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    If you had a evh frankie

    would you play out with it? Me i say yes what the hell but the drummer says no its too 80's.He thinks everything will sound like Vh.:rotflmao
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    Help date a es-335 tdc

    Ever see a cherry guitar turn gold? A friend of mine claims this is a 1966 serial#9804XX can't find no info
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    RS Guitarworks upgrade?

    I have a early 80's Burny Les Paul custom and i'm looking to upgrade the pots.Its an all mahogony body with no maple cap.What would be the best kit for this guitar? short shaft,long shaft,modern,vintage.I'd like to get a pre-wired kit also.And do these really make the guitar sound warmer more...
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    I need you back Hey its only R&R:crazy
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    tsl 100 help

    i have a tsl 100 w/el34s and one of the tubes is starting to get real red and the transformer is getting real hot and my question is the tubes out of bias,bad tube,bad transformer?I've had the amp about a year with no problem,its never cut out and seems to be the same volume as when i first got...
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    Eric Johnson strats

    I'm thinking about getting a EJ strat but there is no place around that has one to try and my question is why is everbody dumping theirs?Is there something wrong with these guitars?:confused: I just see alot guys on TGP buy or trade and next thing you know they have it up for sale.
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    Captian Coconut 2

    I know they stop making these but $700 come on don't you think people are getting a little out of hand on this price? I don't know maybe its just me but i always wanted one now i can just dream.:o