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    Ibanez AD-80 Delay Users - Help

    with its own power suppy. i guess its not the original though. the dry signal drops out.
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    Ibanez AD-80 Delay Users - Help

    thanks, actually i own it a bit longer (got it fur 30€). anyone know how to repair it or whats the cause?
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    Ibanez AD-80 Delay Users - Help

    hi! i got this vintage ad 80 delay the other day, and its sounds fantastic so far. but when you engage the pedal there is a really short but noticeable sound "drop out", maybe half a second. its long enough to make unusable for live work. is this "normal" or a defect? cheers
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    Character pedal vs G3 vs POD 2.0 vs ?

    the pure amps sounds from the character pedals are as good as kemper and axe fx. i own(ed) all.
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    Psychedelic/Kraut/Stoner Rock

    we are a 3-piece from germany and this is our first demo. let us know what you think! thanks!
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    NAMM predictions ?

    orange has something in the works too, maybe modeling related:
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    NAMM predictions ?

    i hope for a line 6 m9 mk.II
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    The First Virtual Online Band Practice

    i sent 2 emails and never heard back from you...
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    Hooked on the M9

    tell me more about the "hubbub" of a strymon multi-fx!
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    1962 Stratocaster neck with only 2 Patent numbers?

    hi, i have a (what seem to be a) Strat neck with a 62 Stamp on the neck but it has only 2 serial number instead of 3 on the headstock. were there such? i read that since 62' there have to be 3 patent numbers? cheers.
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    AMT - New Solid State "Tubes"

    check this out, interesting new concept:
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    is Cliff from Axe/f x going to do an all floor unit all self contained

    i would buy fractal audios take one a "line 6 m9" kinda unit!
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    Line 6 back to school product speculation

    the new M-series would be cool
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    Tron and Bass Octave on M9 - vs. "real" pedals

    i also loved the bass octaver, for me it was the best octaver since. i tried the EBS octaver, from which the bass octaver was modeled after, but it did not track as good. i tried nearly every octaver which is around nowadys and the best one it the t-rex octavius. it sounds alive like an analog...
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    Help me identify this guitar please...

    i just removed the pickups, they say "made in west germany"....
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    Help me identify this guitar please...

    here is one for you: has been badly refinished two times. if i am right, the original finish was orange (!?)... thanks for some hints! [/list]
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    Help me identify this guitar "Allison" (Japan/Usa?)

    hi! i bought this for a few bucks yesterday. first i thought it was some 70/80ies japan branded guitar, but as i looked closer i wasn't so sure anymore. the tuners are groover USA, the pots don look like the japan ones from that era. the pickups have a patent applied for sticker, and look...
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    What's the best mfx under $1000?

    can't say it often enough: tech21 character pedals
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    Tech 21 Character Pedals - V1 - V2 difference?

    short question: is the any difference in the main sound, besides that you can turn off the speaker sim?
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    Kemper - Rig pack 1 has been released

    read the pdf. file...
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    Kemper - Rig pack 1 has been released

    very nice low end definition. if you roll down the gain on the jcm800 profiles and add a tubescreamer ("real" one)...GREAT sounds!
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    Kemper - Rig pack 1 has been released discuss.
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    zoom g3 direct into digital recorder

    try to add some room reverb