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  1. buzzmo

    Best shop to buy a Matchless from online?

    I'm looking to buy a Matchless (HC-30 most likely), but since there are no Matchless dealers near me (US: Arizona), I was going to order one online. I went through the dealer list on Matchless' site and the only ones I could find that seemed to have an HC-30 in stock were NashVegas Guitars and...
  2. buzzmo

    3-button footswitch for Universal Audio OX Box?

    Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but my search was inconclusive... I'd like to add a 3-button footswitch to my UA OX, but I'm not entirely sure which one(s) would work. Would anyone be able to recommend one? Thanks in advance.
  3. buzzmo

    30th Anniversary Marshall Head — tonal equivalent?

    I have always loved Ty Tabor's tone on Ear Candy by King's X. He used a 30th Anniversary Marshall head (the early blue Tolex model). I've looked at maybe acquiring one, but I've also read about various issues with its design. So, is there an equivalent amp? I.e., that sounds the same but is a...
  4. buzzmo

    Who is this guitarist?

    This is the latest AMS catalog. I don't see this player's name anywhere inside. Does anyone know who they are? (I'm anticipating this is someone really famous and I am just out of touch.)
  5. buzzmo

    NGD: 2014 Suhr Classic T Antique

    This is a 2014 Suhr Classic T Antique with a roasted maple neck that I found at Reverb a while back and put on my Watch List. I finally capitulated, and it arrived about a week ago. I would not normally buy a guitar sight-unseen, but, hey, COVID. Plus, I already own a Classic S, so I know the...
  6. buzzmo

    Please help me find this guitar strap

    This is a longshot, and is purely a nostalgia thing for a friend of mine, but... anyone have any idea where I can find this guitar strap? Wondering if it's some common, cheapie strap. This pic is from about 1992 if that helps. Thanks!
  7. buzzmo

    Does any luthier (besides Fender) make Andy Summers telecaster replicas?

    Just curious. I feel like you can order a Gimour "the black strat" replica from a number of outfits, but the same doesn't seem to be true of Andy Summers teles — other than the $8k+ ones that Fender made. Am I just missing them? Or is Summers' guitar just not as iconic? Or too weird? (Aside: I...
  8. buzzmo

    Trying to contact Voodoo Lab to no avail

    My Superfuzz went south. I sent an email to Voodoo Lab's support address and it's been radio silence for a month or two. I tried posting on their forum, but my post has been sitting limbo for weeks because no mods have approved it. I tried their Twitter account, and, again, nothing. I can...
  9. buzzmo

    Recommend a good guitar tech in Phoenix, AZ or vicinity

    Looking to replace the pickups, tuners, and move a strap button on an old guitar of mine and am seeking a good person to do the work. I did a search here and found a previous thread about this from years back, but many of the shops mentioend have either closed or changed hands, etc. Thanks in...
  10. buzzmo

    How do you choose a guitar to buy?

    Just idle curiosity... when you're preparing to purchase a guitar, do you typically have a specific type of guitar in mind first and then seek it out, or do you just play as many guitars as you can and then buy whatever happens to really connect with you?
  11. buzzmo

    Recommend me some light, locking tuners

    This is a 1980 Gibson Professional. These Schallers have been on it probably since the mid-'80s and have seen better days. I'm looking to replace them with locking tuners, preferably ones that are as light as possible, as the guitar currently is a little neck-heavy.* If this can be done with no...
  12. buzzmo

    Recommend a budget bass to buy online, sight unseen

    If you were going to buy a budget bass online, and thus be unable to play before you buy, which bass would you feel most comfortable buying? I'm asking as a guitarist looking for a reasonably-priced bass to purchase for home recording purposes only. I had been about ready to go try a bunch of...
  13. buzzmo

    Please help me diagnose this hum

    Problem: a nasty hum when I have my guitar plugged into my audio interface. It will go away (or significantly diminish) if I touch the guitar strings, the cable jacks, or even the body of the interface. Same problem regardless of guitar, cable, or interface I use. It also doesn't seem to care...
  14. buzzmo

    Replacement knobs for a big-box DMM?

