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    80s V847 Wah

    Guys...appreciate if you can give any information on an 80s V847 Wah. Dont really have much experience with Vox wahs before. Is it a quaky kind of tone? Throaty maybe? Appreciate any info I can get. Thanks!
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    King Bee Guitar

    Hi guys... Louis from King Bee Guitar is kind enough to update the development of the guitar I ordered from him in his blog. Its under "Building the Perfect Beast". Thought I share with you guys since this is an exciting project for both myself and Louis. Let me know what you guys think...
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    From Lafayette, LA

    Hi guys... Just wanna introduce myself. I am actually from Malaysia but currently being transferred here in Lafayette to work in the oilfield with my company. Seeing A LOT of interesting topics and the classifieds section is giving me GAS! Regards, Is