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    Don Williams RIP

    Not only a great songwriter, but I wish I had a voice like that. I have to remember to listen to songs like these.
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    Should I buy a second acoustic ? (NGD...updated with pics!)

    When i got older, I got rid of the dreadnoughts. Just hard too play and put a hurting on my shoulders and neck. It took me forever to figure out a "best fit" for me. I need a short scale in an OOO or OM size with a modified V neck with some space at the nut and near the bridge. I have been...
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    Steel wool

    There is some serious concerns about using any type of tape on the vintage and/or customers guitars. Imagine pulled some tape up and the vintage finish pulled off along with the tape. Yikes. A trick to try is taking pieces of tape and stick it to your shirt or polishing cloths several times...
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    Am I the only one who has no desire to play acoustic?

    I play both, after a fashion. I find myself going for different phases. I usually try to play acoustic at least 20 minutes a day when I'm focused on my electrics. I really like playing and singing my acoustics. Of course the only thing worse than my guitar playing is my singing. Go figure.
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    the greatest acoustic guitar songs of all times........

    Very fond of Dave Van Ronk playing and singing.
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    posting photos?

    Well, darn. Good to know. Thanks.
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    Looking for hollowbody suggestions!

    Johnny A Custom.
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    posting photos?

    I use Google Photos.
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    5E3 by B COX! Any info about him

    I just responded to the other you just posted. If I remember right, Brian was from the East Coast, maybe Maryland. The family ended up shutting down the web site when he pasted away. There wasn't anybody to take over the business.
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    Brian Cox: any ideas?

    I bought a Cox Amp in Dec. 2012. Mine was a "Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Classic" model. If I remember there were 3 different models, yours the top end version. If I remember he dies from brain cancer in the spring of 2013. I paid about $850 new. I replaced the "Classic" Jensen reissue speaker with a...
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    Gibson R8/Collings I-35 LC Quandry. Advice needed

    I guess I've been really lucky with 3 Les Paul Reissues because they have been perfect. I have owned several Collings electrics that are everything people expect, including a I-35 LC. Currently, have a City Limits. This really boils down to whether or not you want to own a semi-hollow versus...
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    Chambered Historic Les Pauls

    I own a Gibson CR9 Les Paul and a Gibson CR4 Les Paul. These were both part of the 10th anniversary "Benchmark Limited Runs" that Wildwood, Dave's and Music Zoo had in 2014. Awesome guitars. Perfect for me. Play, sound and look just what I wanted. There is a web site with a lot of info...
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    the most Psychedelic recordings of all times .......

    Steppenwolf Big Brother and the Holding Company Spooky Tooth Moby Grape Spirit Vanilla Fudge King Crimson
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    Band Cameos in Films

    Buffalo Springfield from a episode of the Mannix. ""
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    Greatest Guitar solo of all time? I say it's not Page, May..etc

    Michael Bloomfield - Electric Flag - Another Country Terry Haggerty - The Sons of Champlin - Freedom Lowell George - Little Feat - pretty much the entire catalog
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    Sexy Women that can Sing and ....

    Eva Cassidy.
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    I want to add a new guitar to my stable

    I had a Collings 290 with mini-humbuckers that looked, played and sounded great. Definitely something different sounding.
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    I want to add a new guitar to my stable

    Maybe a Gretsch Panther or something with 90s.
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    What was your first electric guitar?

    Gibson ES120T from somewhere around the mid 60's.
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    Les Paul with belly cut

    Collings City Limits.
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    Princeton "Fudge Brownie" Limited Edition - thoughts?

    I really don't like the Princeton with a 12" speaker. Just doesn't sound like a Princeton anymore. I just picked up my second PRRI with the thought of modding it a bit. The thing that struck me right away was how good my old one sounds compared to the new one. As others have pointed out...
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    The Most Intoxicating Female Voices?

    Karla Bonoff Nicolette Larson Carly Simon