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  1. modernp

    Why not your own sound

    I see threads all the time of how do I get this certain artists tone. I approached it from the beginning of having my own tone.
  2. modernp

    Friedman warehouse burns down

    Anyone heard about this?
  3. modernp

    Fender dis1

    Anyone know anything about this or have one.
  4. modernp

    First gig using the boss ms3

    Went off pretty flawlessly. Using three overdrives in the loops and using the second channel on the amp for leads. I had one bank set up for each set. All in all it was very easy nite.
  5. modernp

    Have you ever played a dead guitar?

    All of my guitars when I bought them I held them by the headstock with two fingers. I then plucked the b string and if I could feel it vibrate I knew I had a lively guitar. If not back on the wall. Any other tricks you guys use?
  6. modernp

    Smallest board has been in a while.
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  8. modernp

    Ear fatigue.

    Does any one else think your tone gets worse the longer you play.
  9. modernp

    Boss ms3

    I can see why this thing is getting rave reviews. Just got it today took me about an hour to download the driver and get the librarian up and running and do all the cable connections. Very simple to program from the computer. Effects just getting familiar with but what I hear they seem to be...
  10. modernp

    Pedal board controllers

    What are you guys using to loop your pedals together? Lots of options out there. I only have one midi pedal. Thanks
  11. modernp

    How did we find answers as musicians before the internet?

    When I first started playing I used to have a notebook with all the shows I had seen. In it was what was the guitar player using for effects, amp, guitar etc. Lots of times it was the same old things because back then there wasn't much. Come on old guys what were your secrets?
  12. modernp

    Any fans of the mesa f series amps?

    I bought an f30 a while ago. Really liked the cleans from the begining, hot side not Soo much. Went with a 12ay7 in stage one crazy difference. Combined with the Friedman golden pearl it is one of the best lead tones I have ever had. Any other f series users?
  13. modernp

    Friedman golden pearl

    Just showed up first impression stellar. Using it with a mesa f30 clean side fairly clean, using the gp to push it just to the edge of break up, great blues tone. The pedal just works with all my other drives and turns the lead channel on the amp to a very very good lead channel. So far so good.
  14. modernp

    Any boomerang chorus/delay users?

    It has been on my board for almost 12 years now. Have tried many others but none has replaced it. To my ears it's about as perfect as it gets.
  15. modernp

    mxr 5150

    Had a chance to use this thing for a while now. I think it is one of their best pedals yet. If you like the Eddie tone with even more note distinction you will love this. Not a one trick pony lots of really good tones in this thing. I have used a super crunch box for years and this might bump it.
  16. modernp

    Tom Anderson classic strat

    Picked up a 2005 from elderly instruments. Great guitar plays like no other. It's in cherry burst sorry no pics as of yet. Has the original va's in it. Very 63ish sounding. The neck is maple with jumbo stainless frets. All in all definitely a keeper. Couple of my fenders are probably going down...
  17. modernp

    Dan Electro pride of Texas

    This pedal does what the name says in spades. If your looking for the Vaughn tone or Eric Johnson you will not be disappointed. I think their billionaire series should definitely be checked out. Cheers
  18. modernp

    Is there a better guitar for the money than the classic vibe series.

    I have two a 60's strat and a 50's tele and realistically those get way more play time than my more expensive stuff. Granted i have upgraded the pups and electronics in both but they really do play well.
  19. modernp

    mesa boogie f30

    Picked up this combo last week. As far as cleans go its way up there in the boogie family. Very close to a great blackface sound. The hot side is recto all the way. And it has an additional boost to that channel called contour. Plenty of snort on tap have not explored all the tones on this side...
  20. modernp

    Barbers new fuzz

    Well Dave has done it again. A monster fuzz in a small enclosure. The tweakability is endless,note definition is worth the price alone. Thanks Dave for another great pedal.
  21. modernp

    Has anyone came up with an original circuit in a while?

    I listen to all these demos of the latest greatest stuff and you know what I have heard it before. I don't think the makers have really came up with anything original in quite a long time. Just saying.
  22. modernp

    Barber tone pump

    I borrowed mine to a friend and just got it back after 3 years. Man does that thing sound stellar now especially thru the Malin ODS klone. Stacked with the Gain Changer it just rips. Welcome home.
  23. modernp

    Michael Kelly Forte Port X

    Picked one of these up because of a locked up truss rod on an acoustic I used quite regularly. First impression beautiful instrument with no flaws that I can detect. Did have to give the neck some relief to get it playing great. The front port is offset and there is another port on the top of...
  24. modernp

    Sparkle drive

    Does any one appreciate this pedal as much as I do. Have been using it for gosh maybe 15 years or maybe a little less. Does the light od stuff in spades.
  25. modernp

    Fender Champion 40

    I bought this thing just for a small practice amp for my living room. The tone was average at best. Today i took an old eminence with the fender logo on it and threw it in there. Night and day to what it was before. The reverb,chorus and delays are very useable, but the biggest difference was...