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  1. jb4674

    Mesa Boogie Triaxis Buttons don't respond

    I was asking about how much you paid for the Triaxis, not the IC.
  2. jb4674

    How do shipping companies manage to bend rack ears?

    Don't use a vise grip. Go buy a C-Clamp at home depot and that'll do a nicer job. I bought a vintage unit and it was damaged because the seller didn't do a good job packing it. I used my C-Clamp with a towel and as I was turning the clamp piece, the ear was straightening quite nicely.
  3. jb4674

    Switcher that momentarily mutes? (Pop blocking)

    This. The click stopper is good and the changes from preset to preset are so quick that you don't notice a change from one patch to another.
  4. jb4674

    Mixer for pyschotic rack rig

    I agree. In a rack it won't matter much because your cable length won't be long.
  5. jb4674

    Mixer for pyschotic rack rig

    I asked Ron that question and he told me they weren't going that route. Ron additionally said the way the new pbc works is not like the switchblade in some regards. Ron is a great guy but the matrix thing isn't his area of expertise.
  6. jb4674

    Building a blues board...what am I missing?

    All you need is a BD-2, TS-9 and a delay pedal of your choice. Something as simple as playing the blues doesn't need to get complicated and requires more of a heartache to get the notes flowing instead of an overcomplicated pedalboard.
  7. jb4674

    Eventide Timefactor Aint Talkin Bout Love Settings?

    You're going to need a lot more than the TF to get that sound.
  8. jb4674

    Does Korg SDD 3000 require a mixer?

    Not all amps like delays in front of them.
  9. jb4674

    Mesa Boogie Triaxis Buttons don't respond

    Glad you got it solved. Where was the IC in question? Also, how much did you pay for your? What version is it?
  10. jb4674

    Show your most features in smallest possible space -racks

    Dude, you realize you have over $40K worth of equipment in that picture alone? :D
  11. jb4674

    Mixer for pyschotic rack rig

    While I realize that there isn't a market for matrix switchers for guitar rigs anymore, there ought to be a company that comes up with a better product than the switchblade. Said product should be flexible enough to allow for expansion, have tons of headroom so older units that run at line...
  12. jb4674

    Mesa 2:90 vs Simul 395

    Buy both.
  13. jb4674

    NRD: Lexicon PCM81

    Looks nice and it also looks like you live in my neck of the woods as well! PM me if you have questions about it, as I own one as well.
  14. jb4674

    Good and cheap solutions for Mesa power amp mode switching?

    Wait, are you guys suggesting the modes on the Mesa power amps can be triggered with ANY preamp, not just the Triaxis? The reason I ask is because my 2:100 has a "Modern" setting that can be triggered but wasn't sure if that could be achieved with something like a Boss GT-Pro or Eleven Rack.
  15. jb4674

    Silly question... balancing rack on cabinet?

    I put an Auralex Gramma V1 and it worked fine. If your cab is a straight cab instead of an angled one, you'll have a larger surface to put a rack on top.
  16. jb4674

    Rack Wahs, what are you getting for the $$$?

    Can it be controlled via an expression pedal through a midi connection?
  17. jb4674

    Chorus pedals: Retro-Sonic Chorus, Boss Waza Craft CE-2w, Providence Anadime or Analogman Bi-Chorus

    A new contender has surfaced..... I'd get an H9 and use the TSC algo.
  18. jb4674

    Advice regarding home studio/media setup.

    I was doing something similar a while back in my room. Although it wasn't to have audio content from a tv source, I had my monitors (M-Audio BX8a Deluxe) using both TRS and XLR inputs. One input was connected to my interface while the other input was connected to my mixer. At my desk, I had...
  19. jb4674

    Mixer for pyschotic rack rig

    6 aux sends is not enough. Just saying....
  20. jb4674

    Replacement multi-effects rack unit?

    Get an Eventide Eclipse.
  21. jb4674

    Timefactor users: share your wisdom on high gain leads
  22. jb4674

    Best versatile, multi-channel high gain preamp?

    One of the things I don't like about the Synergy is the fact that you can only load up to two preamps in the SYN2. At $799 for the empty module and $399 for a single module, you're already at $1597 for the module and two preamps. For that price, you can buy a used Marshall JVM410 and have...
  23. jb4674

    Practice space: desks or workstations-->what are you using?

    I have the same desk in cherry and it has tons of room. I recently replaced my 3x24" monitors with a single 49" monitor and it works well. My custom built pc is on one side and I have unused rack units on the other side.
  24. jb4674

    Studio monitors for axe fx 3, can’t decide!

    Go buy a pair of used M-Audio BX8A Deluxe monitors and you should be ok. You don't need high end monitors to jam with a processor, no matter what the scientists or even the manual tells you.

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