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    Boss CE-2 vs Boss DC-2 Dimension C

    Let us give praise to Steve Stevens direct into a board with Flesh.
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    Diezel Amps

    Camcorder and have you ever been to NAMM?
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    I Played Every High End, High Gain Head I Ever Wanted Yesterday and I Realized...

    Again......................your telling me nobody in the recording business knows about these knock-offs that are so amazing in the high gain arena? Just this little knitting circle? Please..............................
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    I Played Every High End, High Gain Head I Ever Wanted Yesterday and I Realized...

    ...and IMO this lesser this and that is the funniest crap I have read tonight IMO :rotflmao:D:crazyguy So if Howie did it soooooooooooooooooooo much better name one high gain masterpiece out there in the hard rock catagory. Mesa and their lesser junk owned parts of the 80s and the 90s, what...
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    Carol Ann or Two Rock

    Cannot go wrong with either, both have great amps out there. What do you play? The TR Snider model has me sweating hard.
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    What amp should Marshall build next?

    No contest...................... Yngwie model exactly like his 72 50 watter down to the turret board.
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    EVH = Bassman jacked into a Plexi?

    Chasing the dragon, you nailed it right there. To play a plexi after living on high gain amps is a humbling experience and to try to nail EVH while fighting the whole time................forget about it. PLaying a plexi and playing it well is one of the toughest things that I try and do...
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    EVH = Bassman jacked into a Plexi?

    Probably the greatest amp picture posted on TGP.
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    EVH = Bassman jacked into a Plexi?

    This coming from Tag's right hand man??? Falling for a trap?!?!?!?!? Oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rotflmao:bonk:crazyguy:D:rotflmao What are you doing in a legendary marshall tone thread for anyways? I think Pete called it earlier ;)
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    EVH = Bassman jacked into a Plexi?

    For some people's tone that is very true, there has been old flangers used, echplexs. etc that added line boost into the front end of marshalls. Not aware that Ed did that for the sole purpose.
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    EVH = Bassman jacked into a Plexi?

    and have Tag and NFB tell us if it is turret, pcb, or gooped formica :rotflmao:D
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    Thank You Steve Snider and Two Rock

    Tomorrow is the day that the earth may stand still, an event that has children lay pedals before myself as I bring the Gomez out to the digi deck holding the possible grail and laying it upon an Aiken 4x12 with well weathered greenies. No vai'isms, h3000s, but a chord and yngwie partscaster as...
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    Thank You Steve Snider and Two Rock

    A thread with Mentoneman's musings can never die, it should be nutured, will make you proud!
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    canadian amps. Hidden gems. what are they? Mike is doing things that are setting new levels of headroom and clairity and his work is HIS work.
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    Thank You Steve Snider and Two Rock

    A red barchetta moment with Mentoneman, pulling up hand nailed leather louge chairs towards the fire to listen to aged wisdom. I ever tell you about the time I was hanging with Rick James and his band in Sag Harbour in the hamptons in the 80s? Between the jerry curl and columbian harvest I...
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    Thank You Steve Snider and Two Rock

    I was think more in the lines of Ladies Night in Buffalo, slinky right wrist action and then bringing the heat using Eventide Vai patch #287 :JAM
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    Thank You Steve Snider and Two Rock

    In a nutshell.................. While others chase what is RIGHT NOW Snider and Pat maintain the archives of historic pieces that broke grounds and have been long forgotten but for pressed petrolium laying in the back of people's collections. To read Pat waxing poetic about H3000s and...
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    Thank You Steve Snider and Two Rock

    A dash of vintage Roland Space Echo, a pinch of Lexicon room, and Pat's Tyler will bring an audio assult upon the masses that will make TR have to weld the chassis to the headshell to protect the divine sum of all parts. Kidding aside if I had ever had that "one chance" Pat would be my...
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    Thank You Steve Snider and Two Rock

    The Knights Templar of tone Mentoneman and I were speaking of this amp the other day via RT, never have words of praise and admiratiom so easily flowed from the sage of all that is historic tone and legends of the stage while describing his lust for this amp and his undying respect for the one...
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    dumbleize my Fender Concert

    All the knock-offs seem to use Vox speaker cloth on the fronts of the headshell, this may be something to further look into.
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    Lets Do It Again! The Best High Gain Head...

    Clips of this I must hear. The just released Fortin Natas is going to make heads spin, hoping to get mine in January. Think of VHT and Larry on steroids.
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    Anyone else digging the new retro-wreck amp?

    I would have thought the video was good enough? Sounded very good, what else do you need to know?
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    what is it in handwiring?

    Designing a turret board based amp is easier than laying out your own pcb board and getting it manufactured as well, you can pick up quality turret boards at many dealers. Not so with pcb hense the reason lots of guys use turret. Tag knows tone but would not take up John Suhr on his challenge...
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    What I find about most high gain type amps

    Most marshall based amps shine at louder volumes but the SLO imo has to be brought up to get any goods. Teles do sound like teles with highgain, if you can't hear that I am not sure what else you can do.
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    Is 5 watts enough for a stage?

    No unless your drummer is playing air drums.