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    Frey and Henley

    wrote some pretty good tunes
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    Get Ready, Soul Music

    Man, I really miss soul music, the 50s/60s songs. As a white boy, growing up in SoCal, I heard so much soul music. Love it, to this day. I ain't talkin about the "Blues Brothers", although they were funny and they loved soul, R and B, Motown. Just heard "Get Ready" on the box. So many great...
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    Knocking off sticky finish on poly neck

    I confess, haven't read this section for a while. This has probably been discussed many times. As I recall, on nitro, my finish of choice, you can fine sand or scotchbrite the finish to cut the gloss/stickiness. Have done it a few times. And it eventually gets shiny again after playing. Is...
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    "Southern Pacific", Neil Young

    Have always loved that song, it's a little under the radar. The train sounds that Neil and Pancho get from their Les Pauls are quite unique. The lyrics are great too. There's no other band like Crazy Horse. Love em or leave em. Reactor is a real rockin record. Down and dirty. Neil haters stay...
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    Born on a mountain top in Tennessee...

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    First song I ever played on guitar, "Red River Valley", 1958

    Wow, I'm old. Just thinking about being 9 in 1958. POS Kay guitar, bloody fingers, huge strings, all the fun stuff. Learned to play "Red River Valley" for my grandpa. That was one of his favorite songs. I played, he sang. He was from Arkansas and died back in the 70's. I miss him. It was a...
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    A Fairy Tale, the Story of Led Zeppelin, Goldylocks and the Three Bears

    Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldylocks. Long story short, she proclaimed, "Sgt Peppers is too poppy." "Dark Side of the Moon is too spacey." "But that first Led Zeppelin album is just right." THE END
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    Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

    Jimmy nailed those acoustic parts. Incredible. After 45 years, (edited by me on Mar 11). Like to have my facts straight, not 47 yrs ago, 45. That first Led Zep album still gives me the chills and thrills.
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    Stevie "Guitar" Miller

    Always liked his tunes and playing. Probably been some threads about him lately. I don't read every thread/post, so I may have missed a few. It's imposserous and pompatus to read all of em.
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    Drummers... who it em the hardest

    Bonham, of course. Grohl too. I love Ringo, but usually he hit em too lightly, But NOT always, Ringo hit em hard sometimes. Ringo's son Zak, hits em hard. Keith Moon, of course. Paul's drummer Abe...he hits em hard. Tom Petty's drummer, I'm blanking on his name, love that drummer, perfect...
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    Fixing a Hole

    With the Beatles 50th coming up, I've been listening to them (more than usual) lately. "Fixing a Hole" Amazing song, that entire Sgt Pepper album blew everyone away. Too bad Ringo was such a lousy drummer...LOL!!!
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    Close your eyes and I'll close mine, Ringo, white album

    Beautific lullaby, for young and old. Makes me feel warm, on a cold winter night. Now it's time to say good night.
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    Ringo and Paul on Feb 9th?

    Feb 9th will be the 50th anniversary of the Beatles American debut on Ed Sullivan. Wouldn't it be great if Paul and Ringo got together and played a few tunes? Just dreaming.......
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    Frankie Valli...Love some of the songs, don't like his voice

    Frankie Valli Is it an East Coast thing? No doubt, a talented guy, some great songs, but his high pitched, gravelly, harsh voice grates on my ears. He did sing in tune. Not knocking the guy, there are worse things in life than Frankie's voice. Just some thoughts. And, even though I'm a...
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    Running on Empty..Running Blind

    Jackson Browne, David Lindley, Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Glenn Frey, JD Souther, David Crosby and all the others who loved and played and sang with Jackson. Holiday Love for those guys. After listening to them for over 40 years, the songs only get better.
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    columnated ruins domino

    Original or remake, "Surf's Up" is a spellbinder of a song. I'm so friggin old that I remember hearing the original virgin when I was about 15 years young. I'll tell ya, I've heard a million tunes, but "Surf's Up" is in my top 10 favorites.
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    Russ Kunkel - Damned Good Drummer

    Gotta give some props to Russ here, perhaps overlooked by most, but appreciated by many. The live stuff he did with Jackson Browne was mixed so well, wonderful timing and great drumming. Saw him and Jackson live, about 20 years ago, at the LA Forum on New Years Eve, even my wife said, "WOW, that...
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    Give My Regards to Broad Street

    Obviously not Paulie's finest hour, but I have always loved the cheesy movie and music. I'm not sure why this stuff has been dissed and knocked so often. I bought the album in 1984(?), the movie on VHS and DVD and the CD. There are some gems there: Bad Boy No Values Even "Silly Love...
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    "I'm younger than that now". What the F*** Bob??? My Back Pages.....

    I'm 64 and I have followed Dylan and his music forever. He has baffled all of us for years, but I am totally confounded by this line. "I'm younger than that now". Even for Bob, it is just a strange phrase, bad English, too much acid? "I'm younger than THAT now."???? What? Huh? Who Da? Even...
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    Three Dog Night, shame on me, I loved that band and never bought one of their records

    I'm 63. Early last year, a close friend passed away. He was the best friend anyone could ever have. He simply loved Three Dog Night. He had all their albums, he was a huge fan. I was a fan too, but not like him. Anyway, when I watched the R and R Hall of Fame the other night, I noticed that...
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    "What's Goin On?" Marvin Gaye, my favorite soul song

    I was around back then, in the 60's I heard and loved a bunch of music. Just want to say, "What's Goin On?" by Marvin Gaye, is my fave soul song, among many. Never gets old, never gets boring. A solid tune, in my book. I should not have mentioned the genre... soul, rock, pop.....it doesn't...
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    Please help me with this Earl Sruggs video, great country/bluegrass American music

    I know that Earl passed away a couple weeks ago, RIP Earl. I missed a thread or two, so I apologize if this has been mentioned recently. A friend just sent this to me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQIJuu3N5EY Anyway, I see Earl on the banjo, looking so good in his suit, and still playing...
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    What if Ringo and Paul were dead, what if George and John were the last Beatles?

    Pure speculation..."I buried Paul"
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    The genius of Brian Wilson and his quintessential Southern California accent

    Is there a Southern California accent? Seriously, most of us know certain American accents, is California different? Not the specific surfer vernacular like "dude" or "shoot the curl" or other terms that have been popular in the recent past or the distant past, but a specific way of speaking...
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