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  1. Crazyquilt

    Archtop for Americana + Folk that can cover up to blues and light rock

    I’m sure you made a great choice. I’ve owned a 5th Ave before (really liked it) but I’ve never seen that model. I would snag it myself in a heartbeat if I didn’t have this:
  2. Crazyquilt

    What's Your Favorite Signature Model? (post pics or else)

    Setzer Hot Rod. My #1 for 10 years now.
  3. Crazyquilt

    NGD and Let's See Your Gretsch...

    Great Duo Jet, and Caddy green is always perfect. For myself, I tend toward blue.
  4. Crazyquilt

    Goodbye Thorn Guitars - hello Fender Custom Shop.

    Congratulations. I saw that Mágico Tele for the first time last night, and I thought to myself, "That looks like a Thorn." Read the fine print and found out the reason. Very sweet design, and looking forwards to seeing more from you.
  5. Crazyquilt

    Martin electrics?

    I just got a '66 GT70 a few months ago. I've wanted one for ages because of the movie "Six String Samurai." It's a very cool guitar, fully hollow, with the best looking pickups ever. They sound damn good, too. I swapped out the Bigsby bridge because it sucked, and replaced the butter knife with...
  6. Crazyquilt

    resonator guitars

    That sounds like string-stretching to me as well. It's hard for me to imagine a tuner being that bad on pretty much any guitar except the very lowest quality, and I don't think I've ever gotten a dud Pearse string. If the strings were loosened for travel, that can exacerbate the problem.
  7. Crazyquilt

    G&L- Tell me about them!

    I've had a Legacy I really like for about five years; it's my only S-style guitar. Recently picked up a Custom Shop Doheny and have been enjoying it immensely. The MFD pickups are great, and I love the PTB controls. My Legacy is a little heavy, the Doheny isn't (it's also ash not alder).
  8. 2020 Custom Shop Doheny

    2020 Custom Shop Doheny

  9. Crazyquilt

    Hologram Electronics Microcosm

    It took me another day to actually to the update, but I am so very glad I did. A pedal that I had written off as a major disappointment is suddenly resurrected. Between this and the 2.1 patch for blooper, it's been a busy day for upgrading pedals, and I was extremely grateful everything went off...
  10. Crazyquilt

    Hologram Electronics Microcosm

    This is great news. I’d gotten frustrated because it didn’t play well with droney stuff. I know what I’m doin’ tonight!
  11. Crazyquilt

    resonator guitars

    Go to 13s. You can even put a .015 or .016 as a top string. Slide materials are personal, but, as a general rule, more mass = more sustain, and a smoother surface=more sustain and clearer voice. My personal favorite is a Latch Lake Acoustiglide, which are heavy tapered brass, but there are no...
  12. Crazyquilt

    resonator guitars

    I mean, I have a handful of Nationals (old & new) that sit out all the time and never get put in cases. Dusty, dinged up, and in constant use. Polish? Please. That's not how you get this:
  13. Crazyquilt

    Gretsch Players Edition

    And those fake f-holes! Man, what a crock!
  14. Crazyquilt

    resonator guitars

    Hot Plates have been out for about ten years now, and more recently, National has been mounting pickups between the resonator and the fretboard. Mule also mounts pickups to the body. I've had a Hot Plate for ever, and it's kind of a mixed bag, to be honest. The main problem is intrinsic to...
  15. Crazyquilt

    resonator guitars

    Yes. That's exactly why people buy NRP rather than budget imports. :facepalm
  16. Crazyquilt

    resonator guitars

    Now THAT is a fine looking guitar. Seriously. I'm a National nut, and that's one of the nicest I've seen, and I know it sounds fantastic.
  17. Crazyquilt

    Jerry Jones Guitar Owners

    I have the exact same bari, which replaced an import Dano. There was absolutely no comparison between them by any metric; the JJ is just a fantastic instrument. I also have a shorthorn: It's one of my favorite guitars, and the one I'm most apt to grab when doing alternate...
  18. Crazyquilt

    Chase Bliss Blooper

    Congratulations. An admirable goal, if irrelevant to a thread about blooper.
  19. Crazyquilt

    Chase Bliss Blooper

    Working fine now. After several attempts at re-installing 2.0, blooper accepted its fate and transcended to a higher plane of blooperdom.
  20. Crazyquilt

    Chase Bliss Blooper

    Done diddly doo.
  21. Crazyquilt

    Chase Bliss Blooper

    Yes, 2.0. It was working fine previous to the upgrade.
  22. Crazyquilt

    Chase Bliss Blooper

    I'm having some issues with blooper that I wonder if anyone else is seeing. The one I can replicate consistently on my pedal is that one-shot mods do not turn off the mod after recording. I already sent Zack an email, but it's the weekend and I was curious if I was the only one.
  23. Crazyquilt

    Any flute players here?

    I love playing just about any kind of flute, except concert silver flutes. I did take concert flute lessons for a few years, but there just isn't enough note bending on tap. I started playing Native American flute almost thirty years ago, and I still gravitate towards it because it's so easy and...
  24. '66 Martin GT-70

    '66 Martin GT-70

  25. '66 Martin GT-70

    '66 Martin GT-70

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