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    Kenny Wayne Shepherd gives props to Analogman, Dunlop and Hermida

    Has anybody noticed this Guitar Center Sessions interview? Pretty cool.
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    Pedal to simulate bass lines?

    What's are some good pedals to simulate a bass while playing guitar?
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    Lovepedal BBB which version?

    I just picked this up in the emporium. The seller isn't sure but does anyone know, from the pic, if this is the Lovepedal BBB07? Or is it an earlier incarnation? Just curious as to which version it might be. Thanks!
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    using batteries with effects

    I was messing around tonight and discovered that batteries make my Clyde wah and MJM Blues Devil sound better than the One Spot adaptor I had been using. The wah had more high end and the sweep was more full. Using a battery with the Blues Devil made it sound a bit more toneful as well. Why is...
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    Fulltone OCD vs Gaspedals Carb

    I'm really interested in purchasing one of these two OD's and was wondering which of these two pedals most TGP members prefer. They're both supposed to be amp-like and clean up well with the volume knob. They also seem to cover somewhat similar ground tonally. For people who have owned and...