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  1. aaland_brian

    D*mn Centura

    Does everyone on TGP epoxy pedals in their board. Have the centura on the board one week the OD's the next. Or now this may confuse people, if your pedal board or gig bag have a pouch, keep the centura in there and set it up on the floor as needed.
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  3. aaland_brian

    Build a Fender Ultra Precision?

    You forgot the case, new bases come with a case that costs $220. You might get a used one shipped for $150 if your lucky. Both posters are not off on our math, you are not reading our posts. The only way you come out ahead is if you wanted a neck and unloaded body to use non fender hardware and...
  4. aaland_brian

    Build a Fender Ultra Precision?

    Your missing the fact you are buying a used bass. On top of that it is not a serial matching neck and body which will put some people off if you sell it. Plus factor in $150-200 for a case. So you save roughly $300 and get no warranty plus a harder time trying to sell it down the road.
  5. aaland_brian

    What % of necks are twisted?

    I have 3 guitars with twisted necks out of probably around 100 guitars that have come and gone over the years. For a slight twist you can heat and clamp with good result, but I have one guitar that needs a refret and sanding straight, but I'll put stainless frets on it and have a great guitar...
  6. aaland_brian

    PSA: Ebay Amp Scam

    I have dealt with Ebay and online fraud before, the seller needs to get the shipping weights, that is the proof of theft. It's not going to be a LB or 2 difference, I'm guessing it's gonna be like 25-30lb difference so yeah the is the proof. To anyone who has said the police won't work with...
  7. aaland_brian

    PSA: Ebay Amp Scam

    There is a reason that we pay ebay the fee's on our auctions, part is to be protected from scams. I have had ebay deny claims by me several times, but usually if you get on the phone with them you will get what you need. I have had ebay both refund me and the buyer before, so don't think it's...
  8. aaland_brian

    10" speaker to pair with a Celestion G10 greenback

    I've never tried it as they are pretty new, but g10 creamback with the g10 greenback sounds like it would get you where you want to be. Similar eq and split, but I'm assuming different breakup points.
  9. aaland_brian

    Broken Floyd Rose String

    First off, the string will stay just fine since its fully clamped in. Second if you replace the string with the same gauge you will have no problem. A lot of people replace they're floyd strings one at a time with no shim. The only thing of difficulty on a floyd is setting intonation, the rest...
  10. aaland_brian

    Entry level Mesa Boogie ?

    The lonestar special sounds like what you need. You can get one in your price range if you are really patient.
  11. aaland_brian

    Bought guitar on eBay. Not bonding with it.

    It's funny how a "smart" man has taken a stance and will defend it no matter what. Also if the troll account who started this thread would just comment on if the seller takes returns we could end this nonsense.
  12. aaland_brian

    Best "upgradeable" inexpensive guitar

    From what I read of the style of music and price range, buy a guitar in your higher range with good pickups already. The charvel line of pro mods if you want duncans and a floyd, schecter hellraisers if he wants emgs, tons of ibanez for a thin neck with great bridges, stick too hardtails in your...
  13. aaland_brian

    Just a pinch of buyer's remorse on latest guitar purchase.

    It sounds like you could easily get this guitar playing great with a little bit of file work. Adjust the neck straight and capo at the first fret to see if it is just the nut being cut too low. It will tell you if you need a new nut or fret level. As for the neck angle you are probably right...
  14. aaland_brian

    Fret Issues with Vid

    Just spend a little time fixing the high spots then crown and polish all the frets. It will feel like a new guitar and will make you want to play more often.
  15. aaland_brian

    Humbucker Bridge + Single Coil Neck for Super Strat

    Wanna give it a shot for cheap first and see if you like it you can get a Ibanez RG3XXV for around $400 with two great pickups already installed. One of the best guitars for the money on the used market.
  16. aaland_brian

    A bunch of new EHX pedals are coming (Pitchfork +, Oceans 12 and more)

    I wonder what the triple pedal is under the electro harmonix label in that pic, also that big muff in the corner looks interesting.
  17. aaland_brian

    Hotter strat - pickups or boost pedal?

    For $45 try out a DOD Bifet boost, cheap with a great tilt eq. I really ike hotter Strat pickups, don't be afraid to try them, I have several loaded pickguards to be able to switch when tone needs change.
  18. aaland_brian

    Future Chase Bliss collaborations

    A fuzzfactory with even more options and midi presets, pretty much what everyone needs on their boards.
  19. aaland_brian

    Line 6 Dl4 w/ Keeley Mods

    Mine is 2 hours away so I can't go look right now unfortunately, but if you buy from a place where you can return it you could look at the op amps and caps to verify if it's legit.
  20. aaland_brian

    Line 6 Dl4 w/ Keeley Mods

    I have one that has the sticker where yours is and on the front side as well. I'm thinking it's legit.
  21. aaland_brian

    Help Me Get Fat and Heavy!

    I think the most simple answer is an eq and a compressor pedal. Also wiring your guitar with a fender S-1 switch so you get the 3 pickups together in series will get pretty fat.
  22. aaland_brian

    NAD! Crocodile Rock Mesa

    Keep the presence and treble pretty low if playing solo not with a band, it's a pretty bright amp with tons of cut. I love mine, gets modded jcm800 tones and a lot more if you figure out the settings.
  23. aaland_brian

    T-Rex Binson Echorec… WHAT?!

    They updated their Binson page and it looks like they are still working on it even after the restructuring. I am super happy it didn't get shelved.
  24. aaland_brian

    Good first pedals ?

    If you have some sort of interface I would do the 15 day free trial of helix native and see what you like in there. If I was just starting guitar I would probably just save up for a line 6 hx stomp and not get into the expensive but awesome world of analog effects.
  25. aaland_brian

    Quick question for Emporium sellers: Do you know if you have access to one of these?

    To the OP, I feel your pain waiting over 4 hours to receive something you have paid for is just RIDICULOUS. I guess in between trips to your mailbox just to picture what it will be like when your next pedal shows up and you can record your un-boxing video, you can think of other ways to insult...

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