    I recently bought a 00's-era EHX Deluxe Memory Man. The original knobs were replaced, and while the replacements look nice, they are very obviously not original. Is there someplace I can get replacement knobs that match the typical EHX DMM style? Advice is appreciated.
  15. buzzmo

    Which type of 3M Dual Lock should I use for my board?

    On the left is Low-Profile TB4575 I bought off Amazon. On the right is Pedal Board Tape I got from a gear manufacturer. Which should I use? Can I mix them? Should I mix them?
  16. buzzmo

    Power: CIOKS vs GigRig

    Looking to power a small-ish pedalboard, maybe 5-6 pedals; still concept-ing, but assume a Timeline, possibly a RevivialDrive (the big one), and a couple of analog fuzzes and modulations. I have drunk deep of the Dan/TPS kool-aid, but I see nothing but ringing endorsements here for the CIOKS...
  17. buzzmo

    Did I just blow the mains fuse on my SL67?

    I was playing it and the sound slowly died away and now the power indicator will not light up ad it does not seem to power on. Here's a screenshot of the mains fuse: Is this blown? And is that all that's...
  18. buzzmo

    Ceriatone: what/how do you order when you order them?

    I'm looking at a few Ceriatone models, and I'm wondering whether it's better to order them sans tubes and choose your own, or are the tubes they provide basically good enough? And what about transformers? Better to get your own or no? For sake of argument, let's not consider shipping costs. I...
  19. buzzmo

    Chad Taylor's sounds on LIVE's "Throwing Copper"

    I've been listening to this album again given the recent reissue/anniversary and was reminded how huge Taylor's guitar sounds are. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time finding any info about what effects (in particular) he used on that album. I've read that it was a three amp setup and that...
  20. buzzmo

    My first pedalboard: go nuts or start with a "trainer"?

    Someday soon I'll be building my first pedalboard. I was not a pedal guy until recently and mostly relied on my Line6 M13 (which I still like), but now I have a pretty nice bunch of pedals that I'd like to have on a pedalboard so I'm not plugging things in from scratch all the time. In my...
  21. buzzmo

    Buy a Hi-Tone or a genuine, vintage Hiwatt?

    I've been jonesing for a Hiwatt-style amp, and have my eye on the Hi-Tone HT50 DG. But the vintage Hiwatt DR504s I'm seeing on Reverb are in roughly the same ballpark, price-wise, so I'm also thinking of maybe just getting the real deal. OTOH, a new Hi-Tone would be, well, new. No need for...
  22. buzzmo

    What is your current gigging amp solution? Why?

    Out of idle curiosity about how folks gig these days and what venues tolerate... What are you using amp-wise for live shows? You're welcome to provide gear details if you want, but mostly I'm trying to get an idea of general trends, i.e., are folks still using amps — and if so how large — or...
  23. buzzmo

    Feel like starting over: recommend refresher courses

    I’m feeling like I could use a refresher course, I.e., my playing overall has slumped to a point where I think relearning things like a beginner could be beneficial. So, if you were going to do that, what resources would you turn to? Books, videos, in-person tutelage... anything you want to...
  24. buzzmo

    Longamp Roxanne vs Mooer Eleclady/E-Lady

    tl;dr — I chose the Lonagmp. I've owned a Longamp Roxanne for a few months now but noticed that Dan from TPS was leaning on his Mooer Eleclady quite a bit lately. They're inexpensive enough that I figured I'd try one out. I compared them pretty casually using a strat and a Gries 5 (essentially...
  25. buzzmo

    NAD: Gries 5

    UPS dropped off my new Gries 5 a few hours ago, and this thing is wonderful. 5 watts, one 6v6, and an Eminence Alessanrdo GA-SC64. Beautiful, full, Blackface cleans and a nice bit of grind when you kick in the Gain control. It's loud as hell, but can still be dimed without killing small animals...