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    Anyone else digging the new retro-wreck amp?

    Sounds fantastic and now no more need to hope for steady somewhat clean power while at gigs!!! lFPPLJe5vdg Plus Lance is a killer player as well to really show what the amp can do, can't wait to try one!!
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    Ed Degenaro! Amps again for your last disk?

    What were you using during Matt's Bible camp? The bloom and sustain in those slow parts are off the charts. I know you had some axefx in there, not sure if it was used for Bible camp. Did you finish that backing track thing you were talking about as well?
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    Have a Soloway Swan to demo, I LOVE it.

    H229 Swamp Ash Classic 1 piece Swamp Ash top 1 piece chambered Swamp Ash body Maple neck Pau Ferro Fretboard DiMarzio Swantone pups Ebony trussrod cover with MOP logo. I was lucky to get onto the list for the Swan traveling demo tour, thanks to Ed Degenaro, as I always wanted some quality...
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    Anyone have Flying Angus's XTC reamp clip??

    I lost it due to fat fingering while doing some disk clean up, anyone have that sexified Angus's throw down using his XTC for the axe-fx reamp experiment?? Thanks!
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    Can you guys handle one more POD Clip????

    Thought that since we have been debating several units and Peter has hosted some smoking clips showing us all that the user is a HUGE key to making a modeler sound great here is a smoking player using a POD....... Player is Warren aka...
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    New Marshall hardwood headshell from MC Custom Cabs

    The main wood is native to Australia called Jarrah and the front panel is flame maple and wedge for the pinstripes, Brad who is the owner of MC Custom Cabinets layed out many options that I had and sent pictures of the wood that he had in stock. The Jarrah is a very hard wood so no worries...
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    Mint do you know?

    Dead serious, just looked at a relic being spammed and the condition is how do you know? I could kick that guitar around and say mint and who would know?? " Man this relic has more relic on it than stock!!!"