i used to jam with some friends in my home studio which contains a electronic drum set, an axe fx and some vsts for bass and vocals. i have 3 pairs of beyerdynamic DT-770 pro, which sound awesome with drums,vocals or bass. but i find them to sound harsh and they have to much treble when...
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    Are these chinese fake Gibson copys?

    hi guys, i am in email contact with somebody who offers me some strange gibson guitars at a low price. he says that he bought them used too a few years ago and does not know if these are originals or not (claims he is not a guitar player just a collector). well, here are the pics, what do...
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    For the SG Specialists - Real or Fake?

    hi guys, i only have these 3 pictures, but i am hoping if you can help me and tell if its the real deal or a fake. what looks strange to me is that there is no split diamond only the "standard" decal. all pictures i have found about this model have the split diamond. thanks for help!
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    Preamps with decent bulit-in cabsim?

    can you name some rack-preamps with a good built in cabsim? what i have found so far is the engl 530 and the amt ss-10. cheers
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    A thought - Axe Fx sounds TOO perfect?!

    i own my axe fx for nearly a year now and i am amazed by it every day. but i am somehow missing something. i play a lot of stoner rock with my friends and if you are familiar with the genre, you know that there ist a lot of "dirt" in the sounds. by "dirt" i mean that raw sound of an miced...
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    Which is the best bass modeler to date?

    whats your opinion? i am looking for one to go direct to my interface > DAW. it should have cab sims. stompbox, multi effect board, rack - it doesn't matter. are there any unknown or new companies which products i may have missed out? and which of the well known do you prefer (tech 21, amt...
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    AMT Electronics - Modelers/Stompboxes

    I recently stumbled upon their website and found the product line and videos pretty awesome. anyone here owns a pedal? i would like to know how they compare to tech 21/axe fx/pod hd stuff. i already own a axe fx and a m9 but i am still looking for some nice simple amp + cab sim, for home...
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    Next-Gen Bass Modelers ?

    i am looking for a axe fx or pod hd thing - just for bass. are there other companies that sell something like the tech21 VT bass character pedal? i i mean amp+cab sim in one pedal? maybe some "underground" companies? are there any new products in the recent bass modeler world ive missed...